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RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of the St. Asa-ph (Flint- shire) Rural District Council was held on Friday, Mr. John Roberts, Geinas, in the Chair. The other members pivmt were Mr. Robert Morris (Vice Chairman), Messrs. W. Conwy Bell, John Williams, Pysenh Thomas Ellis, Meliden; Thomas Morgan, Cwm; Edwin Mor- gan, Rev. J, Adams, Tremeirchion; Miss Ben- nett, Mr. Howes Roberts, St. Asaph; Mr. Charles Grimsley (Clerk), Dr. J. Lloyd Ro- berts (Medical Officer of Health), Mr. George Bell (Sanitary Surveyor), and Mr. John Lloyd (Highway Surveyor). THE GLANFFYDDION FOOTPATH. Mr. Edwin Morgan said that a Committee of that Council, with a Committee of the Rhudd- lan Parish Council, visited the Glanffyddion footpath. Personally, he looked upon the tak- ing over of this footpath as a very serious mat- ter for the Council. If they repaired this one, they would have to repair every footpath in the district, and that would prove as serious a matter almost as maintaining the road. Unless they were legally bound so repair the footpath he would kick against it. There was no evi- dence to show that they were bound to repair it. The old Highway Board had never done anything to the footpath. Some cinders had been placed upon it, but he understood that that had been done by the tenant of the field. The bridge over Glanffyddion brook had been repaired at their expense, and that was only reasonable, for they could not expect a tenant to replace a bridge that had been washed away by the floods. With regard to the utility of the path, he had been informed by a member of the Rhuddlan Parish Council, that it afforded no advantage in time or distance to people walking to Rhyl. It was just as near to go by the high road, only it was more pleasant in summer to go through the fields. Mr. R. Morris thought they had no right to go into the field to metal the path. Mr. Howes Roberts, as one who had fre- quently walked over the path, considered it a shorter way to Rhyl than by the road. Mr. Conwy Bell said that the path had been maintained by the District Council as far as Mr. Morris' field. As to the field path, he did not think the Parish Council asked them to take take that over, but simply the path on the roadside leading to the field, and a crossing over an old road near Cwybr Fawr. Mr. Edwin Morgan That has been done. Mr. Bell did not know who Mr. Edwin Mor- gan's informant was as to the relative distances by the roads and fields, but as a matter of fact, it was shorter by half-a-mile to go to Rhyl by the fields than it was by the road. The ap- proaches to the path were the bone of conten- tion. Mr. Edwin Morgan did not contend that. What he objected to was the field path, not the roadside path. Mr. R. Morris said that it had been decided to take the road over as well as the path, if the landlord first put it in a fair condition. The Chairman Is it right to put the Coun- cil to the expense of repairing this path, and to risk being called upon to repair every footpath in the district for the sake of a saving of a quarter of a mile's walk ? Mr. Conwy Bell: This footpath is different to the generality of petty footpaths in the country. It is what I might call a main foot- path to an important town. Mr. Morris thcught the field footpath was in a very similar state to the other footpaths at this time of the year, and when there was so much rain. The Vicarage Lane, and Llaccia Road, he admitted had been in a very bad state. But regarding the field path, he thought they as a Council had done their duty in calling upon the landlords to clean out GlanfTyddion stream, to prevent its overflowing. That work had now been done by Capt. Conwy and Mr. Griffith, Garn. Mr. Morgan Yes, and a very good job of it has been done. It was decided to inform the Rhuddlan Parish Council that this Council had done all in its power to the path, and the Clerk was requested to point out to them the section of the Act of Parliament, under which parishes, if they so choose, can repair field footpaths themselves. AN ANCIENT ROAD AT BODFARY IN AN IMPASSABLE STATE. The Clerk read a letter from the Bodfary Parish Council, enclosing a resolution asking the District Council to repair th-e footpath from Lletty'r Eos to Fron Haul, in that par ish and also the lane leading from the Mold Road near Blue Bell to Lletty'r Eos and Tanygaer. Mr. Roberts (the Bodfary Parish Clerk) ap- peared to support the application. The Surveyor, replying to Mr. Conwy Bell, said nothing had been done to the footpath from Lletty'r Eos by the old Highway Board. Mr. Bell said that in that case the footpath was on the same basis as the one they had just decided on at Rhuddlan. Mr. Roberts (the Parish Clerk) stated that the footpath in question was a great conveni- ence to the Railway Station. It was an old road, but was now covered with gorse and brambles, and was almost impassable. It would not cost much to render it passable for pedes- trian traffic. The Parish Council did not expect it to be made available for vehicular purposes. To do that it would mean a very large expendi- ture in consequence of a landslip that had occurred at one place on the road. Mr. Conwy Bell asked if the landlords could not be called upon to cut the hedges, to relieve the road and render it passable ? I The Chairman remarked that there were no landlords to ask. This was an old road—hun- dreds of years old. The Clerk The Parish Council can repair it. The Chaiiman But they have no money. The Clerk: They can raise it from the same source as we do. Mr. John Williams (Pydew): Who used to repair it ? Mr. Thomas Morgan Nobody. Mr. C. W. Bell moved that they proceed to the next business. This road was exactly on the same ground as other roads they had de- cided not to repair. Rev. J. Adams seconded, and in doing so, said that parishes all round should repair their own footpaths. The motion was agreed to. CIRCUMSTANCES ALTER CASES.' The other application of the Bodfary Parish Council was next considered—that the District Council repair the road from Blue Bell to Lletty'r Eos and Tanygaer. Mr. Edwin Morgan: Did the Highway Board repair this lane? The Chairman thought the old road surveyors used to repair it. He knew that when he held that office, he did something to it. Mr. Thomas Morgan How long has the road been in this bad state? The Chairman Ever since I have been in Bodfary. Mr. T. Morgan: Dear me. What is the mat- ter now ? The Parish Clerk There was no District Council in those days (laughter). On the motion of Mr. Williams, Pydew, it was decided to proceed to the next business. FENCING A DANGEROUS SPOT AT DYSERTH. The Sub-committee appointed to inquire into the question of fencing the dangerous spot on the roadside by the river at Penisa, Dyserth, recommended that the tender of Messrs. Ro- berts Brothers for ieucing the place off be accepted. Mr. Conwy Bell said that several tenders had been under consideration, but the Com- mittee thought chafe that of Messrs. Roberts Bros. would be the best one to accept. Their price was 91.3 12s., and the Committee recom- mended its, acceptance, if Messrs. Roberts would substitute wrought iron pillars instead of cast iron, and section irons instead of prongs for fastening the fence. Mr. Williams proposed, Mr. Thomas Ellis seconded, and it was carried, that the recom- mendation of the Committee be confirmed. THE COLLEGE ROAD, TREMEIRCHION. The application of the Rev. E. Reeve, St' Beuno's College, as to the repair of the new road by the college, was further considered. Mr. Reeve said the road was made in 1873, and that there was an understanding that ic should be taken over by the highway authority. Mr. Edwin Morgan thought the road was in a very good state. It was almost like a drive. The Surveyor said that a portion of the road was in a very bad state. Up from the entrance gate to the gasworks of the college the road was very bad for about a hundred yards. The road was seldom used by any but the college people, but it was a public road. The Rev. J. Adams thought it would be in- consistent on the part of the Council to repair this road, after refusing the application of the Bodfary Parish Council. Mr. Bell: They can, if it is a public road, and in good condition, compel us to take it over. The Clerk: Yes, by an order of the magis- trates. It was resolved that Mr. Reeve be informed that this was not a road adopted as a highway repairable by the public. TERMS OF OFFICERS' APPOINTMENTS VARIED.—THE THREE iTEARS SYSTEM' ADOPTED. A communication was considered from the Local Government Board relative to the ap- pointments of Medical Officer of Health, and Inspector of Nuisances and Surveyor, and sug- gesting that the appointments be made for a term of years, rather than from year to year. Mr. Edwin Morgan said that in view of the approaching end of the term of office for the present Council, it would be better to leave the matter over for the new Council to deal with. Dr. Roberts and Mr. Geo. Bell, the officers affected, said they considered that it would be more satisfactory in every way for the appoint- ments to be for a term of years. The Rev. J. Adams proposed that the officers be appointed for a term of three years. Mr. R. Morris seconded. This was agreed to, and the Clerk instructed to make the next meeting a special one, to make the appointments. RUTHIN UNION AND ELECTORAL PROCEDURE. Resolutions were received from the Ruthin Rural District Council asking the Council to join in petition to the Local Government Board suggesting thafc in the future Rural Dis- trict Councillors should be elected in the same way as Parish Councillors, and that the latter continue in office for three years instead of for one as at present. The Chairman said Ruthin Union was at one time looked upon as a Model Union, but was quite out of date now. Mr. Howes Roberts considered that the pre- sent system of electing Rural District Coun- cillors was far better than that for electing Parish Councillors. At the first St. Asaph Parish Meeting the Chairman noticed that one man voted for 22 candidates, whereas 15 only was the number required. The resolutions were laid on the table. A PITFALL FOR DISTRICT COUNCILLORS. A letter was read from the Waen Parish Council calling attention to the very dangerous ditch on the roadside near Bryn Ibbot. The Rev. J. Adams said he could bear out what was said in the letter. The place was very dangerous, and traps had frequently fallen into i. t. It was about ten feet wide, and a yard deep. Mr. W. Conwy Bell assured them that it was at least five feet deep in one place. He had been in and ought to know (laughter). The road was also very narrow at the place. It was decided that a Committee should visit the place with the Surveyor, and Messrs. Edwin Morgan, T. Morgan, and T. Howes Roberts were appointed. A DANGEROUS QUARRY AT RHUALLT. LIABILITIES OF RURAL DISTRICT CHAIRMEN. The Council considered the question of fen- cing the Parish Quarry at Rhuallt. Mr. Edwin Morgan pointed out that it was held that an unfenced quarry was a nuisance, and that the District Council were liable if any accident happened. Unless they were care- ful they would find that the Chairman might be indicted for manslaughter should an accident happen. A coroner's jury in one part of En- gland had returned a verdict of manslaughter against the Chairman of a District Council. The Clerk said that that finding had been quashed on appeal. He considered personally that it was the duty of the Council to fence the quarry, as they had caused the place to become dangerous by quarrying stones for parish pur- poses. Mr. Bell considered that the owner of the property adjacent was equally liable with the Council, for there was a portion that undoubt- edly belonged to him. Rev. J. Adams said if any eattle fell over the quarry they would first have to trespass on the Council's land. Mr. Howes Roberts suggested that a claim for trespass could be made against the owner in that case. It was decided to appoint a small committee to inspect the quarry, and report thereon.


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