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COUNTY COURT. THURSDAY, before His Honour Judge Sir Horatio Lloyd, and Mr. W. Lloyd, Registrar. Over 150 cases were dealt with before the R% gistrar. I AGRICULTURE IN THE VALE OF CLWYD. Thomas Davies, Llanfair Street, wrote a let- ter to the Judge, asking that he should make remissions in the tithe now due on a farm of which he was owner, and which was tenantless. He was totally unable to pay the tithe. Mr. Joseph Lloyd (St. Asaph) appeared for Messrs. D. & C. E. Jones, tithe agents, to object to such remission. The Registrar said that the farm, of which the tenant was owner, but which was heavily mortgaged, was now without a tenant. The Judge: Is the land going out of cultiva- tion ? The Registrar: Yes, totally so. The Judge: Does not the mortgagee take any steps ? The Registrar: No. The Judge said that the appeal made to him was ad miseriocordiam. All he could do was, to appoint a receiver; but there was nothing to receive. Mr. Lloyd said that all they wanted was the right to distrain on what there might be. The Judge: You might take possession of the farm; but you would most likely get into diffi- culty with the mortgagee. Mr. Lloyd: We will have to take our chance with that. Ultimately, His Honour appointed a Re- ceiver. A DISPUTED ACCOUNT. The part heard case of J. T. Lloyd, Gyffyll. iog, and John Evans, of the same neighbour- hood, was resumed. The case had been opened at the previous Court. The claim of the plain- tiff was for £ 19 3s. 2d., alleged to be due for goods sold and delivered. The defendant coun- ter-claimed for 922 10s. 4d., alleged to be money lent, and an over-charge on the part of the plaintift. Mr. J. B. Marston (Mold) was for the plaintaiff, and Mr. Joseph Lloyd was for the defendant. The particulars of both claim and counter-claim were published in the North Wales Times at the time of the first hearing. The plaintiff was called, and re-examined by Mr. Lloyd. Mrs. Lloyd, wife of the plaintiff, said that she personally delivered goods to defendant, by sending two lads in their employ with it. Mr. J. E. Morris, clerk with Messrs. Lloyd & Roberts, produced a ledger, showing that the plaintiff had personally paid a deposit of JE65 for Plas Meredith farm, and subsequently the whole purchase money, it being alleged that the defendant had paid money to plaintiff, to make up the deposit. The defendant was re-called, and gave similar evidence to that he gave at the last Court. Robert Roberts, who had been in the employ of the plaintiff, said that he did not take any flour to the defendant during the years 1891, 1892, and 1893. Joseph Bumby, son-in-law of the defendant, said that the defendant, during the years men- tioned, kept two horses and four cows, with some calves. He had no pigs in 1891. Mrs. Jones, a neighbouring farmer, said there were no pigs at defendant's farm in 1891 and 1892. She got the milk from the defen- dant's farm for her own pigs. His Honour said that he had not the least doubt about the case. It would take a cleverer man than the plaintiff to manufacture those books. It was idle of witnesses to come forth to tell him, that there were no dealings during that period. Judgment for the plaintiff for £ 18 8s. 2d. As to defendant's claim, it was a ludicrous one as to money alleged to be lent. Judgment for plaintiff also on the counter. claim. THE POSSESSION CASE. Mr. Edward Roberts (solicitor) mentioned a case which came before His Honour at the Denbigh Court, between Cullamore and others, plaintiffs, and Peter Evans, defendant. The parties had now come to an understanding, the first case being dismissed, and the second settled by payment of X30, to cover all, and I actual possession of the property. Mr. Joseph Lloyd appeared for the defen- on dant, Sand His Honour entered judgment ac- cording to the settlement. PUGH AND MADDOCKS. In this case, Mrs. Pugh claimed £ 9 rent al. leged to be due. M. Joseph Lloyd was for the plaintiff, and Mr. J. B. Marston for the defen- dant. The plaintiff said that the defendant was a yearly tenant, paying his rent quarterly. In August last, he came to the witness, and said that the rent was too high. Witness said that rather than lose him, she would reduce the rent 91. He then said it was too late, and that he would be leaving in a fortnight. He did not leave till the 12th of October. He had promised to put a paper in the window, to announce that the 'house was to let;' but did not do so until he left. The defendant said that he was a quarterly tenant, paying rent quarterly, subject to a quarter's notice.' Mrs. Maddocks, wife of the defendant, said that she gave Miss Pugh three months' notice, who promised that she would tell her brother. As the brother did not turn up,' her husband went to see the plaintiff. Judgment for the plaintiff for C2 5s. Od., and the Court fees. A LLANARMON CASE. R. Blythin, shopkeeper, of Llanarmon, sued Parry Morgan, of the Village, Llanarmon, for E4, being amount of account rendered for wages overpaid, with other expenses.' Mr. Joseph Lloyd appeared for the plaintiff, and Mr. J. B. Marston (Mold) defended. It was explained, in the course of the evi- dence of the plaintiff, that the defendant had been in his employ, and that he had lent him money from time to time on account of wages, and that money had not been paid off at the time defendant left to the extent of 92. The remainder of the claim was for expenses incur- red by plaintiff in searching about the country for a heifer, which disappeared from his farm, and which the defendant had wrongfully sold. The heifer was found at St. Asaph. The matter was mentioned to the police; but rather than prosecute, plaintiff accepted £ 8 from defendant's father in settlement of the matter, but he was to get the expenses of the search from the de- fendant himself. The defendant, in the witness box, denied that he wrongfully sold the heifer, and said that the sale was due to a mistake. He claimed that the settlement effected by his father inclu- ded the expense of the search, and he denied that he owed any money. His Honour said the transaction over the cow was an illegal one, and he could take no notice of the claim in respect of that. Mr. Marston: Yes, that was like the condo- nase of a felony. Judgment was given for 92.

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