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.-----------SLINGS AND ARROWS.…

DENBIGH. """,--",'-,/-""/""",,,''-'/"-"""""'''''''''''''''''''--


DENBIGH. High Sheriff's Chaplain.-rrhe High She- riff of Denbighshire—Mr. Thomas Williams, of Llewesog-has appointed the Rev. Lewis Williams, rector of Prion to be his chaplain during his year of office. A Successful Bard. We learn with much pleasure that Mr. David Owen, Star Shop, won the Chair Prize at the Cardiff Young Men's Eisteddvod last Thursday, for an 'Opening Ode for a Literary Society.' We must heartily congratulate r. Owes on his frequent and deserving successes. Miss Jenny Jones Conc(-rt.We beg to re- mind our readers of the forthcoming com- plimentary concert to Miss Jenny Jones, which is to take place next Friday evening (the 19th inst). The committee have e-, cured the services of excellent artistes, who, together with the good cause for which the cohcert is raised, should secure a full house. Social Tea.-On Thursday afternoon, the 4th inst, a tea was given at Salem Wesleyan Chapel, in a,id of the funds. The tea was given by the following young ladies:—Misses nnie Williams, Maggie Roberts, Emily Batten Jones, Kate Evan?, Mary Jones, Jane Hughes, and Nellie Roberts. A large company sat down to an excellent spread, the catering of the young ladies being spe- cially admired. May Day.-As will be seen from our ad vertising columns, a Public Meeting will be held next Monday evening, to decide when ther or not May day Festivities will be held this year. As last year's celebrations were so very successful, we do not hesitate in recommending their renewal this year. There is a balance in the Bank of £13, which will be a nice sum to start the necessary fund with, and in all probability, the success of last year will be repeated, and possibly eclipsed. A Lecture.—On Thursday night, the lie v. Robert Owen, Tý Draw, Mold, delivered a most interesting lecture on "The People's Preacher' (the late Rev. John Jones, Tal- sarn) to the Capel Mawr Literary S ciety, Mr. Owen held the attention of hi. audience for about an hour and a half, with his per- sonal reminiscences of the great man, and the lecture throughout was greatly appreci- ated. The Rev. Robert, Griffiths occupied the chair. Pire.-About half past ten this (Friday) morning, an alarm of fire was raised and the Fire Brigade were called out. It was discovered that a fire had broken out at the house of Mrs. Davies, Pa.rk Street- the house nearest the railway. The weather board at the gable end of the house was ob- served to be in flames, This was knocked down and a few bucketjfuls of water put out the fire. The brigade could get no water to play on the fire. The origin is unknown. Mr. T. Amos Jones.—Many of our musi- cally inclined readers, will no doubt notice with satisfaction the advertisement in an- other column as to visits of Mr. T. Amos Jones, II.A.M., the well-known Welsh bari- tone to the town for teaching purposes. From a personal knowledge of Mr. Amos Jones, and from a"pertisal of Press notices, we can confidently recommend him as a most able teacher. He had a most distin I A guished career at the Royal Academy, win- ning both the Bronze and the Silver Medals, and what he has so well learnt himself, he is capable of imparting to others. His kn wledge of WEF-sh ought to be a recom- mendation to many a young man from coun- try districts to place themselves and their voices under his control, and we look forward with confidence to see a large num- ber of pupils at once flocking to him. SUDDEN DEATH OF AN ASYLUM PATIENT.. On Monday last, at eleven e'eioek, Dr. J. R. Hughes, Coroner for West Denbighshire, held an inquest at the Asvlnrri op the body of William Willinnis, labourer, Llysfaen, near Abergele, au epi'eptic patient Thl!! > foHowing were the jury:—Messrs. B'az Jones (forernall), A. Ljovd Jone, Gwilyni Purry, William Davies, John Robert, Thomas Ashford, S. T. M Her, NV, J. Nott, R. W. Lloyd, James Green, John Williams (Love Lane), Charles Bines, and John Edgar. Owen Thomas Owen, a night attendant, said he was on duty on she tÙgbt of the 4th and the morning of the 5th iii,t., in the specil,iortnitory.

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