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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The ordinary meeting of the above Council was held on Tuesday evening. There were present Messrs. J. Meyriek Jones (chairman), E. Wynne Williams, W. O. Williams, E. W. Evans, John Edwards, Richard Mills, Dr. John Jones, David Meredith, R. Richards, G. Owen, with Mr. W. R. Davies (clerk), Mr. R. Barnett (assistant clerk), and Mr. Wm. Jones (surveyor). THE WATER COMPANY AND THE COUNCIL. Mr. Richard Mills reported that the Water Company were willing to put all the Hydrants throughout the town in order, provided the Coun- cil would see that they were not covered by street mettaling. THE COUNCIL AND THE BOWLT G GREEN. A communication from Mr. J. R. S. Furlong, hon. see. of the Cricket Club, concerning the Bowling Green, was considered. They applied to the Council, as joint owners with them of the. land, to sanction the use and control of the same to the Tennis Club at an yearly rent, half of which would be guaranteed to the Council. It was agreed to adopt the suggestion subject to two members of the Council being appointed on the committee of management. DILAPIDATED HOUSES. It was agreed to appoint Messrs. Richard Mills, Griffith Owen, and the surveyor, as a deputation to wait upon Mr. Richard Edwards and Mr. Rowland Williams concerning some dilapidated houses of which they were owners. TY'N Y-COED ROAD. After some discussion, it was agreed that the surveyor should prepare plans and estimates of the proposed widening of this road. THE COUNCIL AND THE COUNTY SCHOOL. It was agreed to appoint Mr. William Williams, Maes y-ffynnon, and Mr. E. W. Evans, Fron Dirion, as the representatives of the Council on the Local Governing Body of the Intermediate School. THE FIRE BRIGADE. Reports were received as to the formation of the Fire Brigade; and that the town and district were being canvassed for subscriptions. It was agreed to vote JE45 towards the purchase of certain fire appliances. MEDICAL OFFICER'S ANNUAL REPORT. The Council next proceeded to consider an exhaustive annual report, submitted by Dr. E. Jones, the medical officer. In the report Dr. E. Jones, amongst other valuable information, points out:- That the chief difficulty of the district was to secure proper dwelling houses for the working- classes, for at present many of them had to live in houses which endangered their health: and during illness they were placed under very unfavourable circumstances. The action of the Local Autho- rity during the year, regarding unsanitary dwell- ing houses, had been most beneficial. There re- mained, however, more to be done. There were several yet in the town that were, radically wrong as regards sanitary arrangements. The district had a very efficient system of sewers. The pre- servation of the public footpaths, which received the attention of the Council during the year, had undoubtedly a bearing on the public health of the district. The water supply was excellent as re- gards quality and quantity the supply being constant, and free from the possibility of any pollution. He regretted to have to report that zymotic diseases were prevalent during the year, though the deaths from these were exceedingly few. The greatest vigilance bad been, however, exercised, and the district was, at present, most free from all infectious diseases. Cases of this character had occurred during the year in houses which had been repeatedly reported to the Council as unfit. The number of both births and deaths during the year showed a slight increase compa- red with the previous year. The birth rate was 24'2 per thousand of the population, and the death rate 22 6 per thousand. The number of births exceeded the total number of deaths during the year. The present death rate was a high one for a small urban district. The birth rate of the district was lower than the birth rate in England and Wales for the year 1896 but the death rate was considerably higher. These facts called upon the local Council to use every exertion to improve the sanitary condition of the district. Excellent sanitary work bad been done by the Council during the year; and with perseverance and de- termination the remaining obstacles should not prove insurmountable.' After some discussion, it was agreed to defer further consideration of the report until the next meeting; and Messrs. J. Edwards and E. W. Williams were requested to make a digest of the report. RE-APPOINTMENT. It was agreed to appoint Dr. Edward Jones as medical officer for the ensuing year and Mr. W. Jones as inspector of nuisances,