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PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY, before Major Birch (in the chair), and Mr. E. W. D. Waithal QUARRELSOME NEIGHBOURS. Hannah Maria Vaughan, of Penycob Street, St Asaph, was summoned by her neighbour Mary Hughes. to show cause why she should not be bound over to keep the peace, in conse- quence of certain threats alleged against her. Mr. Joseph Lloyd appeared for the defence. Complainant said that on the 22nd of last month defendant passed her house, and in doing so called her foul names, and said she would not mind using a knife to her. She was afraid of the defendant. In cross-examination, complainant denied having tried to make mischief between defen- dant and her husband, but admitted having told defendant's husband what defendant had told her about him. The quarrel arose through her shaking her mat while defendant's clothes were hanging out to dry. Defendant was called by Mr. Lloyd and gave an absolute denial to the charge. Catherine Deed called for the defence saidcom- plainant was at erimity with all her neighbours. She was present when the quarrel took place be- tween the parties, and she did not hear any threat being made use of. 6 The Chairman characterised the charge as a trumpery one, and dismissed it. The parties to pay their own costs. SUNDAY DRINKING AGAIN. John McManus, Vale Road, Rhyl, failed to appear in answer to a summons charging him with being drunk in St. Asaph, on Sunday evening, February 21 st. P.C. Taafe proved the service of the sum- mons, and Police Sergeant Pearson deposed to seeing defendant drunk in the Roe, St. Asaph, just before nine o'clock in the evening. A warrant was ordered to be issued for the apprehension of defendant. DRUNK IN CHARGE OF A HORSE AND CARRIAGE. William Mellor, carriage owner, Vale Road., Rhyl, was charged by P.C. James Taafe, with being drunk in charge of a horse and trap at Rhuddl.in, on Sunday night, February 21st. The complainant stated that seeing a crowd gathered in High Street, he went there, and saw defendant, drunk and staggering, leading a horse by the bridlo. He offered to drive Mellor home, but he became very abusive, but at last he got him into the trap, and handcuffing him drove defendant to St. Asaph, and locked him up. P.S. Pearson bestifield that Mellor was drunk when P.C. Taafe brought him to the police station. He added that defendant denied being drunk when he was about to be locked up, and he (witness) offered to get a doctor to examine him, if he would pay the expense. Defendant said, in defence, that his horse refused to go through the street, and he had to lead. Taafe came up to him, and asked what was the matter, and he replied, 'Can't you see what is the matter. The horse will not go without being led.' Taafe told him to get into the carriage and he would drive him home. Instead of doing that he drove him to St. Asaph. He was not drunk at the time. The Chairman observed that defendant had been before the magistrates nine times before. He would now be fined 19s. with 8s. 6d. costs. A CHARGE OF ASSAULTING THE POLICE.-WITHDRAWN. David Williams, Newtown, Rhyl, was charged in custody with being drunk and disorderly on Saturday evening, February 28th. Mr. Bell appeared for the defence and said he had a consultation with the parties, and would plead guilty. P.C. Taafe was about to state the case when the Chairman remarked that there was another charge against the defendant. Was it de- ferred? The Clerk Yes for the present. Mr. Bell: It is to be withdrawn Superintendent Hughes: I have no know- ledge that it is to be withdrawn. Mr. Bell: You withdraw the charge of as- sault, don't you Taafe? Taafe I must refer to it in my evidence. Mr. Bell: Stop a minute, sir. If he is going on with the assault case, we withdraw the plea of not guilty, and fight it out. As to the as. sault, we say that the boot is on the other leg. P.C. Taafe: After that, let the matter be thrashed out. The Chairman Do not talk like that. Do you withdraw the charge or not ? Taafe Yes sir, I withdraw it. Evidence in support of the charge of drunk- enness was then given, and a fine of 2s. 6d. with 7s. 4d. costs, inflicted. SCHOOL CASES. David Jones, Forge Square, was fined 5s. for neglecting to send a child to school, ani Philip Hughes, Penycob, was fined 3s. for a similar offence in respect of an orphan niece he is bring ng up.





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