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For the first class PHOTOGRAPHS, go D. & A. Hrours, Photographers, MoJfL CI Jibs, Par- ties, .^ohools, &e., by appo'ntment. Medcrata charges, action, and Henry Jones of the same place the defendant in the other. Both actions were for arrears of rent, and possession of lands and tenements Mr. Ralph V. Bankes (instructed by Messrs. Lloyd and Roberts, Ruthin), was for the plain- tiffs and Mr. Joseph Lloyd, St. Asaph for the defendants. Mr. Joseph Lloyd, applied for an ad- journment of the two cases. He said that he was entirely ignorant of the nature of the first case, and knew nothing of it except what he gleaned in court that morning. The papers in the first action were left in the hands of Mr. Alun Lloyd who acted for one of the parties, aud in spite of every search he had been unable to find them. He had written to Messrs. Lloyd and Roberts, of Ruthin, requesting them to consent to an adjournment, but the reply he received was that counsel had been retained, and that they could not possibly agree to the request, as Mr. Bankes had travelled from London specially to appear in the case. But he (Mr. Lloyd), understood that Counsel was now on circuit. Mr. Bankes (interposing) said that was not so. The assizes were held, but there being no special work, he was in London, and had come down that morning to appear in the two cases. As to the cases themselves, they had been re mitted from the High Court, the first action being for two and a half years' rent for the farm, of whicii two sums of 914 and 9-35 had been paid, and the second action was for f38 which had accrued as rent since November, 1895. He must admit that the cases were most complica- ted, but still he could hardly agree to an ad- journment. Mr. Lloyd said an adjournment of 12 months had already taken place, and the plaintiffs would hardly suffer from a further adjournment for a short time. Mr. Bankes said the defendant Jones was in possession of the house, and could not be in- duced to leave. He would have to go in for an ejectment order, unless he quitted the premises. However, plaintiffs did agree to drop the first action if the defendant Jones would go, but he had absolutely refused to do so. He would he so glad to see the back of Mr. Jones, that if he agreed to leave in a week, he would con- sent to an adjournment on payment of costs in the cause. His Honour considered a week rather too short a notice this time of the year. It was ultimately agreed between the parties to adjourn the case until the 18th February, plaintiffs' costs to be paid in any event, and Jones to leave the farm by the 12th February. His Honour consented to this course.