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DENBIGH. Sudden death.-On Monday, an old man, of the name of Thomas Edwards, was found dead in his house at the Castle. He was a native of Holywell, but had lived in Den- bigh for some years. The Philharmonic Society.-We under- stand that this society has decided to give a second concert this season. The works selected for performance are Cambria5 (Dr. Parry), and two motets by Sebastian Bach. Examination Success.—Edward Mills, son of Mr. E. Mills, Chapel Place, Denbigh, has just passed very successfully the First or Preliminary Examination of the Pharma- ceutical Society of Great Britain, and has been duly registered as a student apprentice of the society. He was prepared for this examination at the County School, (Mr.'Ste- phen Edwards, M.A., Headmaster). Scriptural .Examination.- In connection with a Competicive Meeting to be held un- der the auspices of the Sunday School of Capel Mawr, on the 12th ins rant, a written examination took place on Thursday even- ing, when about 40 sat. The subjects were a period of the life of Christ for the junior divisions, and the history of Gideon and Samson for the senior. The examiners are the Rev. H. O. Hughes, Henllan, and Mr. David Williams, Alavowlia. Colonel Hughes, of Ystrad, and the Penrhyn Quarrymen.—We are given to understand that Colonel Hughes, of Ystrad, has, in view of the lockout at the Penrhyn Quarries, au- thorised Mr. Robert Davies, Gomel, his agent at Bethesda, to sell milk at a cheaper rate to the quarrymen during the present crisis. This reduction, we understand, amounts to about £5 Iper week, and the kindness of Colonel Hughes is highly appre- ciated by the workmen and their families. Smoking Concert,A- highly successful smoking ^concert was held at the Liberal Club Rooms on Tuesday night, under the presidency of Councillor W. H. Evans. Messrs. Edward Jones and Joseph Roberts had been appointed conveners, and with characteristic energy and enthusiasm, they provided an excellent programme. It had also been decided by the c rnm-ittee that each member of the club should be asked to bring with him to the entertainment a pound of same kind of eatables, and as a re- sult of this request, a large quantity of sand- wiches, cakes, cheese, tea, coffee, &c., was received, and in the course of the evening, each member was supplied with a cup of tea or coffee, and an abundance of the other good things provided. The arrangements were carried out by Messrs. J. Morris Davies, T. A. Roberts, and James Jones, and they are to be highly complimented on their suc- cess. Songs were given by Messrs. D. Da- vies, Richard Roberts, R. G. Jones, J. Ro- berts, G. E. Jones, T. Godfrey Edwards, Walter Roberts, J. Morris Davies, Joseph Roberts, Edward Jones, and Howel Gee. Mr. Salusbury, as usual, was the accompan- ist. The cues won at the recent Billiard Tournament were also presented to the winners.

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