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MOLD. CONFIRMATION. At the Parish Church, on Monday morning, the Lord Bishop of the Diocese held a confirma- tion service, which was well attended. There was a good array of clergy present. The num- ber of candidates who presented themselves was 88; viz., 47 males, and 39 females. SUCCESS. We are pleased to learn that Mr. H. E. H. Simon, brother of Mr. G. H. Simon, solicitor, has 'matriculated.' The student, who has been trained at the Alun School, deserves praise. He still adds to the. very lengthy list of distinctions gained by scholars of this famous school. FLOWER SHOW. In consequence of the Triennial Musical Fes- tival being held at Chester on the 22nd July next, the Committe of the above have now al- tered the date of the Show to the 15th July. We understand that the Rev. Canon Atkinson has accepted the presidency of the Show for this year. INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION. A meeting of the Local Governors of the Alun County School was held on Monday last, when there were present:—Mr. W. H. R. M. Johnson (presiding), Mrs. Keene, the Revs. T. Roberts, and John Owen, and Messrs. T. Parry, J. Morgan, R. Prince, H. Lloyd Jones, Joseph Astbury, R. Morris, H. G. Roberts, W. Lloyd Parry (Head-master), and G. H. Simon (Clerk) The Welsh Language. The Clerk read the following resolution, pas- sed by the Welsh Central Board:— That the Board urge upon the County and Local Governing Bodies the great educational importance of introducing the Welsh Language as a subject into all Schools in Welsh-speaking districts.' Mr. Owen proposed, and Mr. Prince seconded, that the Head-master should consider the mat- ter, and he was directed to report to the Go- vernors whether it would be advantageous to teach Welsh in this School. This was agreed to. The New Schools. Mr. Frank Bellis attended, and produced a sketch of the proposed building to accommodate 120, and to cost 92,500, which, after considera- tion, was referred to the Building Committee, Mr. Bellis, in the mean time, to make other arrangements as to the class rooms it possessed. The Chairman proposed that a new Building Committee be appointed. This was seconded by Mr. Owen, and carried, the following being elected on the Committee:—Messrs. Johnson, Astbury, Parry, Prince, H. Lloyd Jones, and the Revs. Mr. Roderick, and Mr. Owen. 'CRICKET CLUB ANNUAL MEETING. The Annual General Meeting of the Mold Cricket Club was held at the Royal Oak Hotel, on Monday evening last, when Mr. J. B. Mars- den presided over a large attendance of mem- bers, including Doctors Edward Williams and Lunt, and Messrs. W. Wright, Ivor Evans, J. C. Griffiths, E. P. Edwards, J. J. Lewis, H. Colbeck, T. J. Ll. Popkin. Josiah Simons, W. Bayne, W. E. Buller, R. Hughes Thomas, Gut- ter Thomas, Ernest Owen, B. St. John Scugill, A. Lewis. G. Herbert Bradley, J. B. Evans, Edward Jones, W. Gillespie, J. M. Lowsby, and T. M. Dobson (Joint Hon. Secretaries), and Edwin Roberts (Treasurer). The Hon. Secretaries read their annual re- port, which was to the effect that in the results of the Chester and District League Matches, the Mold Club h?d occupied third place. This was and improvement upon their position in the previous year, when they were bracketed fifth with Buckley. During the season, they had played 16 matches under the League, of which 8 were wen, 5 drawn, and 3 lost. Friendly fixtures had also been played with Denbigh, Northop, Halkyn, and a team of visitors, all being won with the exception of the Halkyn match, which resulted in a drawn game. The bat presented by the President, Major Lloyd, for the highest batting average, had been won by Mr. George Davies (20.44 for 16 innings), Mr. J. W. Richards ranking second (12.86 for 8 matches). An increase in the amount of gate receipts indicated the growing popularity of the game with the public. The Treasurer submitted his Annual State- ment of Account and Balance Sheet, which contained the following figures :—Receipts, f,16 Os. Id.; expenditure, f,15 6s. Od.; balance in hand, 14s. Id. It was resolved that the accounts, as read, be adopted, and printed and circulated among the members. The election of officers, &c., was then pro- ceeded with, with the following result:- President :-Major Edward Lloyd (re-elec- ted). Vice-presidents.-Re.elected. with the addition of the names of Mr. T. M. Keene, Dr. Trub- shaw, and Mr. Acton (Pant-y-mwyn). Captain:—Mr, W, Gillespie. Vice-captain :-Mr. Edward Jones. Treasurer:—Mr. D. Rutter Thomas.. Joint Hon. Secretaries:-Messrs. J. M. Lowsby and T. M. Dobson (re-elected). Committee :-Messrs Josiah Simons, Edwin Roberts, G. Herbert Bradley, J. B. Marston, D. O. Davies, Thomas H. Ollive, J. C. Griffiths, Alfred Lewis, J. B. Evans, Ivor Evans, and Dr. Lunt. Eepresentative in the League Committee :-Mr. Lowsby. Mr. Lowsby explained the decision arrived at by the League to appoint central umpires; and on the motion of Mr. Edwin Roberts, secon- ded by Mr. D. 0, Davies, it was agreed to vote a subscription of one guinea to the central um- pire fund. Dr. Lunt moved that the subscriptions payable by members playing tennis exclusively be re- duced from 10s. 6d. to 7s. 6d.; and on a division, the motion was carried by 11 votes to 8. A vote of thanks to the Chairman brought a successful meeting to a termination. MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF A YOUNG WOMAN. POST-MORTEM ORDERED. An inquest was held ai a farmhouse near Llanfvaydd on Wednesday 17th inst, before Mr. Richard Bromley, the Flintshire coroner, concerning the death of Sarah Connah, a single woman residing with her parents ab Mynydd Bach, near Llanfynydd. Mr. W. A. Vaughan, Schoolmaster, was foreman of the Jury. Mrs. Connah mother of the deceased said:- I am the wife of Thomas Connah, and reside at Mynydd Bach, near Llanfynydd. I identify the body which the Jury have seen as that of my daughter, Sarah Connah. She was & single- woman 35 years of age. She died on February 12th. She was ill for a fortnight. I did not know what was the matter with her. She was aken ill on Monday 1st February. I sent for Dr. Creighton on the following day. He came on Wednesday 3xd February, and that was the only time he came. He said she would have to be taken away. I do not know whab he meant, whether it was to a Hospital, or where. She looked very ill, and wild, as if something was in her head. I never saw her like that before,







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