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SPECIAL MEETING OF THE TOWN COUNCIL. A special meeting of the Council was held on Wednesday afternoon. The Mayor (Mr. Ezra Roberts) presided, and there were also present Aldermen T. P. Roberts, and Edward Roberts, Councillors John Roberts, T. H. Roberts, Wm. Jones. T. J. Rouw, T. J. Roberts, and Francis Dowell, with the Clerk (Mr. William Lloyd), the Borough Surveyor (Mr. Price Morris), and the Inspector (Mr. John Morris). STREET IMPROVEMENTS. The Town Clerk read a communication from Messrs. Preston & Co. with reference to the loan of £475 to be negotiated for street im- provements, stating that the money would be advanced out of the funds of the Blackburn Philanthropic Benefit Society. A resolution was passed, authorising the Society to pay the money through the Black- burn Branch of the London and Provincial Bank, to the credit of the Borough Treasurer of Ruthin. THE CLAIM AGAINST THE COUNTY COUNCIL. The Mayor stated, in reply to Mr. Rouw, that the sum of £301, due from the County Council in respect of Main Roads, had been re- ceived that morning. It was further explained that the moiety due ¡. on the agreement for the present year was also on the way, and would probably be received in the course of post. The Mayor: This is a good end to a bad begin- ning, and all is well that ends well. COUNTY BRIDGES. Some discussion took place with reference to the maintenance of approaches to county bridges; and it was decided to instruct the Town Clerk to tender for the work at the sum of £ 15 per annum. In reply to a question, the Surveyor said he considered this sum sufficient for the present. -y THE PLEASURE FAIR. MTi^FitdtnaB Williams had given notice on the agenda of his intention to refer to the above subject; but Mr. Williams was not present at the meeting. Mr. T. P. Roberts and Mr. William Jones were of opinion that the pleasure fair should follow the usual fair. The Mayor pointed out that Mr. Collins, the proprietor of the well known Show, came to Ruthin at his own convenience, and that the Show was advertised by himself. Mr. Rouw said in that case, it would be better for them to leave the matter alone. At the same time, he thought they should try to induce the Railway Company to run a late train on that day. Mr. John Roberts said they also ought to consider how to make the fair more popular. A complaint had been made about the date. In his opinion, the ordinary fair should be held on the 1st of March, and the pleasure fair after- wards. No resolution was passed. THE PIG FAIR. The Town Clerk said he had been in com- munication with'the Board of Agriculture, with a view of having a pig fair in Maich; but he had received no reply. Mr. T. J. Roberts thought that the Board should give their sanction, as no cases of swine fever had occurred nearer to Ruthin than Bwlchgwyn. A fair had been held at Corwen on the previous day, and pigs sold. Mr. John Roberts said no disease had broken out in the Western Division of the County for the last year. On the motion of Mr. T. J. Roberts, seconded by Mr. Rouw, it was decided to instruct the Town Clerk to further communicate with the Board, and to call their attention to the immu- nity of this part of the county from the fever. FIRE BRIGADE ENGINE. A letter was read from Captain Rouw, stating that he had now the necessary funds to over- haul the fire engine, and asking the consent of the Council to send it away. The necessary precautions for the protection of the town and neighbourhood had been taken, and an old engine cotifld be used during the absence of the present one. Mr. Rouw's request was readily granted. THE CONVEYANCE OF MAILS. Mr. J. Williams, Riverslea, Flint, wrote, stating that a movement was on foot at Flint to get the London and North Western Railway Company and the Post Office Authorities to stop the up-mail at Flint. If that would be done, the time for posting letters between Ruthin and Flint could be extended half an hour. It was decided to bring the matter forward at the next meeting of the Council. THE CHARTER OF THE BOROUGH. No LATIN.' The Town Clerk said he had a copy of the Borough Charter from the Record Office, but it happened to be in Latin (laughter). He should be very glad if any member of the Council would undertake to translate the document (laughter). Mr. John Roberts: Is there anybody in the town that can? If it was Latin of recent date, I would not mind to undertake it myself (laughter). The Mayor said the most likely person to do it was Mr. Fisher. He was a scholar, and an eminent antiquarian. It was decided to allow Mr. Fisher a guinea for the translation. The Council then sat in committee.


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