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ST. ASAPH. CHURCH DEBATING SOCIETY. The meeting of this society was held last Thursday evening. A very lively and interes- ting debate took place on the subject Are clubs detrimental to homes?' Miss Ostler opened on the affirmative side, and Miss Louis on the negative. Several members took part in the discussien, and the negative s;de was carried by a large majority. LITERARY SOCIETY. The meeting of this society was held last Wednesday evening, the Rev. Jonathan Jones presiding. The subject was 'Wales in 1800,' which was divided into three parts. Mr. W. H. Jeffreys read a paper on the social or political aspect, Mr. O.Hughes (station) on the educational condition of the country at that time, and the Rev. W. M. Jones on the religious state. The three papers had been prepared with a deal of labour, ard were very instruc- tive. CHAIR EISTEDDVOD. Judging from the programme of the St. Asaph Chair Eisteddvod, which is to be held on St. David's Day, there is a prospect of excellent meetings. The entries are numerous in all the sections. There are nine competitors for the chair prize, which competition is confined to persons not having previously won a chair in any eisteddvod, so there is now a better chance for younger bards to attain chair honours. The musical portion, especially the chief choral competition will prove interesting. Five well known choirs have entered for the chief com- petitions. Three meetings have been arranged for the day, the evening one being a gland concert. The presidents are P. Roberts, Esq., J.P., R. W. Wynne, Esq., J.P., and T. Howes Roberts, Esq. The conductor is Huwco Pen- maen, Rhyl, and the musical adjudicator Mr. Wilfrid Jones. The principal artistes for the concert are Miss Jennie Roberts, R.A.M., and Mr. Wilfrid Jones.




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