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MEETING OF THE IRISH PARTY. ACTION AGAINST MR. HEALY. The following is an authorised report of a private meeting of the Irish Parliamentary party held on Saturday in Committee Room, No. 15, of the House of Commons, under the chairmanship of Mr. Dillon. There was an attendance of fifty-one members Mr. Michael Davitt proposed, and Mr. T. M'Dermott seconded the following resolu- tion, viz., That in accordance with the duty imposed upon the Irish Parliamentary party by the Irish Race Convention to make effective provision for the unity and disci plina of the party, it is resolved, viz. that it is essential that each member should join in loyally carrying out the party policy as settled after full discussion at party meet- ings by the judgment of the majority. That with a view to such discussion and settle- ment, regular meetings shall be held on the first day of each session and on the secono. Tuesday of each month during the session, or the nearest convenient day, and other meetings may be held from time to time, in the judgment of the Chairman, or on the requisition to him of not less than five mem- bers, and that it is the duty of every mem- ber as far as possible to attend the party meetings so as to assist in reaching the best decision upon the questions raised. That it is contrary to the duty of any member to oppose publicly any decision reached by the party, and that in cases in which it has been found impossible to hold a party meeting, and in matters springing up in course of debate or in matters of tactics and admini- stration such as have ordinarily been ar- ranged by the Chairman of the party, it is contrary to the duty of any member to op- pose publicly in the House of Commons the Parliamentary action of the Chairman, taken on behalf of the party, after such advice as he can obtain at the moment, though every member retains his right to criticise and move against such actions in party meetings. That the party observes that a public fund has been started for the maintenance of a portion of the party in rivalry with the na- tional subscription instituted under the authority of the Irish Race Convention, and that a meeting of subscribers to the rival fund resolutions were adopted declining to recognise the Irish National Federation as now constituted and controlled as represen- ting the country, and authorising the forma tion of a new organisation. That these pro- ceedings, if successful, would subvert the unity and destroy the efficiency of the Irish National party, and that it is irreconcilable with the position of any member of the Irish party to associate himself in any way therewith. That in case at a party meeting especially called on not less than one week's notice for the consideration of the question, it be resolved that if any member has at any time since its passage violated the spirit of this resolution, and has thus substantially failed in the obligations it imposes, Le shall thereupon cease to be a member of the party. That this resolution is not intended in any way to impair the obligation of the existing party pledge.' Mr. T. M. Healy moved, Mr. J. P. Farrell seconded, as an amendment, 'The copies of Mr. M. Davitt's resolution be circulated amongst the members, and that the meeting be adjourned for a week.' After some discussion, Mr. Healy's amend- ment was voted upon, and rejected by 34 votes to 17. Alderman Collery next proposed, and Sir Thomas Esmonde seconded, a further amend- ment, 'That the meeting be adjourned to Monday next at eleven o'clock' whichwas carried by 37 to 14. The meeting thereupon adjourned.