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THE MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF A CHILD AT CILCAIN. THE INQUEST. An adjourned inquiry concerning the death of the infant male 6hild of a single woman, named Hannah Hayes, living with her parents at Cilcain, was held at the Police Station, before Mr. Richard Bromley, the Flintshire coroner, and a jury, over which Mr. Job Edwards was foreman, on Tuesday last. The Coroner observed that on the 26th February, a preliminary inquiry was held touching the death of the child and on that occasion, final evidence of identity was givep. He wished the jury to pay very close attention to the inquiry. The child was born on the 8th of February, and was buried by the father the following day. He buried it at Cilcain church- yard. There was no certificate, or any declaration of any kind. It came to the ears of the police that the thing had occurred, and they rightly thought it a proper case to be reported to him as Coroner. After hearing the report he consi- dered it a case to be inquired into; and after due consideration, he issued a warrant for the exhumation of the body, and the jury had since inspected it. There were very many questions to be considered in a case of that kind. There was the question as to whether the child was born dead or alive; and if it was born alive, how it came by its death—whether by foul means, or not. Thev would have to ascertain the cause of death if it was born alive, and the way the child was buried. It was not their place to express their verdict on this matter, but he must say that it was a very disgraceful state of affairs. Sergt. Edward Jones said, after receiving the exhumation warrant, he went to tne burial ground at Cilcain, and producer; it to the keeper, Simon Williams. He exhumed the body, and brought it to the Mold Police Station. Witness saw the body exhumed The box, or coffin, was in the ground about twelve inches, and it was covered by about three inches of soil. Robert Hayes, lead miner, Ty Ceryg, Cilcain, said he was the father of Hannah Hayes, the mother of the child. His I- 1 daughter bad been at Celyn Malley as ser- vant for about 9 or 10 months. She was previously with William Owen Thomas, The Bryn. After she left the Bryn, she came home for a month or two. He knew William Hughes, Celyn Malley. In conse- quence of what he was told, he went to Celyn Malley on the afternoon of the 8th Febru-! ary. There was no one with him. He arrived at Celyn Malley about 4 to 5 o'clock, and William Hughes was there. My damghter was upstairs in bed, and he went to see her. There were two beds in the room. He asked her bow she was, but he did not know that she had given birth to a child; he was not told'about it till he re- turned home that night. He spoke with William Hughes about his daughter, but he did not say what was the matter with her.


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