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RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL, THE ESTIMATES. A SPECIAL meeting of this District Council was held on Wednesday night to receive the estimates for the half year ending [March 31st next, and to fix the first improvement rate, and for other business. Mr. H. Davies, J.P., presided, and the other councillors present were Dr. Towns- hend, Dr. Griffith, Messrs Goronwy 0. Jones, John Jones, and John Pritchard, together with Mr. John Hughes (clerk). A WEEKLY HALF-HOLIDAY FOR THE ROAD MEN, The Road Committee recommended that the roadmen be allowed to leave off work at one o'clock on Saturday afternoon instead I of at 4. Mr. John Pritchard thought Saturday afternoon was rather an awkward time to allow the men a weekly half holiday, and suggested that some other day be given. ¡ This was an afternoon that should be devo- ted to clean up the roads for the Sabbath. f The Chairman observed that the same ar- gument was adduced at the committee, but J the committee decided to pass the recom- mendation then before the council. In the case of a flood, or some extraordinary thing occurring, of course, the men would turn out on Saturday afternoons. Dr. Townshend said the idea was that the street cleaning on Saturday should be at- tended to later in the evening than four o clock, and it was thought that arrange- ments could be made for a general cleaning of the streets, after the main traffic had ceased on Saturday night. The recommendation was adopted. THE BUDGET.THE ESTIMATES. Mr. John Jones, chairman of the Finance Committee, submitted the estimates for the half year ending March 31st 1897, which were as follows :—Expenditure Sewerage, Loan and interest, £ 100 Engineer, oil and coal, £ 13 2s.; Extension of Sewerage, £ 26. Roads, metalling, £ 50 street improve- ments, £ 30 labour, £ 36 8s.; Lighting Gas (already owing £ 10 19s. 4d) New posts, and Lamps, £8 16s.; gas for three months (esti- mated), £ 8 15s.; lamplighter, £4 lis. Elec- tion First election, Returning Officers ac- count, C12 13s. lOd. Bye election, £2 2s. Salaries, clerk, £ 10; collector, £ 5; Surveyor, £ 4 Inspector of Nuisances, £10. Estab- lishment, office furniture, £ 30 rent, C3 5s.: Gas and coal, £ 1 10s.: Stationery and Law books, £ 25; Advertising, £ 5 10s.; Totai, zC398 12s. 2d. Proceeding the chairman of the Finance Committee said the committee recommended that a rate of Is. 6d, in the be levied, and he thought, that would put them right. The recommendation was seconded by Dr. Townshend and confirmed.



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