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ather children. They died youag, one was bhree months, another, one year, and the other died at birth There has never any of the family been troubled with their heads before. On Monday, the 8th February, I sent for Dr. Roberts, Pontblyddyn. He came on the 9th. He did not come afterwards, he was to come on Friday, but she died that morning. She was insured in the Prudential Company for about 918. She has one child aged 11 years. The child is alive. She was keeping company with the father of her child. He often came to the house. His name is Edw. Jones; and he resides at Ffrith. He is a single man, and a collier. He came to see her the night before she was taken ill. He came at night. I should Ortainly think that they were in love with one another, or why should he be coming t-lowil so often. I never asked him why he did not marry her. After she was taken ill, and up to the present moment, he has never been near the house, nor sent any communication. I do not know whether he knows she is dead. His home is half an hour's walk from our house. Shortly before she died, that is 9 o'clock on Friday morning, my husband and I were with her, we had been with her all through Thurs- day night. We knew she was dying. She knew also. She named Edward Jones. She spoke at the time she was taken ill about Edward Jones. She said that he was the mis- chief maker, and that they would be happy but for him. She spoke about 1 old dirty bottles' which he used to bring for her to take. I never saw him bringing anything. He never came in the day time, always at night. Al- though he came for years after the child was born, I never spoke to him about refraining from marying her. I do not know if my bus- band spoke to him about it. She always lived at home with us. She was healthy. She never went to service. Dr. Roberts, Pontblyddyn, said:On the 8th inst I was sent for to deceased. I communi- cated with the Relieving Officer and the Police, and arranged to go up next morning with the view of sending deceased to an Asylum. We came up on the 9th, and met the father, who said that the Policeman and the Relieving Officer were not required as she was much better. I saw the deceased, I had nothing to give her. I ordered fomentation, and told them to let me know every morning how she was going on. OnfWednesday the 10th inst., Robert Ingman, Fron Haul, called upon me, and said she was much better. I heard nothing OR Thursday until night, when her father came and said she was worse, and asked me bo call on Friday morning. At 9-30 on Friday morn- ing, I received a message saying she was dead. Her father came on Saturday for a certificate. After a little hesitation, I gave it. I certified as follows :-suppression of urina.' I was not aware that Dr. Creighton had been attending her, or that she was so ill as she was, nor had been so long. I went there on the 9th to exa- mine her as to the advisability of sending her to an Asylum. The Jury ordered a post mortem examination to be made by Dr. Edwards, Mold, and Dr. Roberts, Pontblyddyn, and the Inquest was adjourned till to day (Friday) at the Coed Talon Hotel.