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THE ALLEGED FORGERY AT WREXHAM. POLICE PROCEEDINGS. At the Wrexham Borough Police Court, on Saturday, John Taylor, living in Talbob-road, Wrexham, secretary bo a number of societies, including the Shepherds' Lodge at Wrexham, the Football Association of Wales, and the Wrexham Reform Club, was charged with having at Wrexham, on or about April 2, 1896, forged an endorsement on a certain bill of ex- change, to wit, a cheque for the payment of the sum of JE220, drawn upon the Wrexham branch of the North and South Wales Bank by the Wrexham Waterworks Company, and payable to the order of William Griffiths, John Henry Jones and Edward Cleveley, trustees of the Wrexham Lodge of the Royal Order of Ancient Shepherds. Mr. J. Hopley Pierce prosecuted, and Mr. Stanley D. Edisbury defended. The magistrates were Messrs. J. F. Edisbury (chairman), C. Murless, B. Owen Richards, and Dr. Edward Davies, The prisoner appeared to feel his position acutely. Mr. Pierce said that this was one of the sad- dest cases he had had to trouble the court with for some time. It was not only very sad, but very serious. They had before them a man who had up till recently occupied an important position in the town, and who had,unfortunately been led away in some way or orther into com- mitting the serious crime with which he was charged that day. He (Mr. Pierce) only pro- posed to offer sufficient evidence to justify a re- mand till Friday. They had only one charge to go into that day. By that he meant there were a great many more at the back of it. A cheqne for £ 220 was made payable by the directors of the Wrexham Waterworks Company to William Griffiths, John Henry Jones and Edward Cleveley, the trustees of the Shepherds' Lodge, Taylor, the prisoner, re- ceived the cheque in the usual course of his business as secretary of the lodge. He got two of the trustees to sign it, after which be should have got the third trustee to append his signa- ture, when the last named would have taken the cheque to be dealt with in the proper man- ner. Prisoner, the prosecution alleged, forged the name of Edward Cleveley, took the cheque to the North and South Wales Bank, and in. stead of paying it to the credit of the Shepherds he paid it to the credit of the Wrexham and District Perfect Thrift Society. This made two offences so far, the alleged forgery and the misappropriation of the money. Mr. Robert Arthur Conway, clerk at the North and South Wales Bank, gave evidence bearing out the opening statement with refer- ence to the cheque produced. Mr. Edward Cleveley said he was one of the trustees of the Shepherds' Lodge in Wrexham. The cheque produced.was made payable to him. self and to his co-trustees. He did not write the signature Edward Cleveley on the back, neither did he authorize any one else to write it. This was all the evidence. Mr. Stanley Edisbury said he reserved his defence, and applied for bail. Mr. Pierce, whilst not opposing the applica- tion, dwelt upon the seriousness of the charge, and left the matter to the bench. He asked, however, for substantial bail. The Chairman said the prisoner would be admitted to bail in four sums of jEI50 each, prisoner in E150 and three others in a like sum. He would be remanded till ten o'clock on Friday morning. Mr. Edisbury then consulted the gentlemen stated to have promised to go bail, and subse- quently informed the court that neither would stand to that amount. The prisoner was there- I fore remanded in custody to the County-build- ings, where he remained until to-day (Friday).





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