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LIVERPOOL. (FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.) LIVERPOOL, Thursday. The Lord Mayors' Indian, Famine Fund.-At the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, Anfield, whose minister is the Rev. Owen Owens, they collected towards this fund, the sum of £ 32 15s. 7d. last Sunday. The Royal Welsh Ladies "Choir. This far- famed choir took part at the Harrison Concerts, held at the Philharmonic Hall this evening (Thursday). There was a large and appreciative attendance. Diamond Jubilee Fetes. I understand that a Diamond Jubilee and Gala Syndicate has been formed and they have taken the grounds of the Greenwich Park, Aintree, Liverpool, where it is intended to hold a Fix days' fete, from June 21st to the 26th, in order to commemorate the Longest Reign on Record. The Rev. Isaiah Jones, Shipley, in Liverpool, The Welsh Wesleyans at Boundary Street, East, held their anniversary services last Sunday, the selected preacher being the Rev. Isaiah Jones (late of Rhyl circuit), who preached both morning and evening in Welsh, the reverend gentleman conducting the afternoon service in English. There was a large congregation in the evening, who listened with rapt attention to an impressive and eloquent discourse. On the following Mon- day evetirl,, the 15th instant, Mr. Jones delive- red, :at the same place, his popular English Lecture on Christmas Evans.' Mr. D. Griffith Davies presided. A Welsh Concert in Aid of the Betkesda Quarry Dispute. This evening (Thursday), a miscellaneous concert was given in aid of the Bethesda Quarrymen, at the Gymnasium, Olive Road Waterloo, Liverpool, the chairman being Dr. Rowland Owen. The following artistes took part :—Madame Katie Williams, R, A, Al. (soprano), Miss Gracie Thomas (contralto), Mr. John Ellis (tenor), and Mr. Berwyn Roberts (bass). The harpist of the evenig was Miss Bessie Jones (Tel- ynores Gwalia). Under the able leadership of Mr. Padarn Lewis, the United Welsh Male Voice Party rendered several musical items to tbe"genu. ine delight of a packed attendance. Miss. A. E. Pritchard acted as accompanist. PRINCE'S ROAD CALVINISTIC METHODIST SUNDAY SCHOOL. COMPETITIVE MEETINGS. THE annual tea party of the above Sunday School took place from five to half past six on Tuesday evening, which was followed by two competitive meetings, one held on Tuesday evening, and the other on Wednesday evening. ] The tea was given in the school-room and the after meetings were conducted in the chapel, fully one thousand peop'e being present at the competitive meeting on Tuesday evening. For both meetings there were over three hundred and sixty competitors. FIRST MEETING. This highly successful meeting wa.s presided over by Mr. J. Harrison Jones, of Prince's Road, the conductor being the Rev. John Williams, the pastor of the church. The following was the programme :— Address by the chairman. Adjudication on the Scriptural Examination for the Children of the School. The prize was divi- ded between fifteen of the successful scholars. Solo, 'Breaddwyd y frenhines' (for children under 12 and over 16 years of age, 1st, Lily Jones 2nd, Edith Moyes, 97 Grange Road, Bir- kenhead 3rd, John Williams, Harrowby Street. Paraphrasing 'Cywydd y Farn Fawr' (Goronwy Owen). The adjudicator, the Rev. J. O. Williams (Pedrog), with-held the puize. Soprano Solo, G wlad y Bryniau' (M. W. Griffith). The prize was awarded to Miss Annie Williams, 10 Eversley Street. Essay on 'The Merits and Demerits of the Cal- vinistic Methodist Pulpit.' The adjudicator, Mr. Eleazer Roberts, Hoylake, awarded the prize to Mr. Hugh Lloyd, deacon at Fitzclarence Street Chapel. Adjudication on the Freehand Pencil Drawing. 1st, Mr. Owen Jones, Gwent Street; 2nd, Mr. M. E. Griffiths, 6 Powis Street. Adjudication on the hymns sent in. Subject, 'Self Denial.' The Rev. R. C. Owen awarded the prizie to Mr. Griffith Hughes (Creigros), Holy- head, Adjudication on the Examination on the 4 First two Chapters of the Epistle to the Ephesians.' 1st, Mr. W. F. Phillips; 2nd, Mr. R. G. Davies (both of Prince's Road Chapel). Translanting from Welsh to English. Best out of eighteen competitors, Miss Hughes, Blackburne Street. Translanting from Welsh to English the last verse of the well known Hymn, 'Yrngryrtimpd pawb i lawr.' Best, out of 21 competitors, Miss Evans, 65 Mulgrave Street (who was represented by Miss Roberts, Eversley Street). Pianoforte Solo Competition. 1st, Miss Mary Jones (daughter of Mr. Hugh Jones, Upper Par- liament Street); 2nd, Miss Williams, Croxteth Grove. Reciting, Y Dymmhestl olaf' (Islwyn). Best, Mr. Evan Thomas, 26 Woodhouse Street, Kirk- dale (who is a member of the Calvinistic Metho- dist Chapel, Netherfield Road). Adjudication on the two stanzas to the 'Stu- dent.' The Rev. David Adams (Hawen), awarded the prize to Gwilym Mathafarn. The Answers to the Questions on the 'Person of Christ' (Dr. Edwards' Series). 1st, Mr. Joseph Evans, Harrowby Street; 2nd, Mr. C. Hughes, BIackburne Street; 3rd, Mr. Evan Roberts, Eversley Street. Tenor Solo, '0 Dduw rho i'm dy hedd (J. H. Roberts). Best, Gutyn Eifion, Bootle (who gave at excellent rendition of this solo, and was highly commended by the adjudicator). The last item on the programme was a choral competition. A prize of Five Guineas, and a Baton to the conductor, was given to the male voice choir, of no less than twenty-five and no more than forty in number, who would give the best rendering of Y Pererinion' (Dr. Joseph Parry). The 'Walton' and the Gwalia' Male Voice Choirs competed; but the adjudicators (Messrs. A. L. Craik, J. T. Jones, and Humphrey Lloyd) awarded the prize to the 'Gwalia' Choir (its conductor being Mr. John Roberts, who is a member of the Netherfield Road Calvinistic Metho- dist Chapel). The accompanists were Miss Maggie Evans (the talented conductress -of the far-famed Gitana' Choir, Birkenhead), and Miss M. Richards. Much praise is due to Mr. Owen Jones, 28 Normanby Street, and Mr. Arthur M. Jones, 40 Kelvin Grove, Liverpool, the hon. secretaries, for heir indefatigable efforts in bringing this meeting to a successful issue. The officers of the Sunday School are as fol- lows: Superintendent, Mr John Frimston, 8 Bertram Road; secretary, Mr. R. Evans, 12 Eversley Street; and the treasurer, Mr. Edward Jones, 32 Selborne Street. A full report of the two meetings will appear in the BANER AC AATSERAU CYMRU of next Wednes- day.

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