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RUTHIN. MAGIC LANTERN ENTERTAINMENT. Mr. T. J. Roberts, chemist, gave a very successful and interesting magic lantern en- tertainment at the Presbyterian chapel on Friday night. The proceeds were devoted to the funds of the. Boys' Brigade. There was a good audience present. TEMPERANCE. To-night (Friday), the Rev. Joseph Evans, Denbigh, and the Rev. E. P. Hughes, Bala, will address a public meeting at. bhe Presbyterian chapel. The Rev. W. T. Rees will preside. Next week, the last meeting of the series will be held at the Tabernacle chapel, when the Revs. John Owen, Mold, and E. J. Williams, LlandriIIo, will be the speakers. ST. DAVID'S DAY. At the Assembly Rooms, on Monday evening, the Birkenhead Gitana Ladies' Clioii-one of the most celebrated choirs in the country--ap- peared in Ruthin for the first time, and gave* an excellent miscellaneous concert. In the ab- sence of Mr. E. V. Lloyd, the chair was occu- pied by the Mayor (Mr. Ezra Roberts), and the Assembly Rooms was crowded with an enthu- siastic audience. The choir, under the conduc- torship of Miss Maggie Evans, took the chief prizes for Ladies' Choir at the Rhyl, Llandudno, and Carnarvon Eisteddvodau and, naturally, the Ruthin people looked forward to a musical treat of the highest quality. They were not disappointed, The concert was the best ever held in Ruthin, and the Choir, collectively and individually, are accorded the highest praise. The programme was as follows :— PART 1. Welsli Air, Bells of Aberdovey,' Gitana Choir. Duett, In the dusk of the twilight,' Misses Hettie Mawdsley and Gracie Thomas. Solo, 'Angus Macdonald,' Miss Bella Robin- son. Mandoline Solo, 'Selection of Welsh Airs,' Misses A. and C. Craymer. Solo, 'The pretty little flower and the great oak tree,' Miss Gracie Thomas. Solo, 'The Toilers,' Miss Hettie Mawdsley. Solo, Y Wlad Well,' Miss Annie Parry. Solo and Chorus, 'Now Tramp,' Miss Bella Robinson and Choir. PART II Welsh Air, 'Ash Grove,' Gita.na Choir. Duett, 'Veiietiaii Boat Song,' Misses Bella Robinson and Annie Parry. Solo, Welsh Song, Miss Gracie Thomas. Solo, The Children's Home,' Miss Hettie Mawdsley. Mandoline Solo, 'Rialto,' Misses A. and C. Craymer. Solo, 'Never again,' Miss Annie Parry. Solo, Waiting,' Miss Bella Robinson. 'Alas these Chimes,' Gitana Choir. God Save the Queen.' -> BOARD OF GUARDIANS. THE fortnightly meeting was held on Monday, when Mr. Henry Williams, Plasyvtrd, presi- ded, and the following members were present, Mr. Owen Williams, the Rev. J. F. Reece, Messrs. Robert Jones, E. R. Evans, Gomer Ro- berts, E. P. Jones, J. O. Williams (Llanelidan), T. P. Roberts, J. Williams, Llanfair, John Jones, J. Worthington, (Plas coch); R. Rogers Jones, J. Williams (Llanrhaiadr), loaac Wynne, Isaac Daniel, J. H. Simon, Edward Jones, and the clerk (Mr. R. H. Roberts). THE DIFFICULTY ABOUT THE OVERSEERSHIP. The Clerk (Mr. R. Humphreys Roberts) read a communication from the Local Government Board with reference to the request of the guardians to appoint the assistant overseers for the parishes in the Llanrhaiadr district, in rhe room of Mr. Fox, resigned. Formerly the Board of Guardians had to appoint for each parish the overseer, and it was convenient to group the parishes of the union into two dis- tricts, that of Llanrha adr of which Mr. 'Fox was the assistant overseer, and that of Ruthin of which Mr. Ezra Roberts is the assistant overseer. Under the last Local Government Act, however, the right to appoint the assistant overseer was vested in the parish authorities, and there were, therefore, to be instead of one official, thirteen. But as the parishes are so mall, it will be necessary to pay much more for the work in the aggregate than at present, or the work will be very inefficiently fone. Hence the guardians proposed to the parishes that they should agree to the appointment going to one man, and that the guardians should appoint subject to the approval of the parishes. All the parishes assented to this course, but Clocaenog and Derwen were in fa- vour of dividing the district into two, and of reducing the total salary by E50. Replying to this, the Local Government Board wrote that the appointment to the office oi assistant over- seer was vested as regarded the rural parishes in the parish council or the parish meeting, as the case might be; as regards the parsh of Llanrhaiadr urban in the Denbigh Town Coun cil, and in the case of Llanynys Urban, in the vestry and the justices. It would of course be competent for these authorities, if they thought fit to do so, to appoint as assistant overseer a person as collector, assuming that a collector's order should issue, but there would be no obli- gation upon them to do so. The salary of the assistant overseers waspaid out o i the poor rates, not by the guardians. If, under the circumstan- ces, the guardians of the parish authorities were still desirous that the appointment of collecto for the poor rates should, be vested in guardian the board would issue an order authorising the j appointment by the guardians of one or more as might be agreed upon. There was a long discussion on the subject, and finally, The Rev. J. F. Reece moved that the clerk communicate with the parish councils pointing I out the great saving which would be affec- ted if one man only were appointed as assis- tant overseer and rate collector, and chat the guardians were unanimously of opinion that one person should be appointed. I Mr. John Jones seconded. Mr. Isaac Daniel, as an amendment moved that the district be divided, but this was not seconded The motion of Mr. Reece was than carried J unanimously. After conversation as to the salary, the board unanimously decided on the motion of Mr, Res-ce. seconded by Mr. Corner Roberts, that the salary for the collectorship be f80 per annum. DISTRIBUTION OF RELIEF IN LLANGWYFAN PARISH. The Clerk to the Liangwyfan Parish Council, Mr. J. R. Lloyd, wrote stating that the council had unanimously passed a resolution to call the attention of the Board of Guardians to the means for the distribution of relief among the poor of the district. The money was left at Llandyrnog and the council considereo that it ought to be left in some convenient place in the parish of LlangNvyfen. After a discussion, the subject was deferred, in order that the Relieving Officer, Mr. W. H. Jones, might report upon it. CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS. The master of the work house, Mr. J. E. Ro- berts, reported that Mrs. Stanley Weyman, of Llanrhydd Hall, visted the workhouse and dis- tributed packets of tea and sugar to the female inmates and tobacco to the men. Mr. T. J, Roberts, chemist, had sent a bundle of illustra- ted papers. Old linen for the sick had been received from Mrs. Denton, Mrs. Lumley, Mrs. Blezard, and Mrs. Jones, Clwyd Villa. Mrs. Lloyd, of Rhaggat, sent 10s. in lieu of old linen, the money to be spent in the purchase of dres- sings. The hearty thanks of the board were passed to the above named ladies and gentleman. THE ABLE-BODIED INMATES. [ The master submitted a return from the Me- l dical Officer as to the health and physical capa- city of the adult inmates, from which it ap- peared that several of the women were in a fit condition to go out to work; also two men. Mr. T. P. Roberts asked whether the people would be turned out without a penny in their pockets. If so, it was only Lkely" that the women would give way to temptatio'n. The Clerk said it would be quite possible for the paupers to be put on the books of the Re- lieving officer for a few weeks. The master stated that the people leaving the house were usually allowed to go out for a day or two at first, returning in the evening, until they had got work to do. He would also take care to inform the relieving officer of each, so he might help them if necessary. THE LLANDYRNOG CENTENARIAN. Mr. WT. H. Jones, the relieving officer for the Llanrhaiadr district, informed the board that since the last meeting he had been asked by Messrs. Hugon and Co., Limited, of Pendleton, the well-known refiners of Beef Suet, through their North Wales representative, Mr. W. T. Brocklehurst, of Borthyn, Ruthin, to convey to Mr. Thomas Jones, of Llandyrog, a case of their Beef Suet. This he had been pleased to do. and the old man had appeared to be grat u!f for the gift. •*



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