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CATTLE MARKETS, AND FAIRS. BIRMINGHAM. March 2. — Fair supply of cattle and sheep, with good trade; a mode%te supply of pigs. Quotations:—Beef, 4^d to 6+1:1 'per pound mutton, 6d to 8d per lb. Bacon pigs, 896dtto Oil Od per score; porkers, 8s 6d to 9s Od and sows, 5s 9d to es. per score. BIRKENHEAD, Agricultural Produce. —March 2 -flav, oid, k3 liis to 24 Os Od per ton ditto, clover, t4 Os to £ l 10s 0d; straw oat, £ 3 0s Od to £ 3 5s turnip, IBs to 20.s per ton. LONDON. Hay and Straw. March 2. Good supplies, and trade dull at the following prices:— Good to prime bay, 60s to 883 Od; inferior to fair, 408 to 55=; good to piime clover, 70s to 96s Od; inferior to fair ditto, 45B to 65s.: mixture and sainfoin, 50s Od to 85s 9d.; straw, 20s to 38s per load. LIVERPOOL— £ <. John's Market-.—Match 3.—Beef; 5id to 9d per lb; mutton, 6d to 9d; veal, 7d to 9d,; fresh butter. la 3d to Is 4d per pcund; salt, 12d to 14d per U).; eggs, 7s 4d per 120; potatoes, 6d to Sd per peek. S4LFORD. M -uch 2. -TFiere was a decrease of about 250 in the number of cattie brought to market te-dav.. There was a fa'r demand, at late rates. The supply of sheep was about 1,000 mere than last week, Net- withstanding this "there was a good demand, and sellers obtained another advance in prices. Quotations: Cattle, 5d to 6d per lb: sheep, 6-Jd to 9d per lb. calves, 6 i to 7Jd per lb. WREXHAM, March 1. — Larger supply of cattle. Good beef made fully f,d per lb.; good wethers about 7d to 8d and pigs frrm 6s 6d to 8s 5d per score. Bulls up to ;CIS fid; bsrreos, Pll 10s; stirks, 28 17s 6d.; and dairy cows, £ 1815a. DUBLIN, March 4—Prime heifer and ox beef, 54s Od t *> 57s i>ij; ditto, second, 47s 0d to 53s 6d per cwt; inferior, 4'2s fid to 46" 3d per cwtf; prime wether mut- ton, 8d to Sid vF-t lu; ewe, 7d to 8d: choice veal, 91 to ill(I per pouuJ. LONDON, 'Mar'-h 4. The cattla trade has been quiet. The snppiy of beasts was rather larger than ou Thursday last, but it consisted chiefly of fat bulls and rough co-v*. wt.ich met with a slow trade at former prices. There was a JanBr snpply of sheep, but lambs were she*. Sheep slow sale, at Monday's price?, Lambs wer« steady ost. Downs, 7s 21 to 7s 4d per 81b. Calves sold slowly at late prices. Pigs dull; top, 3s 3d per 81b. Quotations as follows :—Beef—coarse, 2s 4d to to 3a Oil ¡WI' 8 lb secondary, 3s Od to 48 Od prime large oxen, 48 Od to 4" 2d ditto Scots, &c 43 2d to 4s 4d co&rs.) and inferior sheep, 4s Od to 4s 6d secoi d quality d'tto, 4s. fid to 5a 4<1. Supply :—English— Beasts, 75;" sheep, 1.290: calves, 30; pigs, 60; and milch cows, 5. Beasts, 72) ;1- sheep, 1.290: calves, 30; pigs, 60; and milch cows, 5. The river Thame? is still subsiding, and most, of the roads in Windsor are now passable.




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