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r ABERGELE. ) ST. DAVID'S DAY. The annual dinner in honour of St. David was held at the Bee Hotel on Monday even- ing, and was well attended. Mr, J. Inglis, Old Gwrych, presided. The spread was all that could be desired, following which the usual toasts were given, and suitably res- ponded to. LITERARY SOCIETY. On Friday evening a good muster of the members connected with the Wesleyan Literary Society, assembled to listen to an address by the Rev. David Jones (Druisyn), Llandudno. The subject selected by him was The advantages obtained through de- bating or literary societies/ The address was listened to with much interest by the members, and a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mr. Jone3 for his kindness. CONCERT. On Thursday evening, last week, a concert, which proved one of the most successful held in Abergele, came off at the Town Hall, the Rev. F. Jones presiding. The artistes engaged, each of whom acquited themselves admirably, were Madame Emily Wright, Wrexham Mrs. Burton Griffiths, Ruthin Mr. Joseph Foulkes, Buckley; Mr. Cetni Jones. Llanberis Mr. J. Davies, and Mr. J. Spencer Davies, Llandudno. The aceom- panist was Mr. William Davies, Deganwy. The proceeds were in aid of the Presbyter- ian Welsh cause at Pensarn, whose place of worship has recently been thoroughly reno- vated at considerable expense. COURSING MEETING. A LARGE company assembledmear Bodoryn, on Friday morning, to witness a coursing meeting arranged by local gentlemen and farmers. At one time this fixture was re- garded as an important one in sporting cir- circles, but the devastating effects of! the great flood in August 1879 on the hares which used to be plentiful Gn the Marsh, was so extensive that it was abandoned as an annual event, and of late years it has only been held at intermittent intervals. The large gathering on Friday, however, seems to point to the fact that local interest in the sport has in no way abated. It may perhaps be true that a large number were attracted to the spot for the mere sake of. a day's outing. And indeed it would be diffi- cult to find a more pleasant place to enjoy a brief respite from the turmoils of business than on this portion of Rhuddlan Marsh. where the health-giving ozone of the ocean intermingles in an agreeable blend with the mountain air. In front, lies a broad expanse of sea stretching in view from the Orme's Head to the Point of Ayr, while at the back stands the finely wooded ipark of Kinmel, with the beautiful Vale of Clwyd opening to the right, and A bergele nestling at the base of its lovely sylvan heights on the left. If anything marred the pleasure of the as- semblage on this occasion, whether they were attracted by sport or by the chance of an out, it was the high wind that pre- vailed during the day, and which to some extent must have interfered with the run- ning both of the fleetfooted greyhounds and the nimble quarry. The site selected as the scene for the pro- ceedings of the day was the fields standing in close proximity to the road leading from Towyn to Bodoryn, and near Gors Cottage, Hares were plentiful and strong, and affor- ded abundant exercise for the dexterity and swiftneaa of their pursuers. At half past eleven the first brace of dogs were put in the slips, and in a few moments a hare was started, and the hounds were off. Space will not permit a full description of each course, even were it in our power to delineate the points that go to make up the qualities of a winning greyhound. Suffice it then to say that the coursing, in the opin- ion of people who should be able to judge was good throughout. Mr. John Williams' Wire In, made a good bid for the premier position of the day, winning his course in capital style, and only vanquished in the final run after a plucky struggle with Mr. H. Martins' Pirouette.' In the Abergele stakes, Mr. H. Williams'' Goblyn,' also made a gallant attempt to win, but was beaten by Messrs. Finley and Murless' Cinnamon.' During the progress of these stakes, some excellent bit of coursing were exhibited by Mr. D. Knowle's Bob,' who gained a com- paratively easy victory over his companion in the leash," Mr. T. Pearce's Precious Pearl.' Appended are the results :— The Kinmel Park Stakes, for eight all- aged dogs. The winner to receive X12 se- cond, S6 third and fourth to save their stakes. FIRST COURSE. Mr. James'' Kate Coventry,' beat Mr. J. Garlick's 'Green Vessel.' Mr. John Williams' Wire In,' beat Mr. Charles Murless Brummagem Manners.' Mr. H. Martin's Pirouette' beat Mr. W. H. Smith's Bit of a pet.' SECOND COURSE. Wire In beat 'Kate Coventry,' Pirou- ette beat' Mischievous Lady.' DECIDING COURSE. Pirouette' beat 1 Wire In.' Abergele Stakes: for eight all-aged dogs, The winner to receive E5; second, > £ 3; third and fourth, RI each. FIRST COURSE. Messrs. Finlay and Murless' Cinnamon,' beat Mr. J. Edcar's I Edgar Jack.' Mr. W. H. Smiths' Donald Douglas 5 beat Mr, J. Garlick's Green Belt.' Mr. H. Williams' Goblyn beat Mr. Jones Rhyl Boy.' Mr. D. Knowles' 'Bob beat Mr. T. Pearce's Precious Pearl.' SECOND COURSE. Cinnamon beat' Donald Douglas.' Goblin beat Bob DECIDING COURSE. Cinnamon' beat' Goblin.' Rhyl Stakes (made up on the field): Win- ner receive £ 5. FIRST COURSE Mr. J. J. Scott's Brummagem Manners,' beat Mr. J. Garlick's Green Vessel,' Messrs. Barton and Perkins' Craig Ro- wan,' beat Mr. Smiths'' Bit of a Pet.' DECIDING COURSE. 'Craig Rowan' and r Brummøgen Man- aera tied, and the stakes were divided. All the arrangements were admirably car- ried out by the committee. The stewards were Mr. Oscar Finlay, Mr. J. Garlick, and Mr. H. Martin; field stewards, Messrs. F. F. Fisher Jones, John Kerfoot, John Calvert, John Roberts, John Hughes, Hugh Hughes, William Owen, Charles Armstrong, David j Owen, W. E. Owen, Edward Jones, G. Per- kins, E. Mostyn, and T. Jones Mr H. j Beale, of Sefton, Liverpool, was the judge; Mr. J. Hunter, the slipper Mr. John Ed- j wards, flag and slip steward; and Mr. J. D. Jones, Bodoryn, secretary.

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