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POACHING AFFRAY NEAR TOWYN. KEEPERS COMMITTED FOR TRIAL At the Towyn Police Court on Friday, before a full bench of magistrates, two river keepers, named James Griffin and Edward Parry, were charged with maliciously woun- ding nine men, named John Jones, David Jones, David Owen, William Pugh, Rowland Whittington, David Jones, John Williams, Edward Owen Hughes, and Robert Hughes, all from the neighbourhood of Corris, on the night of Januarylll. The proceedings were commenced on Friday week, when two of the men were fined heavily for poaching. There was also a cross-summons, in which the keepers charged the other men with assaul- ting them. At the outset Mr. W. R. Davies, who ap- peared for the police, objected to' the pre- sence of Mr. Thurston on the bench, as he was not present on the last occasion. Mr. Thurston refused to retire, and the evidence taken at the first hearing was then read. John Williams identified a coat now pro- duced as the one worn by him on the night of the firing. It was riddled with shots Mr. Davies This is the man that had 95 pellets in his body. The witness, in cross-examination, said that he could not swear who fired the shots, but when he turned round he saw Parry, the keeper, standing in the field. He was shot before any scuffle took place between Griffin and himself, and when he made off, Griffin was lying on the ground, but he was not unconscious. The keeper hit him a blow on the head with a stone before the witness struck a blow. Rowland Whittington, who was also shot, was now called. He said that he warned the keeper to stand back, but he came on and struck one of the men. There were five shots fired, and he was struck with pellets in the legs and the head. The first shot was taken as a warning, but he did not strike Griffin with his spear. He did not see who fired the shots, but the only man who car- ried a gun was Parry, the gamekeeper. E. O. Hughes, another of the men, said that Griffin struck him first. Upon the third shot he felt that he was hit, and the shirt and drawers produced, bearing some dozen marks of shots, were worn by hjm on the night of the fight. He was in bed on the night of the fight. He was in bed on the following day, and was under the hands of a doctor, and was unable to work for a fortnight. In cross-examination the witness admitted that Griffin was called upon to stand back when he was seen coming towards the group of men. He did not see anyone strike Griffin, but he saw the keeper throwing a stone, and this was thrown back, but.he declined to say whether it struck the keeper. vVilliam Pugh stated that he was also shot in the hands. He heard Griffin shout- ing Shoot, Parry, shoot,' and he saw Parry firing. When Griffin was struck the keeper fell to the ground. Robert Hughes admitted that he was out on the night that the firing took place. He was shot in both legs, having 53 pellets in the front of the left thigh and 13 pellets in the right leg. He was helped away from the spot and remained in bed for a week. He saw the keeper Parry carying a gun. In cross examination the witness admitted that a warning shot was fired in the air. David Jones, another of the men, said that he was shot! in the right hand, the head, and the right leg. There were nine pellets in his body. He saw Parry with a gun in his hand. In cross-examination the witness stated that they left Griffin on the ground. By Mr. Haydn Jones (magistrate): Two shots were fired before the keeper fell. Mrs. Mary Thomas, wife of the tenant of the farm upon which the men met, gave evidence as to hearing sounds of firing and seeing Parry and Shaw, the under-keeper, standing near the farm. This was about one o'clock in the morning. Parry carried a gun and a lighted torch. Dr. Jones, of Corris, stated that he exa- mined the injured men, and found in some cases that the gun shots were embedded in the flesh. Some of the men were confined to the house for a fortnight. In some cases the men were shot in the eyebrows, face, hands, and legs. In his opinion the shot must have been discharged at a distance of 25 to 30 yards. This was the case for the prosecution. The defendants were committed to take their trial at the next quarter sessions, and were allowed out on S50 bail.

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