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FLINT, j SCHOLASTIC SUCCESS. We are pleased to find among the honours list (junior division) of those who have recently passed the Cambridge University Local Exa- mination, the name of Miss M. V. Taylor, daughter of Mr. Henry Taylor, town clerk. CONCERT. The annual concert in connection with the National and Memorial Schools was held at the National School on Monday night last. There was a crowded attendance, and the performances of the children were evidently highly appre- ciated by the audience. A large number of prizes were distributed, BAPTIST CHAPEL. On Sunday last, Mrs M. A. Jones, Carnar- von, conducted the services at the above chapel; and on Monday night, this renowned lady delivered a most interesting and edifying lecture on the of pleasantness and kindness.' There was a very gooa attendance. Mrs. Ishmael Jones, Trelawney. presided, and gave a handsome donation towards the funds. CANARIES AND BLACKBIRDS. A very enjoyable entertainment by this ex- cellent company of minstrels was given in the Town Hall, on Wednesday evening (Feb. 17th), the proceeds being devoted to St. Thomas's School, Flin t Mountain. There was a large at- tendance, and a considerable balance will result, which cannot fail to be gratifying to the promo- ters, viz., Miss Taylor of Coleshill, and Mr. Charles T. Watkins, who also were much in- debted to Mrs. Ishmael Jones, Trelawney Towers, for the loan of many flowering and other plants wherewith to beautify the hall and stage. The ladies, otherwise canaries, looked extremely well in yellow gewns and powdered hair, whilst the gentlemen, or black- birds, were arrayed in most gorgeous costumes, and displayed a magnificent variety of jewell- ery. The troop was exceptionally strong in cornermen, who kept the audience in a continu- ous ripple of merriment by their most novel and amusing jokes. The interlocutor (Mr. A. Davies) was most successful, and fallfilled his duties admirably. The programme was as follows :— PART 1. Opening Chorus, The merriest fellows,' Mr. A. Davies. Comic Song, 'Delany Chicken,' Mr. T. C..Whalley. Song, The Gray Tomtit.' Miss Catherall. Comic Song, The Runaway Musketeer,' Mr. W. Gelling. Song, The Amorous Goldfish,' Miss B. Dyson. Comic Song, That'l Doodle do,' Mr. S. A. Westerton, encored). Song, For all eternity,' Miss Williams (encored). Plantation Song, 'When Dmah plays the banjo,' Mr. Charles T. Watkins. Song, The skipper,' Mr. A. Davies. Comic Song, Bekase Joe always laughing,' Mr. W. Webster (encored). PART II, was a departure from the system usu- ally followed and during a short interval in which Mr. W. Catherall sang Whisper and I shall hear,' the stage was cleverly altered to represent a plantation scene, the raw cotton greatly aiding the efiact. The ladies donned picnic attire, the interlocutor had become an overseer, and the various cornermen enjoyed themselves in sundry easy and restive positions about the stage, the whole forming a very effective and picturesque scene, such as the programme informs us, is found in 'Ole Vir- ginny.' The overseer (Mr. A. Davies) opened with an excellent song, The Longest Reign- followed by a violin duett by Misses Parry and Pring. The song,' I want yet my Honey,' by Miss Catherall was excellently sung, aId deservedly encored. Then fallowed a song by Mr. C. T. Watkins, 'My gal is a high born lady,' and Mr. T. C. Whalley performed on nis one string Fiddle and Mandoline. Miss Will- liams sang In friendships name,' which was charmingly rendered. The Kings Guard by the banjo trio, Messrs. A. Jones, C. Cf~Jones, and 1-1. M. Hinds received a well deserved en- core. Mr. Wax Webster sang 'Only a little jailer coon and Miss Roberts and Misses B. Dyson and Williams gave an excellent render- ing of the trio,' Three littlemaids from school.' The 'Idler' by Mr. W. Gelling was cleverly in- terpreted and encored. Then followed a comic song by Mv. Westerton and the programme was brought to a close with the Plantation song and chorus, 'The ole banjo,' the solo being splendidly sung by Miss B. Dyson. The duties of accompanist were filled by Miss F. Taylor, in a very efficient manner, and that of stage manager by Mr. Charles T. Watkins. At the close of the concert, a hearty vote of thanks to the performers was carried by the Rector, Mr. W. LI. Nicholas, and the proceedings ter- minated with the singing of the National An- them. If you require your PHOTOGRAPHS taken in the best style, at moderate charges, go to D. & A. HUGHES, Photographers, Mold. Clubs, Schools, &c., by appointment. -L.==-==::

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