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PLOUGHING MATCH. TH-e seventeenth annual ploughing match under the auspices of the i ].yn District Ploughing Association, was held on a field abutting the Wrexham Road near thisltown, in the occupation of Mr. Edward Williams, Broncoed farm, on Thursday last. The site was a most suitable one, and the ground was not to be beaten for the purposes. Boi- sterous winds, the previous night, sounded ominous for the event, but as circumstances transpired, these only added to the good by materially drying the earth. The ele- ments were very favourable, and there was a good attendance. The entries were great- ly in excess of any previous show, number- ing 37, out of which there was only one de- linquent, the remainder all putting in an appearance. Each having his allotted area, set to work, and early in the morning it was quite apparent that they meant busi- ness. The turf was in capital condition, and turned' exceedingly well, and com- pact, the result being a difficulty to draw the dividing line between the merits of the competitors. The total aggregate value of the prizes was £ 40, and for the splendid competition, really this substantial sum was quite inadequate. The champions' exhibi- ted great skill, and their work was spoken of in the highest praise the winner of this class was Abel Hughes, Rhuddlan., whose furrows were quite an exhibition displaying every finish. He was closely followed by the old veteran, John Duckworth, Hawar- den, who also proved to be equal to yore. In the second class, John Langford, Hesp Alun, gained premier honours, and fully de- served them. Indeed the work all through, could scarcely have been improved upon, and some of it would have run that of the champions a very close race, however the winner who will be henceforth debarred from competition, in this department, may have an opportunity of displaying his skill in the more elevated rank on a future occa- sion. The work done by the youths was also exceedingly creditable, and was univer- sally praised. The following is a list of the prize winners :— Class I.-Open to all comer. First prize £ 5; 2nd, t3 3rd, 92; 4th, £ 1. The last four fur- rows to be double ploughed. 1. Abel Hughes, Rhuddlan. 2. John Duckworth, Hawarden. 3. John Roberts, Mostyn, Whitford. 4. J. E. Davies, Nerquis. I Class 2.—Open to farmers, their sons, or servants, residing in any district, who have never won a first prize in this class at any public ploughing match. First prize, L4; 2nd, £ 3 3rd, 30s.; 4th, 15s.; 5th, 10s. The last four furrows to be double ploughed. 1. John Langford, Hesp Alyn. 2. Ellis Evans, Soaghton. 3. Edward Roberts, Pant Farm. 4. Thomas Peters, Bryn Offa. 5. John Davies, Waen. Class 3. Open to youths under 20 years of age, residing in any district, who have never won a first price in this class at any public ploughing match. 1st prize, £ 2; 2nd, El.; 3rd, 10s., 4th, 5s. The last four furrows to be double ploughed. 1. Edward Williams, Llanferres. 2. R. Parry, Llanarmon. 3. George Roberts, Southsea, Wrexham. 4. T. J. Francis, Nerquis. A special prize for the best in and out' was awarded to John Roberts, Mostyn, Wrexham. Class 4.—For the neatest and cleanest turn- out, open to all comers. First prize, £ 2; 2nd 91 10s.; 3rd, £1 4th, a check rein; 5th, a whip 6th, a curry comb and brush. N. B.- The basis of the judging will be the work of the ploughman in respect of the neatness and cleanliness of his turnout generally; but the quality of the horses will not be considered, nor will borrowed harness be allowed. No prizes will be awarded in this class unless the turnouts are of sufficient merit. 1. E. Jones, Nerquis, 2. John Williams, Ty Ucha, Cilcen. 3. E. Roberts, Hendre Isa, Nerquis. 4- Jesse Roberts, Berse, Wrexham. 5. J. E. Banks, Soughton Hall. 6. Eynon Hughes, Rhuddlan. 5. For the soundest and best team of horses. 1st, £ 1., 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. 1. W. H. Roberts, Tyddyn. 2. E. Roberts, Plas Ucha. 3. E. Jones, Nerquis. Class 6. Hedging and ditching, open 1st. 25s.; 2nd, 15s.; 3rd, 10s.; 4th, 5s. 1. John Jones, Leeswood. 2. John Evans, Ruthin. 3. John Rich, Gwernaffield. 4. L. Roberts, Nant Fawr, Ituthin. Class 7. Hedging and ditching. Open to men under 25 years old. 1st, £1; 2nd, 10s.; 3rd, 5s. 1. Thomas Jones, Bryn Eglwys. 2. D. Evans, Ruthfn. 3. Thomas Davies, Nerquis. A speecial" feature of the show was the hedging and ditching, the competitors display- ing extraordinarily fine tact and neatness. The turnouts were of the best order and the pair of animals owned by Mr. W. H. Roberts were quite a show in themselves. The judges, whose awards gave every satisfaction, were, Class 1, Messrs. Edward Roberts, Nerquis; Ed- ward Williams, Northop and Mr. Gregory, Waverton, Cheshire classes 2 and 3, Messrs. Benjamin Bellis, Cae March, and N. Bateman, Hesp Alun. Hedging and ditching, Messrs. R. i Roberts, Llannergain George Taylor, North- op and. W. Langford, Nerquis. I At a late hour, the prizes, in the absence of Mr. W. H. Roberts, were distributed by Major Lloyd, Hafod, who remarked that it was the best ploughing match yet held by the society j and he hoped that it would be succeeded by shows of equal merit. During the day, dinner was served by Mr. Edward Williams, to all the competitors and officials, and ample justice was paid to the gene* rous catering of that gentleman. The event was a thorough success all round. ¡




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