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took the baby down to dress. In a few minutes after, she heard a scream, and ran down stairs, to find that the baby had fallen into a bucket, of hot water. She applied oil, lime water, and flour to the injuries, and took the child to Dr. Thomas' surgery. The doctor dressed the child at once, and advised her to take it to the Hos- pital and she did as she was directed. She last saw the baby alive on Saturday afternoon, when she was with it for two hours in the Hos- pital. The child was then very bad; and at half-past ten on Sunday morning, information was sont her that he had died that morning at half-past eight. Harriet Simcock, daughter of the last wit- ness, said she dressed the baby on Friday morn- ing and afterwards, he went to sit on a little stool, behind which there was a bucket of boil- ing water, placed ready to wash the floor. She turned round to put the kettle on the fire, and no sooner had she done so than s'ie heard the baby falling into the bucket. On turning round, she saw that he had fallen backward into the water. She undressed the chiid as quick as she could, and her mother came down, a,nd attended to it. Miss Clara Cuerton, a nurse at the Alexandra Hospital, said the child died from exhaustion as the result of the scalding. It was considered a helpless case from the first. A verdict of 'accidental death' was returned. BRAVERY REWARDED. Master Louis Campeni, the young son of Mr. Campeni, Marager of Eastman's Limited, Rhyl, has just received the vellum certificate of the Royal Humane Society,for saving a young lad from drowning in the Canal on Tarvin Road, Chester, in May last, at considerable risk to his own life. ST. DAVID'S DAY. The anniversary of the patron Saint of Wales was duly honoured in Rhyl. At the Alexandra Hotel, a large company gathered under the presidency of Mr. Abel Jones, J.P., Chairman of the District Council, to celebrate the occa- sion in a sumptuous banquet. This was the first time in the history of the town for the pa- triotic feast to be held in the Alexandra; but if the excellence of the menu" and the unqualified success of the gathering count for anything, it will not be the last. Mr. C. J. Roberts, H.M.I.S., occupied the vice-chair; and among those who had taken tickets were:—The Right Hon. Lord Mostyn, Revs. Canon Jones (Bodel- wyddan), L. Williams (Prion), T. H. Vaughan, O. J. Davies (Rhyl), Dr. Jones (Flint), Captain Edwardes (Liverpool), Messrs. W. Williams, J.P., C.C., R. Bromley (County Coroner), R. Llewelyn Jones, C.C., R. C. En yon, C.C., John Bayliss. RD.C., H. Tilby, R.D.C., Robert Jolley, R.D.C., D. Griffiths, R.D.C., P. Mostyn Williams, R.D.C., Robert Jones, R.D.C., The Hon. G. Yard Buller, Messrs. P. P. Pratt, W. Conwy Bell. D. Da vies (Freelands), J. Parry Jones (Denbigh), R. J. Williams (Rhyd), Tom- linson (Burton), Bethel (Colwyn Bay), G. Slack, Gwynne Sheffield, Thomas Hatfield, Burne Jones, W Price, Leonard Hall, A. Maltby, C. D.Copley, W.C. Bell, Lewis Jones, F. A. Gold- smith, E. P. Jones, Evans (Maes Gwilym), Arthur Davies (Bryncwnin), F. W. J. Horni- blow, H. Huws, Thomas R. Griffith, J. W. Roose, G. J. I»avies, R. Roberts (Dyserth Hall), E. Humphreys, J. S. Williams (Ruthin), J. Parker Owen, John O. Jones, T. C. Amos, Joseph Jones (Waterloo Villas), H. T. Roberts, J. W. McCullagh (Belfast), Joseph Lloyd (St. Asaph), T. Huntington, T. A. Lambert (Holy- well, Fred Jones (Waterloo Villa), William Bulcock, T. Parry (Llandudno), J. Carling, H. W. Roberts, S. Worstall, H. Sandoe, R. F. Harrison, A. Rhydwen Jones, Bryan Warhurst, T. Denton Penton, R. Hughes (Town Surveyor), R. J. Hughes, Walter K. Bell, E. Vaughan (chemist), J. W. Armstrong, John Dobbins, G. T. Evan, "ones (Abbey Street), &c., &c. Letters of apology for non attendance were read from Messrs. Rhydwen Jones, J. Parry Jones (Denbigh), T. A. Lambert (Holywell), and R. Roberts (Dyserth Hall), together with a congratulatory telegram from Welshmen as- sembled at a 'similar feast at Tyneside, New- castle. After an excellent repast, served up in the style that Miss Williams k so justly renowned for, a hni, toast list was proceeded with. After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts had been disposed of, the Vice-chairman submitted that of St. David; and in doing so, gave a very lucid and interesting account of as much of the life of the Saint as is known. Mr. P. Vi. Williams gave Cym.ru, Gymro, a Chymraegand dwelt on the place Wales has gained for herself in the circles of politics, art, science, literature, and religion. Other toasts followed, interspersed with capi- tally rendered songs. Dinners were also held at the Royal and George Hotels.