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DENBIGHSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. The annual meeting of this Council was held to day (Friday), when the following members were present—Sir W. W. Wynn, Mr. J. Isgoed Jones, Sir R. E. Egerton, Messrs. W. E. Samuel, R. F. Graesser, Col- Mainwaring, W. Trevor Parkins, Hugh Holland, David Owen, T. A. WynneE iwards, A. Foulkes, J. R. Jenkins, W. Davies (Llys- fasi), Major Saxon Gregson Ellis, W. Car- stairs Jones, C. K Benson, John Harrop,. F. E. Rooper, J. R. Burton, Captain Griffith- Boscawen, W. C. Hughes, W. D. W. Griffith,f Edwin Bellis, J. W. Lumley, R. Myddleton Biddulph, T. H. Roberts, Evan Roberts, Wm. Jones, F. W. Soames, Steele L. Roberts, R. Venables Kirk, J. M. Hughes, James Sparrow, Ed. Hooson, David Roberts, Thos. Morris, Thos. Parry, John Roberts (Colwyn Bay), J. H. Darby, E. Lloyd Jones, Tnos. Ingman, Ralph Williamson, Rev. Henry Rawson Williams, John Roberts (Plas Heaton Farm), Wm. Ellis, P. E. Story, Thos. Gee, Thomas Thomas, and W. G. Dodd. ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. Sir Robert E Egerton proposed the re-elec- tion of Sir W. W. Wynne as chairman for the ensuing year. He need not say anything to recommend Sir Watkin. His work had been before the Council for the last twelve months, and he considered it satisfactory, and had given general satisfaction. Mr. A. Foulkes, in seconding the motion, endorsed the remarks made by the mover of the resolution. The motion was agreed to unanimously. The Chairman, in returning thanks, said it would be his earnest endeavour to carry out the duties in a thoroughly impartial and busini is-lil<e manner to the best of his ability (cheers). He had one request and that was, that the members of the council should carefully read over their standing orders. This was the ninth year of the existence of the Council; and there were rules in debate which must be carried out, and which the members of the Council should have a knowledge of Unless the standing orders were carried out, it would lead to the waste of time. Another suggestion which he wished to make was, that a book be kept in the room, in which the mem- bers present could record their names, thus doing away with the necessity of the clerk calling out the names. As some members of the* Council seemed to discuss the desirability of making the change suggested above by the chairman, the question was deferred. ELECTION OF VICE CHAIRMAN. Mr. Hooson proposed he re-election of Mr. Isgoed Jones as vice chairman, and expressed his sympathy with Mr. Jones in the sad be reavement which befell him and the family in the loss of his brilliant and promising son. Mr. Benson seconded the motion, and said Mr. Isgoed Jones had certainly had shown a most impartial spirit during his tenure of the Vice Chair. The motion was carried Mr. Jones, in returning thanks, said he was very much obliged for the renewed honour. His duties in the Vice Chair had been indeed very light, and Sir Watkin had acted very ini- partially indeed (hear, hear). He also thanked the Council for their kind sympathy with him in his bereavement. Mr. Jones concluded his remarks by drawing attention to the com- memoration of the Queen's reign, and said that 'ihe Council should take this matter inter con- sideration. sideration. APPOINTMENT OF COMMITTEES. The Council then proceeded to the election of the different committees. The Asylum Committee was re-elected, with the exception that the name of Mr. J. R. Burton was substituted instead of that of Mr. W. G. Rigby. The other members \>'f ,ilte Committee are Colonel Mainwaring, Meters J. W. Lum- ley, Thomas Parry, Dr. J. R. Jenkins, and A. Foulkes. Mr. William Jones, Penporchell, was added to the Agricultural Committee, instead of Mr. Henry Williams, Plas-y-ward; and the follow- ing gentlemen were elected as new members:- Messrs. T. H. Roberts, Evan Roberts, David Owen, and Robert Ellis. The other committees were then appointed, the members being mostly re-elected. THE STANDING JOINT COMMITTEE. Mr Wynne Edwards ealled attention to the fact thac Denbigh was very meagrely represented on the above committee, whilst the three most in- fluential men in Wrexham were members. Last year the names of Messrs W. G. Dodd, J. W. Lumley, and John Roberts (Colwyn Bay) were eliminated from the committee,^and he wcnld now propose that these gentlemen be now elected instead of Messrs Evan Roberts, William Will- iams and Hugh Holland; also that Mr. Gee's name be placed instead of Mr. C. K. Benson. Mr. Evan Roberts seconded. Mr. Benson said he did not know why he had been singled out by his friend from Denbigh and a dead set made against him. This was the second time such an attempt had been made, and Mr. Wynne Edwards must have some motive for what he proposed to do. He should like him to give his reasons publicly and straight. Mr. S'ory said he was surprised at Mr. Benson asking for Mr. Wynne Edwards' reason. There was not a single member on rhe committee from Denbigh, whilst there were three from Wrexham. It was certainly high time to have a Denbigh re- presentative on the committee (hear hear). r. Steele Roberts failed to see why Mr. Ben- name should be selected aud he would p opose, as an amendment, that the name of fr. Benson should stand instead of Mr. Thomas Parry. On being put to the vote, 16 voted for Mr. B nsou and 23 for Mr. Parry, the latter being therefore declared elected. The Committee was then elected as follows:— Messrs. Simon Jones, Thomas Parrv, William Davies, F. W. Soames, W. E. Samuel, James Sparrow, Edward Hooson, W. G. Dodd, J W. Lumlev, John Roberts (Colwyn BaN:), Thomas Gee, and O. Isgoed Jones, and thev will represent the County Council on this Committee, (Left sitting.)



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