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EXCITING EXPERIENCE AT .LLANBERIS QUARRY. An extraordinary accident happened on Fri- day afternoon at the Dinorwic Quarries, Llan- beris. A man named Thomas Roberts, of Brynrefail, was working one of the galleries when a huge heap of rubbish and boulders, freed by the rains of previous days, began to move towards him. Before he could escape he was buried under a I fall' of about five jeet. The shout of his companions made known to the whole gallery that the man was buried, the roar of the fail being distinctly heard for a long distance off. Under the direction of Mr. Thomas Jones, the men quickly set to work, and before long had removed a quantity of rubbish. After working for some time one of the men put his ear to the heap, and the work- man buried underneath could be distinctly heard telling his companions to work in the same direction and hey would scon reach him. The rescuers redoubled their energies and soon reached their companion. No sooner, however, had they cleared about his head than a shout of War!' startled the rescuers, who ran away just in time to escape another fall of sodden rubbish, which once more buried the unfortun- ate workman. The men again went to work, and again the man was nearly freed, and boards put up to abop the flow of rubbis h, when another shout, even louder thaii that before, warned the rescuers of danger and compelled them to fly. A huge rock about for tons in weight rolled down the declivity, making direct for the place where the man was buried. Hia terrified com- panions looked on helplessly at wli-t appeared a certain death for their mate. The boulder, however, swerved and rushed past him. Once more the rubbish which followed in the train of the boulder broke the boards and buried the unfortunate man. Once more the men went to work, and finally succeeded in rescuing their mate, who war, still alive, but seriously injured. Under the direction of the chief manager, the Hon. W. W. Vivifill, and Dr. Mills Roberts, he was borne to the hospital, where his injuries were attended to. The man was under the fall for one hour and a quarter, and he is doing well. His injuries are fractures of the legs and arms and j&tenial.





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