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AN AMERICAN BAZAAR. On Thursday, an American Bazaar, or as it is often dubbed, a rummage sale was held at the Assembly Room, -in aid of the fund of the Fire Brigade. A large and various collection of articles was oflered to the pub- lic at exceedingly low prices. Gifts were received from most of the residents in the town and neighbourhood, and from the hearty support given to the sale by those who contributed and patronized it by their presence at the Assembly Room, it is evi- dent that the fire brigade is an institution held in high esteem by the people of Ruthin. It turned out an unqualified success, and the funds of the brigade must be very sub- stantially augmented by the proceeds. The following ladies and gentlemen assisted by superintending the different stalls-Mrs. Ed- ward Roberts Mrs. William Lloyd, Mrs. Tegid Owen, Mrs. Phillips, Miss Reed, Miss Gilbert, the Misses iFreeborn, Miss Ethel Thomas, Miss L. Owen, the Misses Jones (Heathfield), Miss Harriet Jones, Miss By- ford, Miss Green, Miss Tegid Owen, Miss Edwards, Miss Myfanwy Aldrich, Miss Shep- pard, Miss Jenkins, Miss Rouw, Mr. Turton Jones, and the Rev. J. Fisher. The firemen rendered valuable assistance, the arrange- ments being carried out under the personal supervision of Captain Rouw, and his right hand man, Lieutenant C. D. Phillips. The i e. Mayor graced the sale with his presence. In the evening a splendid safety bicyle of the Rudge-Whitworth type was drawn for, a large number of tickets having been sold. The name of the winner had not reached us up to the time of going to press. CONVERSAZIONE. On Thursday night of last week, a very successful conversazione was held in the Town Hall. Mr. W. Tudor Howell, M.P., Conservative member for the boroughs, and several other ladies and gentlemen, including the elite and the clergy of the neighbourhood, were present. The chair was taken by Major G. Blezard, Pool Park, who, after a short address, moved a resolution declaring the entire confidence of the Unionists of Ruthin in the present Government and its present management. The motion was seconded by Mr. Thomas Williams, Royal Oak Inn. Mr. Tudor Howell, who was received with enthusiastic cheering, said he was glad to see his Ruthin friends once more. During his speech he dealt freely with the late atrocities and the foreign difficulties. Re- garding the administration, he believed nobody could say anything against the pre- sent Government, as they had done well for the country in the legislation they had passed. He could not understand the atti- tude of Mr. Herbert Lewis and Mr. Lloyd- George these gentlemen were excellent people in private life they assumed to be the chief friends of the farmer and the agri- cultural labourer but if so, why was it that they opposed the Rating Bill of all others? He referred to the naval programme of last session the Irish taxation; Old Age Pen- sions, &e. MR. JUSTICE GRANTHAM. His Lordship, who is a keen connoisseur of old oak, paid a visit to several places in the town and neighbourhood during his recent sfcay in Ruthin, and was highly delighted with the excellent specimen of old English oak which he saw. His Lordship left for Mold on Wednesday. THE DEPARTURE OF MR. HUNTINGTON. Mr. Huntington, who has been staying at the Castle Hotel for several months, and has, during his stay, made a large circle of friends in the town, has taken the Plough Hotel, St. Asaph, and leaves Ruthin for the city of cu- rates and canons on Monday. A RUN-AWAY HORSE. On Thursday, one of the Pool Park horses bolted from near the Post Office, turned the corner of Market street, and went at a gallop down the road towards the Railway Station. The trap came in violent contact with a tree in the strooo Fortunately, the animal was caught befor rfiny damage was done. CYCLING CLUB. The members of the cycling club, recently formed, are busy preparing for the coming season. Several members have already been enrolled; and it is probable that the first run, which has been fixed for the 8th of April, will be to St. Asaph. It is to be hoped that as no club exists at present in Denbigh, many Den- bighites will assist Ruthin on the occasion by joining the club. The officers are—President, Col. G. T. Ellis Vice-presidents, Major Saxon Ellis, E. Mapplebick, F. Pilkington, Stanley Weyman, and G. H. Denton; Captain, Mr. Theodore Rouw Sub-captain, Mr. R. Beech Bugler, Mr. W. M. Thomas; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. C. E. Jones; Hon. Secretary, Mr. Joseph Jenkins. It is expected that the new badges will be received in the course of a few days. MR. JUSTICE GRANTHAM AND THE CORPORATION. The following paragraph appeared in the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday and those who know the circumstances will at once see that it is most misleading in its deductions, and unfair in its criticisms. But of course, we must ex- pect these kind of things from a Conservative journal, whose conductors lose no opportunity to sneer at Welsh Nonconformity:— I A well-meant attempt-by Mr. Justice Gran- tham to spread sweetness and light on the Cor- poration of Ruthin has ended in disastrous failure. It occured to his lordship that) if in- stead Divine Worship on Saturday, when he opened the commission of assize, he postponed that part of the ceremony until Sunday, the Mayer and the Corporation would have the opportunity of seeing what a Church of Eng- land service is really like. So hi. lordship I made his arrangements accordingly. But at the appointed hour, though the judge was ready, the Mayor aad Corporation came not, and Mr. Justice Grantham was compelled to proceed to church in solitary grandeur, just as if it had been an ordinary week day. Yester- day his lordship expressed disappointment that his evangelising efforts had proved unfruitful. Many members of the Corporation held, he knew, views on religious observances diflerent from his own; but, at the same time, they might have aided him in asking for a Divine blessing on assize work, if only for the purpose of shewing their appreciation ef religious free- dom as understood by others. Later in the day, the Mayor of Ruthin forwarded a letter to the judge disclaiming all intention of discourtesy. With the exception of an informal letter from a member of the Town Council he received not the slightest intimation that his presence at church was expected. There seems to have been a misunderstanding somewhere. INTERESTING PRESENTATION. On Friday night, Mr. D. J. Williams, late manager of the London and Provincial Bank, and now manager of the same company's bank at Gravesend, was the recipient of a beautifully bound copy of Hymns Ancient and Modern,' with music. Mr. Williams, during his stay at Ruthin, held the position of choir master at St. Peters church, and gave general satisfaction by the excellent manner in which he carried out his onerous duties and the presentation was made as a slight recognition of his faithful services. The Rev. the Warden presided, and made the presentation, referring in most eulogistic terms to Mr. Williams' musical abilities. In responding, Mr. Williams said he had, during recent years, been a member of at least six choirs, and considered Ruthin choir to be one of the finest, being second only to the choir of Carmarthen church, where the present Bishop of St. Asaph was vicar but for order and decorum, it even exceeded that.

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