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PROPOSED DISMAINING OF ROADS IN MERIONETH. LOCAL GOVERNMENT BOARD INQUIRY AT DOLGELLEY. On Wedesnday, at Dolgelley, Mr. Bircham, the Local Government Board Inspector, con- ducted an inquiry into the application of the Merioneth County Council to dismain certain roads. There was a representative atten- dance, including the Hon. C. H. Wynn (chairman of the Main Roads Committee), Mr. E. Griffith (ex-chairman), Mr. Thomas Jones (Brynmelyn), Mr. W. R. M. Wynne (Lord Lieutenant), Mr. O. Slaney Wynne, Dr. Ed. Jones, Mr. W. M. Davies, solicitor, Mr. R. Jones Griffith, solicitor, Mr. J. Morris Jones (county surveyor), Mr. Haydn Jonev (Towyn), Mr. E. Gillart (Machynlleth), Mr. W. Jones (surveyor to the Dolgelley Urban Council), Mr. Pryse House (surveyor to the Towyn Urban Council), with a number of other repre- sentatives of the local councils. Mr. Bircham, in opening the proceedings, said he was directed to hold two inquiries in the County into the application of the County Council as to the dismaining of certain roads. They were confined at the present inquiry to the application concerning two roads, one which led from the town of Dolgelley in the direction of Llanegryn, about 13 miles in length, and the other a road leading from Towyn through the Happy Valley of Peanal, about 6 miles in length. They would now deal with the first mentioned. The Hon. C. H. Wynn explained the reasons in favour of the application. He said the County Council maintained that there were considerable mileage in the county which were very little used, and may be reasonably dis- mained. There was an alarming increase of expenditure per mile in the Urban District Councils within the county. He admitted that this road for the first 4 miles was considerably used, but beyond that it was practically unused, and nothing whatever had been done to it for years. The council did not consider it their duty to report on parts of the road, but to submit it as a whole. He handed in certain papers and statistics bearing upon the applica- tions. Mr. E. Griffith, Dolgelley (a member of the Main Roads Committee), corroborated. Mr. J. M. Jones (county surveyor), also sup- ported the application. He said the Urban Councils were expending by leaps and bounds, and he believed that to be one reason why the [present application was made. He objected also on the ground that the County Council should not repair two parrallel roads leading to the same point. Nothing had been done to the upper portion of the road for 38 years. The distance to Towyn he admitted was much shorter by this road than by the other. Mr. W. R. Davies next submitted his ob- jections on behalf of the Dolgelley Urban District Co.uncil. Mr. R. Jones Griffith followed on behalf of the Rural District Council, who had passed strong resolutions on the subject. They ob' jected most strongly for the first five miles leading from Dolgelley to be dismained. This part had always been a main road, and was considerably used by tourists for the ascent of Cader Idris, and for vehicular traffic. There were two quarries within the limit, and along which considerable traffic was going on. He had evidence from farmers, &c., proving this read to be considerably used. Mr. R. M. Wynne, Peniarth, gave evidence. Dr. Edward Jones, Dolgelley, said the Coun- ty Council were very undivided on the subject. He had himself moved an amendment at the Council's meeting, to the effect that the road after the 5th milestone should be dismained. His amendment was negatived by two only. Evidence was further given by the Hon. JC H. Wynne, Mr. E. Griffith, and the County Surveyor, regarding the application to dismain the road leading from Towyn to Pennal. Mr. W. R. Davies appeared to oppose on behalf of the Towyn Urban Council. Messrs. W. R. M. Wynne, H. Haydn. Jones, E. Gillart, Machynlleth, and others, supported the opposi- tion.


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