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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. THE ordinary meeting of the Council was held on Friday last, when there were present Mr. D. Jones (Chairman), Mr. R. Ll. Jones (Vice- chairman), Messrs. R. W. Roberrs, D. W. Jones, J. Vaughan, G. Rees, J. W. Roberts, and T. R. Dakin (Assistant Clerk). The Collector had deposited £ 30 5s. Od. with the Treasurer during last month. The balance in the Treasurer's hands was £5 4s. 4d. Mr. J. W. Roberts called attention to the in- terest charged by the Treasurer on an over. draft. He understood that it was made clear, when the Treasurer was appointed, that he was not to make any charge for overdrsas. As the payment was not recognized as a legwi payment, it was a matter affecting them personally. It was then resolved, upon the motion of Mr. J. W. Roberts, seconded by Mr. D. W. Jones, that the attention of the Treasurer be called to the matter, and that he be asked to expunge the item. PLAN. A plan was submitted of an alteration pro- posed to be made on the premises of Mrs. Evans, Tremaran, by the construction of two bay win- dows. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. J. Vaughan, seconded by Mr. J. W. Roberts, that the plan be approved of, subject to a nomi- nal rent of 6d. each window per annum for the encroachment. BLAENAU FESTINIOG RAILWAY. A letter was read from the Great Western Railway Company, stating, in reply to the Council's resolution, that the accommodation on this line has been under their consideration; and that they hoped, shortly, to be in a position to place a better class of carriage on the Blaen- au Line. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. R. W. Roberts, seconded by Mr. R. LI. Jones, that the letter be acknowledged, and that the Railway Company be thanked for their promise. FINGER POSTS. A letter was read from the Llanfor Parish Council, inviting this Council to request the County Authority to erect finger posts on the Main Roads within the county at the junctions and cross roads, for the convenience of the in- habitants and visitors. It was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. R. Ll. Jones, seconded by Mr. J. W. Roberts, that such an application be forwarded to the County Council. LOCALE OF WELSH UNIVERSITY OFFICES. A letter was read from the Mayor of Cardiff, inviting the Council's co-operation in their en deavour to secure the above named offices at Cardiff. It was, however, resolved that the letter be laid on the table, as the Council anti- cipated receiving similar communications on the matter. NUISANCES. The Chairman reported that the letter from the Local Government Board herein had re- ceived the careful consideration of the Commit- tee and Clerk. They had come to the conclu- sion that nothing better could be done than adhere to the resolution passed at a previous meeting, and not adopt the suggestions of the above Board, as their adoption would involve the Council into very great expense, which they considered quite unnecessary. Upon the motion of Mr. D. W. Jones, seconded by Mr. J. W. Roberts, it was resolved that the report be re- ceived and adopted, and that the Clerk again write to the Local Government Board fully on this matter. ALTERATION OF DAY OF MEETING IN CERTAIN CASES. Mr. R. Ll. Jones proposed, in accoril, m-n with the notice given previously, that in the event of the ordinary meeting falling on a Holiday in town, or on May or October fair days, that the meeting be convened on the following Friday. Mr. D. W. Jones enquired what was proposed to he done in the event of the Friday' being more important than the fixed date? Mr. R. LI. Jones said he could not say, unless the motion be worded to convene the meeting within a week from the original date. As there was no seconder, the motion drop- ped. EXTENSION OF BOUNDARY. In pursuance of notice, Mr. R. Ll. Jones pro- posed that an application be made to the County Council to add to the Parish of Bala the whole of the township of Bala which is not included in the parish, and portions of the townships of Cyffty, Is-mynydd, and Streflyn, lying between the township of Bala and Cae'rysgol hedge, be- tween ErylAran and Fronfeuno, Trydan brook and the river Tryweryn.' Mr. Jones endea- voured, to define the extent of the proposed ex- tension, but was hampered from doing so satis- factorily through the absence of plans. The proposed extension was, however, he said, iden- tical with that applied for by the old Local Board, only that it was differently worded. In order to prevent the matter from being laid aside, Mr. Jones proposed that an application be made to the County Council to increase the Parish of Bala. Mr. G. Rees seconded. Mr. D. W. Jones proposed that the Council proceed to the next business. The amendment was not seconded. Mr. J. W. Roberts then proposed an amend- ment, and Mr. John Vaughan seconded, that the matter be deferred for a month, and that Mr. R. Ll. Jones, at the next meeting, submit a plan of the extension proposed to be applied for. The original motion was withdrawn, and the amendment passed. REMOVAL OF BALA JUNCTION. The Chairman stated it was time something further should be done in this matter. The co- operation of the various Parish Councils and District Councils had been invited and secured. The matter should either be proceeded with, or allowed to lapse. The Council were strongly in favour of taking further steps, and it was 's resolved, upon the motion of Mr. D. W. Jones, seconded by Mr. J. W. Roberts, that the Com- mittee before appointed take the matter into their careful consideration, and submit a report to the next meeting. PUBLIC LIBRARY. The Clerk reported that he had received no communication from Colonel Evans Lloyd or Mr. T. E. Ellis, M.P., in reply to his letter on the matter of their promised subscriptions. Mr. R. LI. Jones proposed that the Clerk write again to ask for a reply. Mr. J. W. Roberts objected, stating that enough time had elapsed to enable these gentle- men to communicate with the Council. The motion was subsequently seconded by Mr. G. Rees, and passed; but Messrs. D. W. Jones, J. W. Roberts, and R. W. Roberts ab- stained from voting. PLASEY PLOTS. The Collector called attention to the fact that notice had been given the tenants to quit on the 25th March next. The tenants were naturally anxious to know whether the Council adhered to the notice, and intended them to evacuate on that date. It was then resolved, upon the motion of Mr. R. Ll. Jones, seconded by Mr. D. W. Jones, that the Building Committee inspect the place, and report thereon. HIGH STREET IMPROVEMENT. Mr. R. W. Roberts submitted various matters to the notice of the Council, as the report of the Committee. The report of the Committee was adopted. Mr. Roberts reported that nearly all the materials required for the parapets in High Street had been received. The work would be commenced about the begining of March next, if the weather permitted, by making a parapet from Penisa'rdre to the County Hall. No ob- jection having been raised by any ratepayer to the plans submitted, the work could be proceeded with without delay.


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