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BALA. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE ordinary meeting was held on Friday last, when there were present Mr. D. Jones, J P. (chairman), Mr. R. LI. Jones (vice chairman), Messrs. R. W. Roberts,:J. W. Robprts, J. LI Ll. Owen, G. Rees, J. Vaughan, Evan Jones, Edward Jones, D. W. Jones, and T. R. Dakin (assistant clerk). The Collector bad paid into the Treasure's hands during the month, £55. There was a ba- lance due to the Treasurer that day of £101 15s. 9d. ESTIMATE. The estimate for the ensuing vear was submit- ted. The repair of highways (other roads), sewe- rage, street improvements, lighting, and manage- ment expenses amounted to 9294 10s. The general district rate calculated at Is. 6d. in I the £ would amount to E,)07 2s.; rent of property, L37 Us.— making the total "mount of receipts f434 13s. Deducting the expenditure as above from the receipts would leave a balance of E140 3s. The water rate was estimated to amount to E292 I6s., and the expenditure on water rate account (including repayments of principal and interest management and repairs), amounted to £ 230. This left a balance of £ 62 16s. on water rate account. The combined balances of general dis- trict rate and water rate accounts amounted to 9202 19s.. estimated to be the balance in hand on the 31st March, 1S98. RATE FOR 1897. Mr. R. Ll. Jones proposed that the general district rate be Is. 6d. in the £ for the ensuing year. In making this proposal, Mr. Jones said that he had heard that an amendment was about to be proposed to lower the rate. In a town like this he considered the rate was very low, and plenty of work could be found on which to expend the money with advantage. Besides this, it was a difficult matter, when the rate was once lowe- red, to afterwards increase it. The improvements in High Street alone required a large sum of money. Mr. Vaughan seconded. Mr. R. W. Roberts proposed that the rate should be Is. 5Jd. in the f. His contention was 2 that there was an ample balance in hand to justify this, and that instead of levying a rate towards the Public Library, the I d. in the £ remaining 2 would be sufficient for that purpose. The amendment, however, was not seconded. The motion proposed by Mr. R. Ll. Jones was then put up and carried. PUBLIC LIBRARY. Mr. R. LI. Jones enquired wether Mr. Thos. E. Ellis, M.P., had replied to the communication sent him on this matter. The clerk replied that he had not, although he had written him twice on the subject. A letter was read from Col. Evans Lloyd ad- hereing to his promise to subscribe 95 annually for five years conditionally, upon the Act being put into operation by levying the rate thereunder, &c. A vote of thanks was accorded him. The Library Committee then submitted a form of letter to be sent out inviting subscriptions. The letter was to the following effect The Council having adopted the Public Libra- ries Acts, have determined to start a Free Circu- lating Library, and beg to appeal to all friends of the movement for subscriptions towards the same. Col. Evans Lloyd, Moelgarnedd, has generously promised to subscribe £ 5 annually for five years. The Council hope that the support received will justify them in extending their un- dertaking, so as to start a reading room in the near future.' Upon the motion of Mr. R. W. Roberts, secon- ded by Mr. J. W. Roberts, the report was adop- ted. REMOVAL OF BALA JUNCTION. The Committee appointed to consider the best I means of dealing with this question reported that all the various public bodies to whom commu- nications had been sent, urging upon them the desirability of co-operating with the Council in petitioning the Great Western Railway Company to remove Bala Junction, having answered expres sing their willingness to co operate, the Commit- tee suggested that the following circular letter should be sent to each of the directors of the com- pany, and to others as decided before :— 'The Junction is felt to be a very great incon- venience by all, without exception, who have occasion to travel on these 1ine; and the Council are most anxions for the sake of the town especi- ally, and the public at large generally, that the Great Western Railway Company can see their way to do away with this Junction, and run all the trains direct to BR' I ,a. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. Evan Jones, seconded by Mr. W, D. Jones, that the report be adopted. The same committee wa.s requested to confer with the clerk as to other minor matters connected therewith. APPOINTMENT OF SCHOOL MANAGERS- It was proposed by Mr. D. W. Jones, seconded by Mr. J. L) Owen5 That Messrs. Roger Hughes and J. Parry, be appointed representatives on the Local Governing Body of the Bala County, School. MEDICAL OFFICER OF HEALTH'S I REPORT, f The following is an abstract of the report for the year ending December, 1896 :-— For 1896, the number or hirthu was 38, Rate per 1,000, 23'42, as compared with 37 births, or a rate per 1,000 of 22'81, in 1895. The number of deaths last year was "4. Rate per 1,000, 20 96, as compared. with 38, or a rate per thousand of 23'42, in the previous year. About foity cases of t fever were notified during the year, all of which were of a mild typa, none proving fatal. Evo-y precaution was taken, iacluding the closing of sehqfQs. There was also one ca;-e of erysipelas notified, which likewise was a mild case. There have been several nnTÇ" honses erected -during the year, special attention being paid to the sanitary arrangements. A few houses have been reported during the year and they have been put right. The drainage system is in good. order, aismtec- tants and flushing having been carried on for many months on account of the scarlet fever out break. A new drain has been made over the whole length of High Street, which will be the means of removing the pools of rain-water that was such a nuisance to :oot passengers. I also be- lieve that new parapets are to be constructed in course of time, which will also add greatly to the appearance of the main street, as well as the com- ort of the inhabitants The water supply is abundant, and the quality excellent. The water-pipes have been cleaned, and there is no fear of there being any scarcity of good water. The slaughter-houses are kept clear, being white washed periodically, and no matter allowed to stand and get putrid. The privies are kept cleaner Ithan they have been for years. Several have been done away with, and new ones erected. Pigstyes are also kept as clean as practicable. The inspector is also careful not to allow any dung heaps to stand in corners and decompose. The ashes are collected twice a week, by a cart, and taken some distance from town. I hope the Council will not be satisfied until the improvements in High Street have been com- pleted.' BOARD OF GUARDIANS. SATURDAY LAST. Present Mr. Evan Jones (chairman), Messrs. J. M. Jones, Thos. Jones, Daniel Roberts, Evan Evans, Robert Jones, J. Thomas, T. Davies, Mrs. Parry, Miss Parry, J. R. Jones, clerk, T. R. Dakin assistant clerk. The balance in the Treasurer's hands was re- ported to be e79 3s. 2d. The balance in relieving officer's bands wns f5 7s. During the fortnight, 938 5s. 6d., had been expended in relieving 176 out door paupers, as against 941 Ss. 6d. to 187 last year. THE HOUSE. The master reported that the number of inmates in the Workhouse last week was 37, as compared with 24 last year. 34 vagrants had been relieved during the fortnight, being a decrease of three on the same period last year. Sir H. B. Robertson had presented tree plants for planting on part of the Green, along side the road to the house and a vote of thanks was ac- corded him, as well as to Mr. Thomas Jones for gratuitous cartage of same. On the 29th February, a tramp, called John Power, suffering from bad eyes, was admitted, and is still in the house. On the 27th February, Morris Hughes, slater, was admitted, suffering from bad feet. VISITORS. Visited the house, and found everything, as usual, clean and orderly.J. Thomas, T. Davies March 6th, 1S97.' 5 ASSISTANCE FOR MATRON. Mrs. Parry brought forward her motion, as to obtaining help for the matron. She would like to have a person who would sleep in the same room as the old women who were ill and bed-ridden. There were in the house now many bad cases, which required nursing. It was too much to expect Mrs. Roberts to do all, Mr. J. Thomas seconded. In supporting, Miss Parry said there were cases which required continual attendance, which could not be reasonably expected of Mrs. Roberts. It was passed that a servant be engaged. After further discussion, the matter, as to the persons to be appointed, the terms and salary was adjour- ned to the next meeting.


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