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MONEY-LENDING AMONG WELSH FARMERS. AN IMPUDENT ACTION. ON Friday, the 6th inst., at Chester County Court, before His Honour Judge Sir Hora- tio Lloyd, Maurice Price, described as a financier, of Chester, sued Hugh and Mary Parry, man and wife, of Trevor, near Llan- gefni, Anglesea, for £8 10s., balance of money lent and interest. Mr. W. H. Churton appeared for the de- defendants. It appeared that in June last, Parry re- plied to a newspaper advertisement offering money on easy terms to farmers,and purpor- ting to be inserted by Pryce Jones, at one time a county court bailiff at Bangor. Ad- dresses were given at Bangor, Carnarvon, and Llangefni. As a result, a Jew named Samuel Servian, living at Everton, Liver- pool, and representing the plaintiff, went over to Trevor, the defendants paying his expenses. Tho defendants wanted to bor- row £30, and they signed a promissory note for £38 10s., receiving a cheque for £ 29 15s, Two days after 'cashing the cheque, Mr. Pritchard, solicitor, Holyhead, on behalf of the defendants, wrote that they had been misled, and returned the money, with 5s. to cover-any interest that might be claimed. Servian, in cross-examination by Mr. Churton, 'admitted that Jones, in whose name the advertisement appeared, had died two or three months previously. Did you write and represent yourself as Mr. Jones 1 No, my initial3 appeared after the name. Do you call that 'straightforward' deal- ings, taking the position of a man who has been dead two months ? I used the name because it was running in the advertisement all the while, and we did not care to change it. Mr. Jones was; our agent. His Honour said the witness had repre- sented that the deceased had authorised him to write the letter. The witness I did not know that. Mr. Churton Perhaps jour own euphon- ious name would not have sounded so at- tractive to the Welsh people as Jones (laughter). Do you know the rate of interest was 50 per cent ? The witness: The man saw wha-t he was signing, and I read it over. Do you call that' a very low rate of inter- est and 'special terms to farmers ? Well, judge for yourself. I can call It what like, and you can call it what you like (laughter). For the defence, Mr. Churton contended that the transaction was an absolute fraud. that the transaction was an absolute fraud. His Honour said when the principal was repaid the interest-ceased. He non-suited the I plaintiff, with costs, characterising the ac- tion as a most impudent one.

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