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BALA. TEMPERANCE. A temperance meeting was held at the Plasey chapel on Saturday last, when Miss Peters presided. Songs and addresses were contributed. THE THEOLOGICAL COLLEGE. On Saturday last, at the invitation of the Principal, the Rev. J. J. Jones, B.A., Rhydy- bont, Cardiganshire, addressed the students on Dr. Phillips, Neuaddlwyd." PENLLYN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting was held on Saturday last. There were present Mr. Thomas Jones (vice chairman), Messrs Evan Jones, Morris Peters, John Thomas, Thomas Lloyd, Thomas Davies, W. T. Rowlands, Robert Jones, W. Morris, J. R. Jones (clerk) T. R. Dakin (assistant clerk). The balance in the treasurer's hands was reported to be 9284 4s. lOd. Cheques were drawn for £ 41 14s. Od. CEMETERY FOR LLANUWCHLLYN. A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board, stating that they would proceed to issue an order declaring the expenses incurred by or on behalt of the District Coun- cil, in this matter, to be special expenses chargeable to that Parish. LIGHT RAILWAYS. A letter was read from the Uwchaled Light Railway Committee, enclosing the following resolution passed by them:—' That a line of railway from Corwen to Bettwsycoed is great- ly needed, and that steps be taken to prepare a scheme. The probable cost of preliminary proceedings is estimated at £ 200 which will be defrayed by all the district councils, through which the line will pass.' Mr. Evan Jones said, that the line as pro- posed would pass through 38 Parishes, but would only pass through about a mile of one Par- ish in Bala Union-Llandderfel. If the coun- cil adopted the resolution, that would bind them to pay an indefinite sum. Mr. W. T. Rowlands, however thought the council would not be committing themselves by adopting the first part of the resolution Subsequently Mr. Evan Jones proposed, and Mr. W. T. Rowlands seconded :-That this council approves of the resolution, and that they bind themselves to contribute a sum not exceeding ;C5., Mr. W. Morris proposed an amendment, and Mr. J. Thomas seconded:-That this council contri- butes £ 3 3s. Od.' The division was even, so that the chairman had to give his casting vote, which he did for the motion. It was further resolved that Messrs W. Richards, Evan Jones, W. T. Rowlands, and Robert Jones be appointed a standing com- mittee in this matter. GINGEFAIL ROAD. Several persons, who were interested in this road appeared to submit their reasons for applying to the council to take over this road to repair. Mr. Robert Lewis, one of the ap- pellants, said he used to pay for the repair of e the road, but could not say whether ths rate then was voluntary or obligatory. Messrt J. Thomas and Mr. Evan Jones remarked tha in their opinion the road was a public road. Mr. Robert Jone3 said he was not sure whether it was so, but there were at least signs of a road there. Mr. Thomas Davies said he had heard his father state that when at Trawsnant for over 20 years, he had used the road in going to and from Bala. Mr. Morris said the question at issue was, whether this road had been repaired at the expense of the township. There were plenty of public roads, which could not be closed. The question arose, whether a rate had been levied for the purpose and if so, was it voluntary or obligatory. After some further discussion, it was resolved that Messrs Thomas Davies, Evan Jones, W. Morris, and W. T. Rowlands, be appointed a committee to inspect the road, and report thereon. PENYBYLCHAU ROAD. It was resolved upon the motion of Mr. Thomas Jones, seconded by Mr. Morris that Messrs Morris Peters, Evan Evans, and Thomas Davies inspect this road, and report thereon. ROAD NEAR BRYNCALED. A letter was read from Miss Jones, Bryn- caled, Llanuwchllyn, ealling attention to the condition of road parsing her house. The clerk said he thought the above road, among others, would be considered by the Parish Council on Monday next. It was then resolved that the matter be deferred to the next meeting. ERWENT BRIDGE. It was resolved upon the motion of Mr. W. Morris, seconded by Mr. W. T. Rowlands, that the County Council be asked to erect a bridge near Buarthmeini for wheel traffic, instead of the present wooden one belonging to the County, which is in very bad repair, and that with a view, to avoid danger to the public in time of flood, this Council will make the approaches to the bridge if the County Council will erect a bridge as above mentioned. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. The medical officer reported that th number of births and deaths during the past year were:—Births 98 rate per 1,000 21*81. Rate per 1,000 in 1895, 23 59. Deaths 65, rate per 1,000 14*46. Rate per 1,000 in 1895, 12-68. As compared with 1895, there was a decrease of 8 in the number of births, and an increase of 8 in the number of deaths. During the latter part of the year, scarlet fever prevailed over the whole district. It was a mild form, and no deaths were recorded due thereto, and with careful attention, and closing of schools, it gradually died away. There were two cases of diphtheria at Llan- uwchllyn, one of which proved fatal. The exact cause was not satisfactorily made out, but it was prevented from spreading by at- tending to the usual precautions. There have been new houses erected in every parish, be longing to the district, and repairs have been executed where several complaints had been made in previous years, and he trusted in time the whole of the houses, which have been reported on different occasions will be repaired so as to be fit for human habitation. In the parishes- of Llanuwehllyn and Llandderfel, important steps have been taken to improve the drains. On the whole the water supply is satisfactory. A new pump has been erected at Pandy Llanuwchllyn, which is a boon to the inhabitants in that part of the village: and the water has been tested, and found fit for human consumption. The supply at Glanyrafon, Cwmtirmynach, and Sarnau has also been found to be ample, and the quality good. Since his last report, many dwelling houses had been accommoda- ted with privies; and no doubt in a short time, every house would have privy accommodation. THE HIGHWAYS. The surveyor reported that the wall near Cwm Cottage on the Bethel Road had been completed, and he thought it a great acquisi- tion. RHYDYDEFAID ROAD FROM NANTYCEUNANT. This road, especially certain parts of it, is in a bad state. A large quantity of stones had been laid along it but before it is put in a proper condition, a much greater quantity of stones must be laid down. Although the road is wide, the road space travelled over is very narrow. The sides being much higher than the centre. Arrangements have been made with D. Davies, Talybont, to cut away part of the sides, so that the water could find a passage from the road. HIRNANT ROAD. Owing to the heavy loads of timber that are being carted along thir: road, considerable damage has been done thereto. The repairs, however, are now almost complete, the hands having being doubled last month to put down the stones in time. BLAENLLIW ROAD. As the weather has been very unfavor- able these last weeks, the foot bridge near Buarthmeini has not yet been made, but the same will be made as soon as possible. SANITATION. The inspector reported a number of houses that had no privy accommodation and he was instructed to send formal notices to the re- sponsible parties to provide same. He had received complaints, that no gate was provided to prevent cattle from getting to the well recently made at Glanyrafon. The Council directed the Inspector to have a gate made to protect the well. DAY OF MEETING. Mr. J. Thomas gave notice that at the next meeting he would move that the time of holding the meetings be changed.

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