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lit RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The meeting of the above council was held at the board room on the 23rd inst. Present, T. Roberts, Esq., J.P., Chairman, Messrs. E. Mills, vice chairman, J. Jones, Trebrys; W. G. Jones. W. Williams, J. Jones, J. C. Allard, Edward Edwards, and T. Elias, Llanrwst: W. Jones, and E. Roberts, Llangerniew: J. Pritchard, Llanddoget, and Richard Roberts, Eglwysfach. The minutes of last meeting were read and confirmed. NEBO. The deed of water supply at Nebo was or. dered to be sealed, and the surveyor produced plans and specifications of works required at Nebo. Mr. Williams proposed, and W. G. Jones se- conded, "that the works be done by contract, which was unanimously carried. Tenders to be invited by the next meeting. DAIRIES. In the Inspector's report re Dairies, all were reported to be in order. OVERCROWDING. The Inspector was ordered to serve notice upon occupiers and owners, in Narrow Street, to dbate nuisances and overcrowding. NEW BUILDINGS. Plans and specifications were submitted by Messrs. Parry and Sons, of eight new houses to be erected on Station Road. They were re- puted to be in accordance with the byelaws, and were approved of. DEPUTATION. Mr. Morris Davies and Mr. Evan Evans ap- peared before the council to ask if they would appoint a deputation to see the road approaching Fron deg, and to say how far to the road they could bring the boundary wall. Resolved that the following councillors be appointed with power to decide finally—the chairman, Messrs. J. Jones, T. C. Allard, W. G. Jones, William Williams, E. Roberts, and surveyor. ORDER OF THE LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD. "That the Urban District of Llanrwst shall within five years, pay to the Parish Council of Llanrwst Rural, the sum of seven hundred pounds |( £ 700), and interest thereon at 3 per cent, by equal half yearly instalments of prin- cipal and interest combined, in respect to the amount levied upon, and contributed by the rural portion of the existing parish of Llan- rwst, towards repaying the several loans ob- tained for the purpose of drainage and water supply of the said Urban District.' Mr. Allard proposed, and Mr. T. Elias secon- ded, that Tre'r dre ought not to pay more to the Llanrwst Parish Council (Rural), than what had been paid by the Rural part, in repayment of loan, and that the clerk, ascertain the exact amount paid. Mr. W. G, Jones proposed, and Mr. E. Mills seconded, that the matter being of such import- ance to the ratepayers of Tre'r dre, it should be adjourned until 10 a.m,this day week, the clerk to ascertain the actual amount paid by the Rural part of the parish in respect of loans, and also as to the working of certain articles. Carried. CODA ROAD. A letter was read from Llangerniew Parish Council with respect to the repair of Coda road. It ,was resolved, that the road be taken up, provided the Parish Council will pay half the costs.

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