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CORW E N. BOARD OF (UARDIANS. FRIDAY, January ,iid —Present: Messrs. < W. E. Williams (Chairman); Dr. Jones, J. O. Pugh, John Hughes, R. R. Roberts, Godfiey Parry, and Miss Hughes, Corwen John Jones, Gwyddelwern Henry Davies, John Jones, and the Rev. Ivan T. Davies, Llan Mllo E. O. V. Lloyd, Llansantffraid G.D.; F :1; >-d Jones and John Williams, Bryneglwys, Mrs. Cook and W. Ellis, Llangollen (Rural); Miss Edwards, Mrs. Richards, and John > s, Llangollen (Urban); H. J. Owen an. D. W. Roberts, Llantysilio; Thomas Hr .r (Clerk); Dr. Walker (District Medical 1 <v'); E. Derby- shire and E- Foulkes (Rel e ag Officers), and! R. Williams (Master). STATIC 3 Out-relicf administered d urg the past fort- night Corwen District, s ■ Mr. E. Derby- shire, f58 12s. Id. to 2T.upers—correspon- ding fortnight last year: itio lis. 3d. to 271 paupers. Llangollen District, per Mr. E. Foulkes, £ 57 7s. 4d. to 249 paupers—correspon- ding fortnight last year: £ 59 19s. 6d. to 249 paupers. Number of in ates in the house, 67 corresponding week last .-ear, 58. Number of vagrants relieved during the past fortnight, 38, being a decrease of as compared with last year. Balance due to the Treasurer, f,265 2s. 7d. A T*rSTRUCTIONS TO PUBLIC VACCIN IS UFDfR CONTRACT. A circular ar from 'heXocal Government Board referring to an ort?r ^vhich they have issued amending tne instructions to public vac- cinator under contract, was read. INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The consideration of Mr. Bircham's report having been adjourned at the last meeting, it was resolved, upon the motion of Mr. R. n. Roberts, seconded by the Rev. Ivan T. Davies, that the report be referred to the Workhouse Visiting Committee. PROVISION FOR AGED COUPLES IN THE WORKHOUSE. The following statement, represented to be a report of the minority of the Workhouse Visiting Committee, was read by Mrs. Cook: — As I have received no notice to attend a House Visiting Committee, as the report of a section of that Committee came before you, a short time since, I beg your indulgence to a report of the other section of that Committee. We found six unused rooms which are being unused for the want of being utilised, and two or three of these could, with a little expense, be made fit to accommodate the aged couples. I venture to trust that you will in a body visit the rooms in question, and not listen to the cry of ex- pense without finding out whether the term is rightly used or not. I, for one, am not willing to condemn every poor man because of an un- happy incident which may have occurred once in 13 years, neither am I willing to condemn a poor or a rich man without being heard. Trus* ting that our aged poor be made comfortable.' On the motion ot Mr. J. O. Pugh, seconded by Mr. Godfrey Parry, it 3 resolved that this statement be also referr,L to the Visiting Committee. MASTER'S REPORT. The Master reported that, on the 12th inst., Mrs. Walker, Plasyndre, with Mrs. Newnham, Dee Bank, Miss Walker and Dr. Walker, had treated the inmates to a Christmas Tree and a grand entertainment at the old Board School. The men were presented with tobacco and pipes, the women with tea and sugar, and the children with toys, sweet oranges, &c., for which all felt very thankful. Upon the motion of the Rev. Ivan T. Davies, seconded by Mr. Henry Davies, the warmest thanks of the Board were tendered to Dr. Walker, and the ladies mentioned, for their kindness. „ VOTE. OF SYMPATHY. Miss Hughes called attention to the fact, that Mrs. Williams, Plashafod, Llangollen, had been unable to attend the meetings of the Board for some time, on account of illness, and moved a vote of sympathy with her, hoping she will soon be recovered to her usual health. This was seconded by Mrs. Richards, and carried unanimously. SMART BUSINESS. Upon the motion of Mr. R. R. Roberts, se- conded by Mr. John Jones, Llandrillo, it was resolved that Mr. E. Foulkes,t 'Relieving Officer, Mid Sergeant Bagshaw, be warmly compli. mented for the efficient action taken by them in the recent case of wife desertion at Llan- gollen. APPLICATION. An application by Mr. Foulkes for authority to recover a sum of money left towards the maintenance of one of the Workhouse inmates, was granted. EDEYRNION RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. FRIDAY, January 22nd.—Present: Rev. Ivan T. Davies (Chairman) Messrs. R. R. Roberts, Dr. Jones, John Hughes, Godfrey Parry, and Miss Hughes, Corwen John Jones, Gwyddel- wern W. E. Williams, Llangar John Jones and Henry Davies, Llandrillo E. O. V Lloyd, Llanganbtfrai(I G.D. Thomas Hughes (Clerk) Dr. White (Medical Officer of Health), and Edward Edwards, Surveyor, &c. PUBLIC HEALTH AND LOCAL GOVERN- MENT CONFERENCES ACT, 1885. A circular letter referring to an order issued by the Local Government authorising the pay- ment of the reasonable expenses incurred by representatives of a Rural District Council in attending Conferences was read. The order fixes two as the maximum number of members who may be empowered to attend a Conference on behalf of a District Council, and the ex- penses for each person, beside the actual tra- velling expenses, should not exceed 7s. 6d. per day, when not absent from home all night, and 15s. per day when absence from home at night i8 necessary. COMMEMORATION OF THE QUEEN S LONG REIGN. A letter was read from the Queen's Com- memoration Joint Committee' expressing a hope that the Council may find it possible to promote the adoption of one or more of the suggestions for commemorating the long reign of the Queen, embodied in the circular isaued by the Committee. Dr. Jones said he was anxious for the event to be celebrated at Corwen in some form or other, and moved that a, Committee be appoin- ted to consider in what form it would be most appropriate. This motion was seconded by Mr. E. O. V. Lloyd, and supported by Mr. W. E Williams. Mr. R. R. Roberts proposed, Mr. John Hughes seconded, and it was resolved that the matter be taken under consideration until the next meeting, and that, in the meantime, the Parish Councils within the district be com- municated with and invited to co-operate. ELECTION OF PARISH COUNCILLORS AND NOMINATION OF DISTRICT COUNCILLORS. Resolutions passed by the Ruthin Rural Dis- trict Council in favour of conducting the elec- tion of District Councillors on the same princi- ple as Parish Council Elections, and for electing Parish Councillors for three years in- stead of one were read, and directed to be laid on the table. tINEFFICACIOUS AND DANGEROUS CULVERT. A letter was read from the Llandrillo Parish Council calling attention to a badly construc- ted culvert, known as Pont Ty'nllwyn on the Pennant Road, and stating that the road for a good distance was impassable, owing to the overflow from the brook, and asking the Coun- cil to remedy same. Upon the motion of Mr. R. R. Roberts, se- conded by Mr. Henry Davies, it was resolved that the Surveyor be instructed to visit the place, and report to the next meeting. STATION ROAD, LLANDRILLO. The Chairman called attention to the uneven and dangerous state of the road leading from the main road to the Station at Llandrillo, and asked whether the District Council could take any steps to have the said road improved. Mr. R. R. Roberts, on being informed that it was a road maintained by the Railway Com- pany, moved that the attention of the Llan- drillo Parish Council be called to it, and that they be recommended to report its state to the railway authorities. This was seconded by Dr. Jones, and car- ried. HYDRANTS. __Upon the recommendation of the Directors of the Corwen Water Company, Limited, it was resolved to accept the tender of Messrs. T. Eyton Jones & Co., for providing and fixing five hydrants in the town of Corwen-the work to be proceeded with at once. CORWEN SEWAGE SCHEME. A letter was read from Mr. John Williams, engineer, pointing out that the objections of the Local Government Board are not in any way to the scheme and plans prepared by him, but to the land selected for the treatment of the sewage. He maintains that he advised the Rural Sanitary Authority of the objections that would be raised by the Local Government Board before proceeding with the making of the plans, but notwithstanding his advice he was directed to proceed, and now he wishes to be informed what is his position with the Council in this matter. Upon the motion of Mr. R,. R. Roberts, se- conded by Mr. W. E. Williams, it was resolved to adjourn the consideration of the letter till the next meeting. PANDY CAPEL BRIDGE. Upon the motion of Mr. John Hughes, secon- ded by Mr. Godfrey Parry, it was resolved to contribute £ 1 15s. Id. to the Ruthin Rural Dis- trict Council towards the expenses of making a bridge at Pandy Capel. LOCAL GOVERNMENT INQUIRY. The Clerk called attention to the inquiry to be held at Corwen, on Tuesday, February 2nd, by Mr. Bircham, Local Government Board In- spector, with regard to the application of Merioneth County Council for an order redu- cing the Penybryn and Ddol Roads, Corwen, from being main roads to the status of ordi- nary highways. The members of the Council wre earnestly asked to attend the inquiry, and also to get as many others as could-give any evidence. Upon the motion of Mr. E. O. V. Lloyd, secon- ded by Mr. Godfrey Parry, it was resolved to engage the services of a solicitor for the day, and the Chairman, with Messrs. W. E. Wil- liams, J. Jones, Caenog, and R. R. Roberts, were appointed a committee to make arrange- ments with one, SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Mr. E. Edwards reported that the necessary extension of the mam sewer to Penybryn Road was carried as directed. The repairs recom- mended to Trewyn Bridge had been completed, but more repairs will be required on this bridge soon. PAY SHEETS. The workmen's pay sheets were examined, and cheques were drawn as follows :—Edeyrn- ion Rural District Council, £ 6118s. lOd. Llan- armon D.C., £ 3 os. DEATH-RATE. We understand, on good authority, that the death-rate for the last year was only a fraction over 17 per thousand of the population. An interesting report from the Medical Officer of Health may be expected at the next meeting. REVIVAL MEETINGS. On four evenings of last week the Rev. Hugh Hughes, of Carnarvon, preached to large con- gregations at the Wesleyan Chapel. On Wed- nesday evening, the reverend gentleman de- livered a lecture on The Bank of Faith.' Both the lecture and the preaching were fully appre- ciated, but we have not heard that anyone was. converted. Even popular preachers are some- times disappointed. INTERESTING PRESENTATION. On Saturday, the 22nd inst., the enginemen and firemen of the Great Western Railway at Corwen, met together, and handed to Mr. Tom Hogg a handsome present on his retirement from the service of the company, in whose em- ploy he had been for upwards of 19 years, and during which time he had endeared himself to all his fellow-workmen, as well as to those em- ployed in other departments. In making the presentation, Mr. C. Roberts made eulogistic remarks respecting the recipient to which the Aatter suitably responded.