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R H Y L. PETTY SESSIONS. Tuesday, before Messrs W. W. Wynne (in the chair); W. Elwy Williams, J. T. Strachan, W. J. P. Storey, John Foulkes, and Abel Jones. THE FESTIVAL OF ST. DAVID. Extension of time was granted to Mr. Wil- liams, Alexandra Hotel; Mr. Gibson, Royal Hotel; and Mr. Hay, George Hotel, on .the occasion of the dinners to be held in each of the hostelries in celebration of the anniversary of St. David. OCCASIONAL LICENSE FOR A BALL. Mr. John McGregor applied for an occasion- al license to supply refreshments at the Rhudd- lan Cricket Club Ball, to be held in the Pavil- ion, on the 24th inst. The chairman observed that it was stated that some disorder prevailed at the Pavilion on the occassion of the Masquerade Ball, the previous week. He would like to ask Inspec- tor Williams if he had heard of anything. The Inspector said he visited the Pavilion at nine o'clock and twelve o'clock on the night in question, and saw nothing wrong. Sergeant McWalter was on duty there that night, but he had not reported anything to him. Sergant McWalter was called, and he said the bar was closed punctually at three o'clock in the morning on the occassion of the Mas. querade Ball, and the lights were turned out at four o'clock, but were relit to enable the con- tractor to pack. He saw no unruly conduct, but there was some disagreement between the Pier Master smd some of the party. Mr. McGregor's application was granted, the chairman remarking that the Bench wished to caution him not to sell anything after three o'clock, the hour named in his license. They also desired that Inspector Williams should satisfy himself that no disorder occurred on these occasions. The Inspector said there were always officers on duty when public balls were held. SCHOOL CASES. Edward Jones, 2 Warren Road, was fined 4s. including costs, in each case for neglecting to send two of his children to school, as proved by Mr. William Parry, school attendance officer. Edward Davies, 7, Morfa Bach, for a similar offence, proved by the same officer, was fined 58. GROSS MISCONDUCT. Anne Jones, a woman of loose habits, resi- ding in Victoria Road, pleaded guilty to a charge brought against her by P. C. Edward Parry, of committing an indecent act in Prince's Street, on the previous night, and was sent to prison for seven days. AN ALLEGED ATTEMPT TO DEFRAUD THE RAILWAY COMPANY. Hugh Jones, Albert Street, Rhyl, was sum- moned at the instance of the London and North Western Railway Company, for travel- ling in a railway train from Old Colwyn to Rhyl, without previously paying his fare, with intent to defraud, on the 3rd inst. Mr. Fenna prosecuted, and Mr. R. Bromley defended. Mr. Fenna in opening the case admitted that the essence of an offence of this sort was the intent. Of course they could not enter into the man's mind, and they must judge his inten- tion from his words and actions. The defen- dant on the day in question booked from Col- wyn Bay to Old Colwyn, and travelled from Colwyn Bay to Rhyl by bhe train arriving at that station at 12.4 noon. He might have intended to get out at Old Colwyn, and did not do so. But in that case he could have put himself in order by paying the difference at Rhyl. But when he arrived at that station he got out of the train, and instead of going out by the usual way, he went into the urinal, and then crossed the line in front of the engine passed under the bridge and went into the Goods Yard. The attention of a ticket collec- tor was called to his movements, and he was followed, but could not be seen anywhere in the yard. The same evening he was seen on the platform again, and the lavatory attendant pointed him out to the ticket collector as the man who had got out of the train and went to the Goods Yard in the morning. The ticket collector asked him if he had come from Col- wyn Bay that morning, and he replied that he had not, but afterwards said he had. On that the stationmaster asked for his ticket, and defendant provided a ticket from Colwyn Bay to Old Colwyn, and offered to pay the differ- ence in fare. The stationmaster, however, declined to accept payment then. Evidence was given in support of the advoca- te's statement by Thomas John Hughes, a rail- way employed in the permanent way depart- ment at Bangor, who had travelled by the same train as defendant; John Parry Edwards; lavatory attendant at Rhyl; John Davies, ticket collector, and William Bromley Allen, stationmaster, RhyI. The last witness in cross examination said defendant told him when questioned about his ticket, that he wanted to go to see about a truck of bricks in the goods yard, and forgot all about his ticket. And in the evening, when on the platform, he saw a man he wished to see, and forgot to hand in his ticket and the excess fare. Mr. Bromley submitted that there was no case for him to answer. But if their worships thought there was, he would have to address them at some length for the defence. After a consultation with the other magis- trates, the chairman said the Bench thought the Railway Company were perfectly justified in instituting this charge as there was con- siderable suspicion about it, but they did not think there was sufficient evidence to convict, therefore the charge would be dismissed. DANGEROUS FREAK OF A DRUNKEN MAN. John Williams, Sisson Street, was charged by Mr. Allen, Stationmaster, Rhyl, with tress- passing on the line to the danger of his life. Mr. Fenna, who appeared for the prosecu- tion, said the defendant got on to the line at Tynewydd crossing on Thursday, the 18th inst. and when requested by the crossing keeper to get off he refused, saying he could look after him- self. Shortly after, the gatekeeper, Mrs. Anne Thomas, wife of a platelayer, saw the man lying on the down line. There was a goods train on the line at the time, and was even in sight. Mrs. Thomas and her son, went up to defendant, and rolled him off the metals to a place of safety, and the goods train passed over the spoc three minutes later. The guard of bhe goods train, saw defendant, and threw a note down at the Rhyl station, and Mr. Allen went up the line, and saw defendant there, and reported the case. Mrs. Thomas having given evidence, defen- dant admitted his guilt, and regretted the occurrence. He had been up for the two nights previous, and on Thursday went to the Plough- ing match. He got some drink there which overcame him, and he did not remember what happened. A fine of 10s. with 7s. 6d. costs was inflic- ted.