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LIVERPOOL. (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.) LIVERPOOL, Thursday. Victoria Chapel, Crosshall Street.The anni- versary service,, of this church commenced on Saturday evening, and continued throughout Sunday, when the Revs. W. E. Prydderch, Swansea; Thomas Charles, Gwalchmai; and William Morris Jones (pastor), officiated on the occasion, there being large congregations on both Saturday and Sunday evenings. St. David's Day at Bootle and, Brkenhe(d. The annual competitive meeting of the C. M, chapel, Peel Road, Bootle, was held on Monday evening, with Mr. Thomas Parry in the chair; and on the same evening, the Welsh Congrega tionalists of Clifton Road, Birkenhead, held their annual competitive meeting (and concert combined), Mr. Henry Jones presiding, and the Rev. J. O. Williams (Pedrog), being the conductor. The various competitions, includ- ing recitations, pianoforte solos, soprano, enor and baritone songs, were followed with unbound- ed enthusiasm by an exceedingly large au- dience. Variety was also given to the programe by musical contributions from Madame Katie Williams, Mr. Edgar Barri, and Mr. J. R. Jones. Miss Millieent Richards presided at the piano. Choral Festival at the Old Welsh Church of St. David. — Spacious as is the building, the old sacred edifice at the foot of Brownlow Hill was crowded last Saturday evening, there being held a choral service by the united choirs of St. David's, St. Asaph's (Kirkdale), and St.' Winifred's (Birkenhead). The Rev. James Davies, M.A., intoned the service while the lessons were read by the Rev. E. Williams, Kirkdale; and the Rev. Robert Edwards, Birkenhead (respectively). The nthem, 'Praise ye Jehovah' (Parry, Llanrwst), was magnifi- cently rendered. The best and oldest of Welsh hymns and tunes were exquisitely sung by the united choirs, such hymns as 'I Galfaria fcrOf fy wyneb' (Capel y Ddôl); '0 llefara addfwyn lesu' (Hyfrydol); 'Disgyn lesu o'th gyntedd- oedd' (Tyddyn Llwyn); and 'Pwy welaf 0 Edom yn d'od' (St. Andrews), being highly appreciated by all present. The Rev. E. T. Davies (Dyfrig), vicar of Pwllheli, who laboured for years with so much success as the WTelsh ineubent of St. David in this city, delivered an eloquent and powerful discourse, appropriate to the occasion, full of Welsh fire and intense earnestness, which was listened to with rapt attention. His subject, based on Psalm cxxxiv. 1st verse, was 'The power and place of praise in Divine worship.' I might mention that the same service was repeated on Sunday at the several Welsh churches of St. Winifred (Birkenhead), St. Asapb (Kirkdale), and St. David (Liverpool). Welsh Band oj Hope Festival.—hnnt Saturday afternoon, a, meeting of the Band of Hope children of the Liverpool Temperance LTnion was held in the schoolroom of the C. M. chapel Fitzcfarence Street Some fifty Bands of Hope from Liverpool, Bootle, Birkenhead, and Garston were present. Mr. William ivans, Elm Bank, presided over a crowded attenlance. The result of the various competitions in reciting and singing were as follows:—Solo for girls, 'Dim ond deilen;' 1st, Nellie Parry, Great Mersey Street chapel, and M. J. Williams, Webster Road chapel: 2nd, R. Lloyd Roberts, Everton Valley chapel; 3rd, Ernest Williams, Grove Street Schapel. For the best rendering of the piece 'Y Del,yn Pur.' a party from Anfield Road C. M. chapel, led by Mr. Philip H. Jones, was awarded the prize. In the trio competition, 'O! ble-ntvn y Nefoedd the first prize was awarded to the Anfield Road trio; the 'second was divided between the trios from the C. M. chapel, Garston, and the Wes- leyan chapel, Claughton, Birkenhead; and the third was given to the Daisy trio, from Daisy Street chapel. For reciting • Why Bertie fought,' R. Lloyd Roberts was first, and Mary Jones, Prince's Road chapel, second; whilst the prizes in the solo for boys, were equally divided between T. M. Jones, Bousfield Street chapel, Emlyn Jones, Mount Zion, and Griffith Owen, Bethlehem chapel, Nertherfield Road. Awards and certificates were distributed to those who had successfully passed the examina- tion on Charles Wakely's'' Temperance Manual for the Young. Six Band of Hope choirs from the following chapels:—Prince's Road, Garston, Anfield Road, Birkenhead (W.), Bethlehem, and Stanley Road, Bootle, entered the choral competition, a prize of £ 2 2s. being offered, which was awarded to the Bethlehem C M. chapel choir, Nertherfield Road, which was led by Miss Jones, York Terrace. The adjudicators for singing were Messrs. D. R. Jones (Alaw Madoc), and Jabez Jones: and for recitations, the Rev. W. Wynn Davies, and Mr. Edmund Griffiths, Grove Street; whilst Mrs. O. H. Jones, Liscard, presided at the pianoforte. Welsh Temperance This confer- ence was held at the schooroom of the C. M. chapel, Fitzclarence Street, last Saturday evening, the Rev. John Hughes (Glanystwyth), presiding over a large attendance In the course of the meeting, references were made to the illness of Plenydd, who is lying seriously ill at the residence of Mr. S. P Chambers, Liscard. Addresses upon the different aspects of the temperence question were delivered, by the Rev. Thomas Hughes, Bontle (W.), on 'The encouraging aspects of the temperance caused Rev. John Hughes, M. A., on I Waited Enthusiasm;' -Rev. W. Samuel (B.), on 'Tem- perance from the standpoint of duty;' and the Rev. H. P. Thomas (C.), Birkenhead, on Pursiiading men Upon the motion of Glan- ystwyth, seconded by the Rev, Peter Price (C.), a vote of sympathy was passed with Plenydd in his illness.


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