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— SLINGS AND ARROWS. JBY A YEOMAN OF THE GUARD]. .r' The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, as it is now universally called, is about to be made the occasion of special efforts on behalf of I several good movements. I pee that. the gentlemen interested in the Denbigh In- firmary intend to make a determined effort to better the financial condition of their institution during this year. That the In firmary deserves all possible support, I am quite willing to admit, but it cannot be said that it is the only institution that calls' for special efforts during the present year. Personally, I believe that Alderman T. J. Williams struck the right chord when he reminded the meeting of another deserving object, viz., the Intermediate Schosl, It is a very good thing to prepare for sickness and accidents, but it is still better to devise means for properly equipping the youth of the neighbourhood for the battle of life. As Mr. Williams said. more money would undoubtedly come in if the two schemes could be amalgamated. In tha country districts especially, there is more interest taken in the Intermediate School than there is in the Infirmary, And it would certainly be for the benefit of the latter institution if it was coupled in any subscription list that might be opened with the former. At a meeting of supporters and managers of the Infirmary, it was but natural that the claims of that institution should over-shadow all other claims but as gentlemen who have the real welfare of the Infirmary at heart, those that attended that committee might with advantage consider whether they would not materially benefit their own popular project, by amalgamating it with one that is possibly still more po- pular. 9 » it The English Church at Denbigh is still without a choir, but it possesses a Rector and an Organist. Last Sunday, choirless music was the order of the day, and un- doubtedly there was very good singing. Possibly, however, the excellence of the singing was due to the presence of the mem- bers of the late choir here and there amongst the congregation, who sang out just to prove that they did not lose their voices when they lost their surplices. I shall be interes- ted to know, how the Rector is going to replace the dismissed members. I do not think he can find their equal within the fold of his cwn church, and there is not much hope of a turncoat Nonconformist choir coming to the rescue. Will the Rector be content to do without what was before considered essential] Or will he occupy the stool of repentance himself,-t,ho locus perdteniice of the Bishop of St. Asaph and ask the old members to return 1 Or will the old members long so much for their old positions, that they will apologise and ask for the Rector's forgiveness 1 There may be other ways in which the difficulty might be obviated, but I confess that I see none. !II 11' f> I ceitainly see a good deal of similarity between this strike and the Bethesda strike—between the Rector and Lord Pen- rbyn, and between the choir and the quarry. men. The difficulty in both cases is alleged to be due to the conduct of some officials, both choir and quarry men combine and hold meetings. Both also approach their employer arid paymaster—the amount of pay, possibly, will not bear comparison— and both the Rector and Lord Penrbyn suspend the ringleaders. Both threaten a strike at a future date, aud both get locked out for their pains. The duration of both strikes seem indefinite, and it is not impossible that both set of strikers will hold concerts. There is one vast difference, how- ever. It is much easier to do without church music than without slates.

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