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A MOTHER CHARGED WITH MANSLAUGHTER. INQUEST AT LLANDUDNO. 1 On Monday night at Llandudno an inquest was held on the body of Annie Hughes, the child of Robert and Mary Ellen Hughes, Pen- rallt, Llanelian, Colwyn Bay, who died at Llandudno hospital on Sunday under peculiar circumstances. Mr. Bodvel Hughes, coroner, presided. Robert Hughes stated that on Saturday week he returned home for the week-end. He and his wife were not sober. She was abusive and quarrelsome, and would not come to bed, and aggravated him so much that he attempted to strike her. She then got up a stone, and threw it at him. Just at that time the deceased, nine years old, rushed between them, and the stone hie her above the right ear. Immediately after the stone had been thrown he hit his wife twice in the face. He bathed the child's wound, and put her to bed. It was not the same bed as the witness and his wife occupied. Mary Ellen Hughes stated that she had had a few glasses, but knew what she was doing. She could not tell how much drink she had, but a few glasses turned her head. She quar- relled with her husband. After being struck by him several times she took up a stone to throw at him, and at that moment the deceased ran between them, and said' I Oh, dada, don't. The deceased had a baby in her arms. The witness was covered with blood, the result of blows. The deceased was put in the same bed as the witness. Robert Hughes (recalled) said he was sure it was a separate bed, and was certain he did not hit his wife until the stone was thrown. She did not lose any blood, and what she had said must be untrue, Elizabeth Hughes, Clifton Road, Llanduduo, deposed to going so Llanelian on Saturday night. She could not find out that evening how the injury had been inflicted, but only that the partiss had been quarrelling. She accompanied the doctor with the child to the hospital. Replying to the Coroner, the witness said she could not give any further information. Dr. Wood said he saw the deceased at seven on Saturday evening. Her lower jaw was fixed, and could only be opened about a quarter of an inch. The muscles of her neck were quite stiff, indicating lock-jaw. It was only then that he was informed there had been a wound above the right ear. He removed the sticking-plaster on it, and by a little pressure a teasposnful of matter came out with a rush. In his opinion lock-jaw was caused lby the wound and the matter being kept inside it. Dr. Russell stated that he arrived at Llan- dudno with the deceased at one on Sunday morning. Doctors Nicol, Dalton, and Bold Williams were called in, and it was found that there was compound fracture of the skull, the bone being driven to the brain. Dr. Nicol pro. ceeded to operate, and removed the bone from the brain. The child died at four o'clock in the morning. He had no doubt that death re- sulted from tetanus caused by the wound. The Coroner addressed the jury at some length, and after a consultation they returned a verdict of manslaughter against Mary Ellen HugMs, who was thereupon taken into custody by Superintendent Roberts, Colwyn Bay.




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