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were going on it would take about twelve months to finish. The Chairman remarked that it was net merely the cost of the connections that they had fco look to, but it was veiy important with regard to the plans, Mr. Boosie undertook that and also the registration of them, and the ques- tion was whether their present surveyor would undertake to do those duties. They must not 'spoil the ship for a penny worth of tar.' Mr. Parry remarked that they were all anxious to save unnecessary expense, but the conncctiona were a matter of vital importance to the eostly sewerage scheme that they had gone in for. He would move an amendment that the whole matter be referred to the Drain- age Committee, and to report to the Council. Mr. Simon said that the matter had not been hurried upon them, bmt it had been discussed on several occasions. The Clerk explained that the connections were being made by the Council so that some- one would have to superintend the work. Mr. Simon said that they must take steps either with the surveyor, or compel people to connect. He did not see how they could com- pel people to connect when there were several members of the Council that had not yet done so themselves (laughter). Mr. Wright: Serve them the same way. Mr. Morris thought that before they took measures with other people, the members of the Council that had not already connected should do go. Mr. W. P. Jones seconded the amendment, and it was agreed to leave the matter over till the next meeting, and it was also decided that Mr. Boosie should make:a list of the houses already connected, those to be connected, and those that could not be connected with the main drain. THE PATHS. Mr. Roberts called attention to the filthy state of various footpaths in the Council's area. He stated that the matter had been under consideration some years, and it had been decided to pave Ffordd Fain footpath, but it had not yet been done, and he wished to know the reason why. It was absurd that they should ceme there and pass resolutions for work to be done if it was not carried out afterwards. The Chairman (to the surveyor): What is the state of the paths ? PMr. Jones: The paths are no worse now than they used to be (laughter). Tne matter dropped. SCHOOL BOARD. THE monthly meeting was held on Monday last, when there were present, Mr. E. Bithel (presiding), the Revs. E. M. Roderick, and W. Morgan, and Messrs. Rupert Prince, J. Lamb, W. Tompkinson, J. E. Davies, J. Catherall, and H. G. Roberts (clerk). FINANCE. The Clerk stated that the treasurer's ac- counts shewed an amount of £39 18s. 6d. against the Board, but there were during the month X260 received, and X210 more owing, and that had not been paid on the 3rd inst. ATTENDANCE. The Clerk stated that the average attend- ance at the schools during the month of January was 760 per diem, which was 77 less than the corresponding month of last year. The decrease was owing to the pre- valence of whooping cough and other epi- demics at Leeswood and Buckley. Returns were produced of attendance at the Mold Girls' School which shewed an average attendance for 1895 of 123, and 1896, 122. f> The Clerk, with Mr. Prince and Mr. Mor- gan, were appointed to draw out a form for all the teachers, so that the board might be supplied with a return every week. Mr. Morgan complained that there was a leak- age in the attendance at, the schools. They found that a certain number left the schools, and only two-thirds bad gone to the higher schools. Mr. R. Prince said that that was no criterion to go by, as many head teachers kept children on their books in the hope of them attending again and they took the end of the y nr to clear their books, which would account lor it. INCREASE IN SALARIES. Miss Nellie Roberts (Mold Girls'), and Miss Jones (Buckley Girls') applied for an increase in their salaries. ::The applications were discussed, and decided in camera.