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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. Friday, present Messrs Edwin Morgan (in the chair); John Williams, Abergele (vice chairman); Joseph Roberts, Denbigh; T. Lloyd (Berthewig), J. Lloyd (Lodge), Hugh Jones (Nantyrhengoed), Henllan; William Jones, John Williams, Llannefydd; Morris Jones, John Evans, Llansannan; Abel Foulkes, W. Owen, William Littler, Miss Beatrice Evans, Abergele; Messrs J. D. Jones, St. George; Joseph Lloyd, Cefn; T. Howes Roberts, Miss Bennett, St. Asaph; Messrs John Williams (Pydew), Dyserth; Owen, Robert Hughes, Llanfairtalhaiarn; R. Morris, Mrs. Rawlins. Rhuddlan; Messrs P. Mostyn Williams, W. Wynne, S. Perks, Mrs. Lloyd Jones, Mrs. Mary Jones, Mrs. Jane Roberts, Rhyl; Mr. John Kerfoot (co-optative); Mr. Grimsley (clerk). THE HOUSE. The Master's books showed the number of inmates last Board day to be 128, admitted since 8 discharged 3 remaining in the house this day 133; corresponding date last year 117, an increase of 16. ILLNESS OF THE MASTER. It was stated that the Master was unable to be present at the meeting on aecount of an attack of bronchitis. GRANTS UNDER THE AGRICULTURAL RATING ACT. A correspondence with the Local Government Board was read relative to the grant to this Union under the Agricultural Rating Act 1896. The clerk disagreed with the grant originally proposed to be made, and he said that as a result of the correspondence there would be an increase of f3 10s. Od. per annum in the grant for the next five years. CHILDREN RESTORED TO THEIR FATHER. Edward Morris, joiner Rhyl, wrote asking that his children be allowed to return to him It will be remembered that this man was com- I mitted to prison for cruelty to his children, J ";( and on his release the Guardians resolved not to allow the children to return to him until he had provided a proper home for them, in the meantime exacting payment from him for the maintenance of the children. He now stated that he had found a situtation for the girl, and the boy he could do very well with at home. Mrs. Mary Jones stated that Morris had now greatly reformed and she proposed that his request be granted. Mr. Joseph Lloyd seconded and the motion was agreed to. REMOVAL OF AN IMBECILE FROM THE ASYLUM TO THE HOUSE. A communication was read from Dr. Cox, the Medical Superintendent of the N. W. Counties Lunatic Asylum, asking the Board to accept the charge of a pauper imbecile belong- ing to Abergele, now an inmate of that Institution, on approval for two months. Mrs. Lloyd Jones asked if the patient would require nursing. If so, the nurse would not be fit for some time to undertake the duty, as she was suffering from blood poisoning. Miss Evans protested against making the house a small Lunatic Asylum. It was a work- house, and the attendants had plenty to do as it was. Besides the presence oi imbeciles in the place would be bad for the old people and chil- dren in the house. On the motion of Mr. Wynne, seconded by Mr. Joseph Lloyd it was agreed to take the patient subject to there being room for her in in the house.. ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN IN THE HOUSE. Mrs. Lloyd Jones, moved that it be an instruction to the Visiting Committee, to take under consideration the question of affiliating the illegitimate children born in the house. It was a question that ought to be taken up, as there were a great many people there that ought never to have come there. In large English Unions, the question was taken up. And they ought not to allow any illegitimate child born in that house to leave without affiliating it, or attempting to so. If that were done, it would prove a check on the immorality prevailing in the country. The motion was agreed to, PACKMEN AND PAUPERS.-SCATHING CRITICISM- Application was made by the Relieving Officer of the Abergele District, to admit the children of Thomas Hughes, Crown Square, Abergele, into the house, as the father had been sent to prison on a committal order from the Bangor County Court. Mr. Littler objected to the children being brought to the house, and proposed that 5s. a week be allowed as temporary outrelief to the mother. He said that in November last he heard that these people were in distressed cir- cumstances, and went to see them. There was not a scrap of furniture scarcely in the house. No bed for the children to lie on, and not even a blanket to cover them, beyond some old sacking. He went about the town then, and succeeded in collecting a few articles of bed clothing for them, and food was provid- ed for them. The day before he heard the man had been taken to prison, and he thought if the County Court Judge had been aware of the facts of the case he would not have granted the committal order. The plaintiff in the case was one of those people who went about the country, and induced poor people to buy articles from them on the weekly or fortnight- ly payment system, and when default was made, put them into the County Court; and in this case the man had been committed for twenty one days for a debt owing to a Bangor Scotchman.' It was a shameful thing for a man in Hughes' position to be put in prison, and his family thrown on the ratepayers. Mr. William Owen seconded the motion. He. said these hawkers ought to be exposed. Neither Hughes nor his wife were of as sound a mind as they might be, and therefore they fell easy victims to people of this class. It was resolved to allow 5s. outrelief for two weeks.

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