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ABERGELE. PETTY SESSIONS. SATURDAY.—Before Messrs. W. T. Mason (in the chair), and J. Copping. LICENSING BUSINESS.-A FELON'S DISQUALIFICATION. Mr. F. J. Gamlin, Rhyl, made an applica- tion on behalf of Messrs. Greenall, Whitley and Co., brewers, under the 15th section of of the Licensing Act of 1874, with respect to the Red Lion Inn, Abergele. He said that the present tenant, David Evans, had been convicted for felony by their worships, and therefore was disqualified for ever for hold- ing a license to sell beer. The act provided that under such circumstances temporary authority could be granted to owner of public houses, until a tenant could be found. His application was that temporary autho- rity be granted to Messrs. Greenall, Whit- ley and Co. to sell beer at the Red Lion. By the next sessions they would be prepared with a tenant, and application would then be made for the transfer of the license to the new tenant. The application was granted. On the application ef Mr. Charles W. Bell, Rhyl, temporary authority was granted to Mr. D. T. Jones, late of Prestatyn, to sell intoxicants at the Gwindy, Abergele. ST. DAVID'S DAY AT LLANFAIR. Mr. Crabbe, Abergele, applied on Ibehalf of Mrs. Jones, Black Lion Hotel, Llanfair, for an extension of hours from 10 to 12 on the night of the 1st of March next, on the occasion of a dinner on the anniversary of St. David. Granted. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. Thomas Jones, Lloft, Morris Street, Llan- fairtalhaiarn, was charged by P.C. G. E. Jones, with being drunk and disorderly in the street of that village on New Year's Day. The police officer said the defendant was very drunk and noisy, but did not interfere with anyone else. Defendant pleaded guilty, and was fined 2s. 6d. and 2s. 6d. costs. Benjamin Davies, Rallt, Abergele, charg- ed by Inspector Roberts, with being drunk, in Market Street, Abergele, on the 23rd of January, pleaded guilty, and was fined 2s. 6d. with 7s. 6d. costs. MAGISTERIAL CAUTION TO A DRUNKEN WOMAN. Mary Jones, Chapel Street, Abergele, pleaded guilty to a charge preferred against her by P.C. Jones, of being drunk and dis- orderly lin Market Street, on the 23rd of January. Superintendent Jones said there were previous convictions against the defendant. The Chairman in inflicting a penalty of 10s., and 6s. 6d. costs, said the bench were willing to give the woman another chance. But this should be a warning to her. These things could not be allowed to go on. By imposing fines upon her they were punish- ing her husband, who was a very industrious man. And if she appeared before them again, the option of a fine would not be given her. She would have to go to prison. Let her take warning and try to reform her life, and make home happy for her husband and herself, instead of making everybody all round miserable as she had been doing in the past. CRUELTY TO A HORSE. Robert Morris, Croen Llwm, Llannefydd, was fined 14s. 6d. including costs, for work- ing a horse suffering from ringbone, and in an unfit state, on the 18th January, at Aber- gele. The case was proved by Inspector Arthur Hunt, of the Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals, and P.C. 0. Jones, Aber- gele. THE MAN WHO WOULD LIKE TO KILL THE POLICE. AN IMPROPER LETTER TO THE BENCH. P.C. R. H. Davies, Llanddul as, summoned John Jones, Llysfaen, a stageman, for as- saulting him whilst in the execution of his duty on the 9th of January, at the Railway Inn, Llanddulas. Mr. J. Pierce Lewis, solicitor, Rhyi,. ap- peared for the complainant and the landlord of the Railway Inn. The defendant did not appear. The Chairman said that the defendant in this case had written a letter to him, a most objectionable proceeding, and a most impro- per thing to do. They couid not deal with cases until they came before them. If people imagined that they would get better treat- ment by writing letters to the Bench, they werelvery much mistaken, and it was only a. waste of time to try it on. The Clerk: The letter is placed upon the table unread. Service of summons having been proved, The complainant, examined by Mr. Pierce Lewis, deposed to being called to the Rail- way Inn, Llanddulas, on the day in ques- tion. When he got into the house he saw defendant creating a disturbance. Jones had his arms up, and was attemptiag to get after the landlady into the bar. He said to defendant Here, Jones, you had better go home.' Instead of leaving the house de- fendant turned around and struck him three times on the chest, saying, I would like to kill all policemen, especially you.' After- wards defendant said he would kick him (the officer) from Fforddhaiarn to Llanddu- las, and called some Llysfaen young men to help to assault him. The young men refused and told Jones to leave him alone. He threatenad to lock defendant up, and on that he desisted and went quietly home. Replying to the Chairman, Supt. Jones said there were previous convictions against defendant. Complainant: The man has since apolo- gised to me for what he did. His wife is ill, and I desire that he be leniently dealt with. The Chairman: Do you support that Su- perintedent ? I Superintendent Jones We do not desire to press the case, sir. [Mr. T. Pierce Lewis The manjhas apolo- gised to the landlord as well, your worships, and we" ha ve no desire to unduly press the charge. I do not apply for ad vocates' fee. The Chairman said defendant had been guilty of a most cowardly act in attempting to attack a woman. The police had acted in a very proper manner, and he desired to compliment the yoaag men of Llanddulas in their action on this occasion. It was very- creditable to them. Defendant would be fined 5s. wich 6s. 6d. costs. A. SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A FARMER. > Mary Roberts, Llysfaen, sought an affilia- tion order against John Pierce, Beniarth Fawr, Bettws yn Rhos, farmer, with whom she had lived as a domestic servant from August. 1894 to November, 1895. This was the second application, a former one having failed for lack of corroborative evidence. Mr. Cartwright, Chester, appeared for the complainant, and Mr. David Jones, L!anrwst, for defendant. After a very lengthy hearing, the magis- trates failed to agr^e, and decided to ad- journ the case to the next court, for the at- tendance of other magistrates.

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