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COLWYN BAY. PETTY SESSIONS. Sattirday:Before .Messrs. A. O. Walker (in the chair), T. G. Osborn and Dr. Venables Williams. TRANSFER. On the application of Mr. Amphlet, the license of the Royal Hotel, Colwyn Bay was transfeired from Mrs Parry to Mr. Thomas Byrne. OFFENCES UNDER THE WEIGHTS AND MEASURES ACT.-THE RAILWAY COMPANY FINED. The London and North Western Railway Company were summoned at the instance of Mr. J. Clarke Jones, Inspector of Weights md Measures under the Denbigh County Council, in respect of a w«;gh-bridge, which was- wrong with fche extent of GOlbs. at Old Colwyn. Mr. Fenna appeared for the Railway Com- pany, who admitted the offence. Mr. Clarke Jones stated that the facts briefly were that on the 19th of December last he visited Old Colwyn station. He inspected the weighbridge and found it was fast to the ex- tent of 601bs. That meant that when the platform was empty a weight of 601bs. was registered on the machine. Therefere, when a load was weighed it was registered at 60lbs more than it really was and the purchaser would be charged for that sixty pounds This weigh-bridge was used by the public and a charge was made for its use by the railway company, and it was clearly the duty of the owners to keep it in order. Mr. Fenna admitted the offence and quite agreed with what had been said touching the responsibility of owners of public weighing machines. But as no doubt the bench were aware the London and North Western Railway Company had such regulations in force that would make it almost impossible for such a thing as this to happen. However, he continued the road approaches to this particular weigh- bridge had been remetalled, and some of the material had got between the platform. The man whose duty it was to look after the plat- form, and to see that it was kept clean, was not on duty when this thing happened, and the person appointed in his absence it appear- ed had neglected to brush the place on that day. It was a case of pure inadvertence, and did not warrant a heavy penalty. The Company did not benefit by the falsety of the machine, and he expressed the regret of the company that this had happened. He would undertake it should not occur again, and in fact, he never remem- bered another case like it in connection with any of the Companies' weighing machines. A fine of £ l. with 8s, costs was imposed Sydney Thompson, a vendor of vegetables, was charged by Mr. C. Clarke Jones with hav- ing three weights in his possession that had not been duly stamped as required by law on the 19th December at Colwyn Bay. Mr. Jones said that he on the day in question, saw defendant selling vegetables from a cart in Colwyn Bay and had in his possession three un- stamped weights. He did not say "hat the weights were incorrect, but defendant had committed an offence by not taking them to be stamped. Notices were issued as to when and where stamping was done. He did not suggest that this was a serious offence, but the Countv Council felt that traders should be made to feel their responsibility, and to comply with the act. Defendant who did not deny the offence, said he had the weights tested since the officer had seen him, and they were found to be correct. A penalty of 5s. with 7s 6d. costs was inflic- ted. Robert Davies, Market Gardener, Carmel, was also charged by the same officer with hav- ing unstamped scales in his possession at Col- wyn Bay, on the 19th December. Mr. Jones stated that defendant brought his weights to be stamped about twelve months ago, but the scales in question had never been stamped. Defendant said that he was under the impres- sion that new scales did not require stamping, Fined 5s, and 7s 6d. costs. NEGLECTFUL CYCLISTS. David Evans, Rhiw Bank, Colwyn Bay, sum- moned at the instance of P. C. Thomas Pierce, for having ridden a bicycle without a light after sunset, on the 17th ult, pleaded guilty. The officer stated that when he saw the defendant on Sea View Road, it was two hours and ten minutes after 'lighting up time.' The Chairman observed it was a very dangerous practice for cyclists to drive their machines without having their lamps lit at night. Defendant would be fined 5s. and 7s. 6d. costs. Frederick Merriden, Colwyn Bay, failed to appear in answer to a similar charge preferred by the same officer, but a medical certificate was handed in stating he was unable to attend an account of his health. P. C. Pierce said he saw defendant riding a bicycle without a light an hour after lighting up time between Llandrillo and Colwyn Bay, on the evening of the 15th of January. The Chairman asked if the defendant was not a cycle factor in Celwyn Bay, and being an- swered in the affirmative said defendant ought know better things, and would be fined 7s. 6d. and the costs which were also 7s. 6d. HIGHWAY OFFENCES. William Roberts, Gwerntaino, was fined 9s including costs for riding on a cart drawn by two horses, without reins on the highway, on the 18th of last month. Sergeant Jones, who proved the case, said the defendant was in a narrow lane over which there was considerable traffic when the offence complained of was committed. Thomas Bartley, the smithy, Colwyn Bay, was charged by P. C. Thomas Pierce, with allowing three cows to stray on the highway between Mochdre and Colwyn Bay on the 1st of February. Defendant pleaded euilty, but in extenuation stated that the animals could not have been on the road for more than half an hour. He paid a man to look after his cows, but a rail that had been placed in a defective fence, for which he was not responsible, had been removed by someone so the animals had got into the road. A fine of 6s. for each cow, with 4s. costs, was imposed. THE DRUNKARDS' LIST.—SUNDAY TIPPLING. William Jones, Colwyn Bay, was fined 5s. and costs for being drunk on the Abergele Road, on the 30th of January, as proved by P. C. Pierce. John Clay, blacksmith, Colwyn Bay, pleaded not guilty to a charge preferred against him by Sergeant R. H. Jones, of being drunk in Aber- gele Road, on Sunday, the 24th of January. Evidence in support of the complaint was given by the Sergeant and P. C. Jones, Old i Colwyn. Defendant said he had walked to Llanddulas and back that day, and could not be very drunk to be able to do that, and he only had one drop' of whisky all the day. His son, George H. Clay, corroborated the statement. The Bench considered the case wag proved and fined defendant Is. and 68. 6d, costs. William Jones, Tudno House, Colwyn Bay, summoned at the instance of the same officer, for being drunk and disorderly in Sea View Road, was fined half a crown and 8b. 6d. costs. William Foulkes, Old Colwyn, was charged with a similar offence at the same time and place, by the same officer, and pleaded guilty. Deputy Chief Constable Jones said there were eight previous convictions recorded against the defendant, the last being in 1895, when he was fined 20s. and costs. The Chairman said he would be mulcted in a like penalty for the present offence with costs. David Jones, 2 Ivy Street, Colwyn Bay, pleaded not guilty to a charge of drunken and disorderly conduct. Sergeant Jones said he saw the defendant staggering' drunk in Abergele Road at ten minutes to nine on Sunday night, February 7th. Thomas Hulley, Llewelyn Street, deposed to seeing a man in the place mentioned by the police sergeant, but he could not say that it was the defendant. In answer to that officer, he II said he had seen the Sergeant looking at the man. Benjamin Jones, Flint, labourer, said he saw defendant staggering, but he thought he was all right. By Sergeant Jones: He did remark to the officer at the time that 'Th,:re is a man coming having had a drop,' and he also had said They will have drink, however, you try to close the public houses.' William Jones, Brickfield, Colwyn Bay, called for the defence, said he saw the defendant at ten minutes past eight on the night in ques- ton, and he was perfectly sober then. Cross examined, he denied having been in defendant's company on that evening, acd had not been with him in Llandudno in the after- noon. Defendant was fined 26s. Sd. including costs. Robert Jones, Rhiw Bank Avenue, was fined J Os. and 6s. 6d. costs for being drunk and disorderly in Abergele Road, on the 6th of February. P. C. Pierce, who proved the case, stated defendant was very drunk and was knocking against paser" Ly. AN ABORTIVE AFFILIATION CASE. Edith Evans, Ivy Street, Colwyn Bay, sum- moned Ellis Evans, Llanfair, near Ruthin, lately a carter in the employ of the London &. North Western Railway Company, at Colwyn Bay, to show cause &c. Mr. Amphlett appeared for the complainant and Mr. A. O. Evans, Denbigh, for the defen- dant. Evidence for the complainant was given by herself, Mrs. Williams, with whom defendant used to lodge at Colwyn Bay, and with whom she slept, the girl's mother, and a fellow-lodger of the defendants named Roberts. Mr. Evans for the defence, pointed out at some length the discrepancies in the testimony of the complainants witnesses, and argued that there was a total absence of legal corr ora- tive evidence. After a private consultation the clip, -nail said the bench were unanimously of ol aioa that there was not sufficient corrobe-, -tive evidence to justify an order against the defendant.




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