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URBAN COUNCIL. THE ordinary monthly meeting of the above was held on Tuesday night, when there were present, Messss J E. Davies (chairman), Ll. Eaton, Thomas Foulkes, F. Oliver, W. P.Jones, W Wright J. T. Morgan, J. B. Marston, R. Morris, H. LI Jones, G. H. Simon, T. Parry, G. H. Bradley (clerk), Dr. Edward Williams (medical officer), A. Bossil (drainage inspector), and Isaac Jones (surveyor). MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The following report for the year 1896, was submitted:— To the Chairman and Members of the Mold Urban District Council. Gentlemen,—I have the honour to present my annual report for the year enuing 'Decem- ber, 1896. The following has been furnished me by the Santitary Inspector: Area in acres, 951; population, 4,457 number of new houses, 4 houses re-roofed, 0; unfit for habitation, 48; visited, 0; cases of overcrowding, 0; new pri- vies erected 4 privies converted into w.c s., 21; ash pits erected, 9; connections to new sewer, 130: new connections to old, 1; houses yet remaining to be connected to new sewer, 1C0; houses yet remaining to be connected to old sewer, 0. I beg to submit with this report the tables furnished by the Local Government Board. The first, or table A, deals entirely with the mortality of the district showing the deaths in details of each separate disease, classed over and under five years of age. Table B. deals only with cases of sickness. For Table A. I can claim accuracy, but for Table B. I fear the results are less reliable, due to difficulties in obtaining exact information. There were 62 deaths during the year, mak- ing a death-rate of 13.31 per 1,000 per annum of the population. 131 births were registered during the same period, viz., 68 males and 63 females, being a birth-rate of 29.39 per 1,000 per annum of the population. The following are the deathrates for the last PHOTOGRAPHS, -Now is the time to have our Photograph taken. Moderate Charges Clubs, Schools, Parties, &c., by appointment. D. & A. HUGHES, Photographers, Mold. six years :—1891, 17-72; 1892, 24-23: 1893, 19-74 1894, 14-58, 1895, 17 72; 1896, 13-91 making an average death-rate for the foregoing period of 17'98 per 1,000 per rtnnum. The birth-rate for the same period is as follows .—1891. 28-71 1892, 27-31; 1893, 26-45; 1894, 23*55; 1895 29-61; 1896, 29*39; making an average birth rate for that period of 27'51 per 1,000 per an- num of the population. There were three deaths from whooping cough; one at two, and two at three years of age. There were no fatal cases from zymotic disease, this being a zymotic death rate of 67 per 1,000 per annum of the population. The following are zymoticfdeath rates for the last four years 1893, 2*69; 1894, 1-12; 1895, 2 01 1886, "67; being an average zymotic death tor the past four years of 1-62 per 1,000 per annum of the population There were 5 cases of infectious diseases no- tified, viz., Scarlet fever, 2; Erysipelas 2; Diph- theria, 1 none of which proved fatal, making a zymotic rate of 1'12 per 1,000 per annum of the population. The following are the zymo- tic rates for the last four year:—1893, 14-13 1894. 7-17; 1895, 5-37; 1896. 1-12, making an average zymotic for that period of 6-9 per 1,000 per annum of the population. Infant mortality under one year 'of age amounted to 68'70 per 1,000 births registered, in comparison to a rate of 181-80 of the preceding year. From the fore- going statistics I am extremely pleased to chronicle such a low death rate, and the ex- tremely few cases of infectious disease notified during the year. Scarlet Fever.-TI-ie two cases notified were of very mild form, one being removed fto hos- pital at Rhyl. Of the three fatal cases of whooping cough, 2 occurred in January, one at Maesydre, and one in Williams' Court, New Street, and the remaining one in December in Alun Terrace. Draining and House Connection.-The progress of house connection, as represented in the in- formation furnished me by the Sanitary In- spector, has been fairly satisfactory. Much attention has been paid to ventilation, and the lines of street sewers are periodically flushed, together with any branch sewer when needed. The pumping of the sewage seems to have been regularly carrird on. I have always looked upon attention with regard to these point as of the utmost importance, anl trust that the efforts to keep these matters well attended will never be relaxed. Whilst referring to this sub- ject I should recommend that the street gulleys for the conveyance of storm water be trapped, as at present the large catch-pits to each allow their contents to become stagnant, resulting in foul exhalations. During the year a number of new closets have been erected or converted, and progress made in supplying the houses when connected with a proper flushing apparatus. The Town Water. -Dur;.ii,-the year the supply has been of sufficient quantity, quality, and at excellent pressure. In September last the Water Company commenced the construction of their storage reservoir near Moel Fammau. Sometime will elapse before its completion, as the work is of considerable magnitude When completed, the district will be assured of an abundant and wholesome supply during periods of protracted drought. The Company's mains are, with the exception of Clay Lane, in the direction of Brook Villa, laid to every part of the Council's district. There are still, however, a large number of houses without a proper supply, notwithstanding the fact the mains pass their doors. For the protection of the health of the public I earnestly ask your coun- cil to put in force the powers conferred upon you, and compel owners of property to provide a proper water supply. Your Council can then put pressure upon the company to lay a main down Clay Lane which, I believe, they are not II obliged to do without a special agreement. I have completed a list of houses unsupplied. Offensive Tnxdes and Nuisances from Smoke.— Some complaints have as usual been made on account of the nuisance from smoke, which is not so well consumed on some business premi- ses as it should be. I have had complaints arising from fish-frying. Arrangements should be suggested and made for carrying off the effluvia arising therefrom. Infectious Hospital.-This, I believe, is under the consideration of your council in combina- tion with the Holywell Rural District Council, and I trust that a satisfactory arrangement will be arrived at for the provision of a hospital. This is a matter, which I have before pointed out, must not be lost sight of if you wish the inhabitants of your district to enjoy reasonable security from zymotic disease. If adopted in- dependently of another authority, what would suffice need not be, I think, an expensive mat- ter, but it is absolutely essential that the hos pital should always be in a state of efficiency. You require a dry well built cottage, with a good water supply. It should be conveniently situated, and have about it a space suitable for the erection of huts in case of necessity. The ordinary provision of beds should be one for 1,000 contributory population. It must be kept clean, always aired, and ready for the recep- tion of patients. For this purpose a respect- able couple without encumbrance might reside there, rent free, and be paid either by salary or by so much for each case under charge. An old carriage converted into an ambulance, and a disinfecting chamber, would complete the more special feature of the establishment. All L sanitary authorities who possess, or undertake to IpnssesB, an eftlcient. isolation home should have conferred upon them by the legislature enlarged powers of compulsory removal. In conclusion, I have to thank your council for re- electing me Medical Officer of Health for your sanitary district, I have the honour, to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, EDW. WILLIAMS. Medical Officer of Health, Mold Rural and Urban Districts. Plas-yn dre, Mold, February 18th, 1897. GAS AND WATER, The Clerk read correspondence between him- self and the Gas Co., after which some brisk exchanges took place between himself and Mr. W. P. Jones. Ultimately on the motion of Mr. Marston, seconded by Mr. Foulkes, it was decided that a deputation from the Council wait upon the directors of the Gas Company, DRAINAGE. A discussion took place with reference to the above. Mr. Parry proposed, and Mr. Marston seCOn- ded, that a complete plan shewing the whole of the connections made to the new sewer be pre- pared, and that the matter be brought before the Council after being dealt with by the Drainage Committee. Agreed to. Mr. Morris stated that that work ought to have been done by Mr. Boosie. Mr. Boosie stated that he did not make plans for a pound a week. Mr. Simon remarked that Mr. Boosie was employed in order to make complete plans, but now he said that that was not his work, and he would not do it. He thought they should have the matter settled, and that Mr. Morris should bring forward his resolution which he brought forward at the last meeting to the effect that the work be done by the council's surveyor. Mr. Morris moved that the Standing Orders be suspended. Mr. Simon seconded. Mr. Boosie A word of explanation. Mr. Simon: It is proposeed that the Standing I Orders be suspended. A vote was then taken when three voted for the suspension of Lhe Standing Orders, and four against. The Chairman: As two thirds have not voted the matter falls through. The matter then dropped. A HELPING HAND. Mr. Eaton pointed out with regard to the connections that there were several property owners for whom the Council were doing the work of connecting, who would experience considerable difficulty in meeting the cost at once. Heconsidered that the council should meet those people by allowing them the pay- ment by instalments. He moved that where the cost was £ 5, and upwards that the persons be allowed to pay by instalments, and that the clerk take a promissory note for the amount due. Mr. Simon seconded, and it was carried. LIGHT RAILWAYS.—INFORMATION WANTED. The Clerk stated that he had received a com muni cation from the Town Clerk of Ruthin in- viting a deputation from the Council to wait upon that body with regard to the subject of Light Railways. The letter did not refer to a special scheme. Mr. Eaton suggested that the clerk write in reply that the council would be very pleased to hear further from the Ruthin Town Council (laughter). The Chairman: Perhaps it would be desirable to have further information (renewed laugh- ter). ° The matter then dropped. TOLLS. In reply to Mr. Morris, Mr. Morgans stated that the total receipts for the month was £ 1 Is. 7d., the expenses on that account were £ 1, leaving a balance of Is. 7d. ATTENDANCES. The Clerk read the following attendances of the members during the past twelve months, including Committees, ordinary meetings, and special meetings of the council Mr. R Morris, 37 T. Parry 32 Foulkes 31 Marston 31 Morgans 30 Roberts 08 W.P.Jones 27 Wright 25 H. LI. Jones 25 J. E. Davies 24 Eaton 24 Simon 22 Rowe 15 Oliver 11 L. Lewis (Leeswood) 7



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