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FLINTo CONCERT. A very successful concert in aid of the funds of the Druids' Friendly Society was held at the Town Hall on Thursday evening last week. PETTY SESSIONS. A special meeting was held at the Town Hall, on Tuesday last, before Alderman S. K. Muspratt and Mr. E. J. Hughes. ALLEGED INDECENT ASSAULT. Sarah Sheridan, a married woman, residing at Roskell Square, summoned Joseph Hughes, H oly- well Road, for having indecently assaulted her on Monday night, the 1st of March. Mr. T. W. Hughes appeared for the defence; and after a lengthy hearing, the case was dismissed for want of corroborative evidence. POOR RATE SUMMONSES. Mr. John Williams, assistant overseer, made an application to the bench to fix a special sessions to hear summonses for Poor Rate. Mr. Williams stated that the overseers had been instructed by the Local Government Board Auditor to take pro- ceedings against all person in arrear of Poor Rate; and as the books had to be closed on the 25th of March, he asked the bench to fix some day prior to that date. The magistrates granted the appli- cation, and fixed the meeting for Monday, the 22nd inst. TOWN COUNCIL. A meeting of the Town Council was held on Tuesday evening, when the Mayor (Alderman S. K. Muspratt), presided. MAIN ROADS DISPUTE. After the minutes had been read and confirmed, Mr. Henry Taylor, Town Clerk, said that all the papers relating to the above dispute had been for- warded to the Local Government Board, both by the Town Council and the County Council, and they now awaited the appointment of an arbitra- tor. TRAIN SERVICE. Mr. Taylor read some correspondence which had passed between himself and the Railway Company and the Postmaster General with refe- rence to the stoppage of 10 6 p. m. up mail train from Rhyl at Flint, and was now awaiting a final reply from the Postmaster General. HIGHWAY COMMITTEE. Alderman T. W. Hughes, chairman of the above committee, moved the adoption of the re- port. This was seconded by Mr. Shem Dayies, and carried unanimously. HEALTH COMMITTEE REPORT. THE ALMS HOUSES. The adoption of the above report was moved by Alderman Dyson. In doing so he referred to the fact that the Town Clerk had given bis opinion that the Alms Houses were the property of the parish, and were vested in the Town Council as the Parish Council; and it was recommended that the council should direct the Town Clerk to com- municate with the Rector and Churchwardens as to their transfer to the council. r. A. B. Lloyd seconded and after some further discussion, with reference to the Alms Houses, in which Alderman J. L. Muspratt and Councillor Harrison took part, the report was adopted unanimously. COMMEMORATION OF THE QUEEN'S REIGN. Alderman Dyson proposed, and Mr. E. J. Hughes seconded, a resolution asking the Mayor to convene a town's meeting for the purpose of considering what steps should be taken to com- memorate the queen's reign. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE COMMITTEE. 1 The report of the. above edtoniit!^ vas adopted SSTfcflPlfBS** It was Stated Councillor R..Jones being a sc.»oolmas wag disqualified to act on this com- mi*,oee and on the proposition of Mr. Parry, seconded by Mr. Shem Davies, Mr. J ones was ap- pointed on the Watch and finance Committee. WATCH AND FINANCE COMMITTEE. Alderman Joseph Hall moved the adoption of this report, which was carried unanimously. OVERSEERS. Messrs. 0. W. Jones John Lloyd, Thomas Hughes, and W. Lloyd, were re-elected overseers for the Parish of Ffiint, and Messrs. John Kendrick and Jesse Winter for the Parish of Coleshill Fawr. Mr. Shem Davies asked what were the duties of overseers ? The Town Clerk said that was rather a large question, and the full reply would be found in thebooks(laughter), he said, however, that some of their principal duti s were to see to the making and collection of the rates, to pay all calls made upon them by the Guardians of the PHOTOGRAPHS, Now is the time to have our Photograph taken. Moderate Charges Clubs, Schools, Parties, &c., by appointment. D, & A. HUGHES, Photographers, Mold. Union, and to see that the Tssistant ovcrseers did his dutyA in respect of the Registration of Voters, and othermatters. Alderman J. L Muspmtt said, that as a guardian he was in a position to bear testimony to the excellent manner in which the overseers had performed their work during the past year. There was not one penny of arrears due on the Union calls from the Parish of Fflint. BOROUGH AUDITORS. The Town Clerk announced that Messrs. Thomas Burgess and M. S. oges had been duly elected as auditors tor the borough. INDIA FAMINE FUND. The mayor said he desired to convey his thanks to all those persons who had assisted the above fund, and also to the various denomina- tions for having made collections towards it in their various places of worship. ALTERATIONS. An application for making some alterations in respect of property in Feather Street, by Mr John Fox, Castle Hill Brewery, was referred to a small committee, with powers to act. CONGRATULATING THE HIGH SHERIFF Alderman Joseph Hall proposed, and Mr. E, T. Hughes seconded, a resolution congratula- ting, Alderman J L Muspratt upon hi-appoint- ment as, High Sheriff of the county. It was carried unanimously. Aldermar Muspratt said he appreciated very much the kind feehngs which the council had manifested towards him. FLINTSHIRE MONTHLY MEETING. THE above meeting was held at Caersalem church on Tuesday last The Rev. R. E. Morris, M.A., Wrexham, presiding. After an address from the retiring presi- dent (Mr. R. Williams, Mold), a hearty vote of thanks was accorded him for his conduct in the chair during his term of office. Special reference was made to the death of the Rev. Josiah Jones, late pastor of the church, and the highest testimony was borne by many to his excellent qualities as prea- cher, pastor, and friend, and a vote of con- dolence with the family was unanimously passed. A letter of transfer was granted Mr. W. E. Williams, Carmel, to the Vale of Clwyd monthly meeting, he having accepted a call to Tremeirchion, and the Rev. H. Hughes, Buckley, and, Mr. Evan Bryan, Holywell, were appointed to represent the Flintshire Presbytery, at the induction meeting. Messrs. Thomas Jones, John Roberts, and Thomas Burgess, gave an encouraging re- port of the state of the cause at Flint. The Rev. O. B. Jones, Hanley, read a very able and interesting paper on the Subjects of Baptism and a lively discussion fol- lowed. At the afternoon meeting, the minutes were, taken as read. Thfe next monthly meeting it was an- nounced would be held at Ponkey on the 29th and 30th inst., the conference to be held on Tuesday. The Rev. J. Mostyn Jones, and Mr. John Roberts, Flint, were elected delegates to the general assembly. The Revs. T. Roberts, Chester, and O. B. Jones, Hanley, together with Messrs. O. W. Ellis, Trelogan, and Owen Wynne, Cilcain, were elected as delegates to the quarterly association. Mr. J. K. Evans, Greenfield, was elected treasurer, and the Rev. R. H. Thomas, Ffyn- nongroew, secretary to the English causes fund. Mr. Jenkins, Johnstown, was elected trea- surer., and the Rev. J. Thomas, Acrefair, secretary to the Auxiliary Fund. A resolution protesting against the Edu- cation Bill was moved by Mr. E. Hooson, J.P., Rhos, and carried unanimously. Mr. Hooson pointed out that as far as North Wales was concerned, the accounts of the schools shewed that there was a bal- ance in hand in the county of Carnarvon of £ 250; Flintshire, £ 150; Merioneth, £80, and a deficiency in Denbighshire of £ 450; Anglesea, £60, and Montgomeryshire, £ 360, making a net deficiency for the whole of North Wales, of only 2390; but to meet this deficiency, the government proposed to give away £ 9,000; he thought this was, ap^rt from the principle involved, an unwarranted piece of extravagance. Copies of the resolution were ordered to be sent to Mr. Balfour, Sir John Gorst and the Borough and County members. The Rev. E. Jerman then delivered a short and telling address on behalf of the English Causes rund. The Rev. Evan Jones, Adwy, submitted the report of the Total Abstinence Committee, which was adopted unanimously, as was also the report of the Finance Committee sub- mitted by Mr. John Davies, Llangollen. Mr. E. Hooson announced that the County Examination Committee would meet in con- nection with the next monthly meeting. A vote of condolence with the family of the late Rev, T. P. Jonas, Liverpool, was unanimously passed. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the friends at Caersalem for their hospitality in entertaining the meeting. Preaching was commenced on Tuesday night, and continued all day on Wednesday, the Revs. R. E. Morris, M.A., Robert Hughes, D. M. Davies, Bryneglwys; J. Smallwood, and John Williams, Princes Road, Liver- pool, officiating, the attendances at the ser- vices were very good and the sermons powerful and impressive.


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