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mn—M»BW3M—MMH iJiBMnw»tfw«.*a»MWBMeawnK^i THE LONDON & CAMBRIAN Pia,noforte &. Music Company, ROCHDALE HOUSE, HIGH STREET, RHYL (Opposite the General Post Office). Pianos, American Organs, Har- moniums, By BRINSMEAD, BISHOP, and other leading Makers. Liberal for Cash or easy terms of pan- mait. INSTRUMENTS LET ON IlIRE. Violins, Mandolines, Banjos, Melodeons, Auto Harps, Musical Boxes, &c., In great variety. Music Stoels, Stands. Cabinets, Strings, Aud fittings of all kinds. TUNINGS 4-, REPAIRS by Experienced Man (Late with Broadwood & Son). Largest Stock of Vocal & Instrumental Music in Rhyl. Inspection Invited. PIANISTS and BANDS Supplied for Balls and Evening Parties. GREENHALGH & GEARY, Auctioneers, Valuers & Accountants MARKET STREET, HHfL. Valuations for Probate. Mortgages arranged. A compendious List of Properties, to be Let or Sold, issued monthly. '4J> Graig Bdewart Quarry, NEAF; RUTHIN. The Proprietor of the above Quarry begs to inform the Public that there is now to be had a constant supply of Lime, Building 87; Coping Stones, V *Window Sills, Gate Posts, Chippings, &c. For Terms, apply to the Foreman of the Quarry. -0-00- TO BE LET or SOLD, No. 12, 16, 18 & 20, BEECHWOOD ROAD, RHYL. XTEWLY completed, with every convenience; 3 :I3l Entertaining Rooms, 6 Bedrooms, good Kitchens Pantry, Gardens, &c.; Gas and Electric Bells in each Room. Hot Water in Scullery and Bath Room. Apply to W. J. SIM COCK, Architect >and Surveyor, 7, River Street, Rhyl. SHEFFIELD GOODS-Cheap Job Lot, TABLE KXIVES and FORKS, Pen and Pocket- JL knives, Spoons, Razors, Farmer's Tools, &c. Good assorted Parcels, 11s., 22s., and 40s. each. H. GILLAM, Merchant, Egerton Street, Sheffield. WANTED, a Strong and Active Boy, to thre Gro- cery and Provision Trade. Apply to 35, High street, Denbigh. WANTED, a Second KEEPER for some Grouse Moors in Montgomeryshire must understand Grouse Driving, and speak Welsh house and land provided; state wages. Mr. W. FORRESTER ADDIE, Estate Office, Powis Castle, Welshpool. HMO Bakers and Confectioners.—A Young Married _L Man requires situation as First or good Second. Well up in Smalls, Bread, Ices, Iping, Piping, &e. Can give seven years London reference, and 3 years good reference from last employer. Total Abstainer, and non Smoker. Apply WILKINS, 40, Feather Street, Flint. Alliance Assurance Company ESTABLISHED 1824. CAPITAL-FIVE MILLIONS. FUNDS-FOUR MILLIONS. The Right Hon. Lord ROTHSCHILD, CHAIRMAN. ROBERT LEWIS, Chief Secretary. -Chief Office—BARTHOLOMEW LANE, LONDON. LIFE. Policies Indisputable and without restrictions. Liberal reinstatement and Nonforfeiture plans. A low and limited expenditure. Large Bonuses Ample Security in Large Accumulations and Capital. FIRE. Insurances completed expeditiously, Moderate Rates. Surveys of Estates and Works free Prompt Settlement of Losse-s, BRANCHES At—among other places LIVERPOOL—30, Exchange Street East O. MORGAN OWEN, Secretary. WREXHAM: 28, High Street: JOHN FAANCIS, Secretary. Prospectuses, &c., may be obtained from any of the Company's Branches or Agents TO BUILDERS & CONTRACTORS. RENDERS are invited for the Renovation and Enlargement o £ Pen i el Congregational Chapel, Aberayren, Plans and Specifications are to be seen at 28, North Road, Aberayrcn Endorsed Tenders are to be sent IN to the Rev. T. GWILYM EVANS, Aberayron, isot *ater than Feb. 17th, 1897. lowest or any Tender not necessarily accepted* JLHE G3ROSVENOR, FAMILY and COMMERCIAL Temperance Hotel, (LATE STAR) BOBJPOR STREET, RHYL, (Close to the Station). Under entirely New Managemeut. HOME COMFORTS, highly recommended. Sunday TABLE D'HOTE, 28. Boarding Terms from 5s. 6d. per day. Beds from Is. 6d., including attendance. Commercial, Private, Sitting, Dining, Coffee and Smoke Room. Baths (h. and c.). A GOOD SHILLING DINNER, In General Room, ground floor. Chops and Steaks .1' from the Grille. P.S.—Schools, Choirs, and other Parties specially catered for. Orders for Post promptly attended to. CHARLES SNOWDEN, Proprietor. GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY. COMPLETE HOUSE FURNISHERS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 12, li, 16 8s 18. PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL. Furnish for Cash, or on the Hire-Purchase System. NOTE.-OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM IS ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER. AND HAS BEEN HIGHLY COMMENDED BY THE WHOLE; OF THE LOCAL PRESS THE GLOBE FURNISHING COMPANY' J- the oldest established, and by far the most exten- sive Furnishers on the Hire-Purchase system in the Provinces, supply every requisite for the complete Furnishing of Cottage, Hotel, or Mansion, consider- ably cheaper than the majority of those Firms who sell for Cash only. This we are able to do through having a very large capital at command, and being the bona-iide manufacturers of the principle goods we sell. NO SECURITY REQUIRED. NO EXTRA EXP EN SES ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM. we sell. NO SECURITY REQUIRED. NO EXTRA EXP EN SES ON OUR HIRE-PURCHASE SYSTEM. The fair and equitable manner in which our busi ness, is carried, on. and our reasonable terms and low prices are so well known throughout the North of England and Wales, as to render further comment unnecessary. General terms, which, however, can be altered to suit the convenience of customers. Payments Week- ly Monthly, or Quarterly:— Amount of Pnrchase, 910. Payment, per week, 3s. 6d £ 20. „ 5a. Od £ 50. „ „ 10a. Od „ &100. „ 17s. 6d £ 500. „ 30s. Od An inspection of our stock will at once satisfy in- tending purchasers that we give better value and offer easier payments than any otner House Furnish- ers on the Hire-purchase system in the Provinces. All Goods are delivered free in our own or private vans, anc no expenses of any kind are incurred by customers. Furniture sent to any part of England or Wales. The xrade supplied. Snipping Orders executed witt vespatch. CAUTION.-—As some h\rmb adopt various means — su ;h as copying our Prospectus. &c.-with the evident intention of inducing the public to believe they are connected with us—PLEASE NOTE OUR ADDRESS. OUR NEW PROSPECTUS. LARGE ILLUSTRA- TED CATALOGUE, PRESS OPINIONS. AND PRICE LIST. SENT POST FREE ON APPLICATION. JBurnish for Cash, or on the Hire-purchase system. Business hours-9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays, 9 a.m to 6 p.m. Railway Fares allowed to Country Customers. i Q LOBE FURNISHING QOMPANY 12, 14, 16, and 18. PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVEROOL. 9646 f\, THOS. SYMINGTON & CO. _7" U-| _• 61 THE I g !|| \$i |d HOUSEWIFE If] ;oj v.'i'fQ v;ic!?es fo oatfe herself |j £ }) burr^, Worry, flurry, hmi, Nh r trouble, and money, should w ¡ <) r- I () 0-l use l^mingWs €dii\bur|{? jp J! (joffes (Essence for breaft- § | fast, or w'iienetfer a cu'p of | joj good coffee is required. C 21 'l p j Mosf experienced ffouse- d j Vvi-Jcs already use if. ♦ 9 O J o p SOLD BY EVERY 0CSD CR3CEfl. jO EOINSORO-' & LONDON. 9413 ALUN SCHOOL, MOLD. OOARDERS received in Headmaster's JL* House, Preswylfa Hall Charming country situ- ation. Dairy Farm attacned. Park for Cricket and 11 ^ptbaAl. Gardens with Lawn Tennis Courts. Pupils from this School have been very successful at London Matriculation, Welsh University College Scholarship, and other Examinations. At each of the, Cambridge Local Examinations of the last six years, this School nassed a greater number than any other Scnool in Wales or Monmouth. Twenty-one Pupils were successful in December, 1894. Prospectus on application to Pupils were successful in December, 1894. Prospectus on application to W. LLOYD PARRY, B.A., I 9120 HEAD MASTEB LADIES' COLLEGE. HOLT, near WREXHAM, I CONDUCTED BY MIIS. OLITER JONES. A SSISTED by Competent English Go- A vern eases. Young Ladies are prepared for the various Public Examinations, including Oxford and Cambridge Locals, and Trinity College, London, in Music. The College re-opens January 28th, lsgt. A few vacancie -c- HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, South Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. Principal-Mrs. MARLES THOMAS. THIRST Class Honours, special Distinctions X and Certificates, Prizes and Medals have been gained in various Public Examinatioas, Scholar- hips at<the University Colleges have been obtained rom the School. __0_ CARNO SCHOOL BOARD. WANTED at once, a PUPIL TEACHER r the above School. Knowledge of Welsh essential. Apply, wt&ting acre astd salary required, .1 to w'OQSNAM, iii-.sk Chambers, New- to wv, Mont., Clork. Messrs Berrie d- Williams. MESSRS. BERRIg & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Valuers, and Estate Agents, 43, HIGH STREET (Near the Railway Bridge and Alexandra Hotel), RHYL, Conduct Sales by Auction of Live & Dead Farming Stock, Property, and House- hold Furniture. A Complete Register kept of Houses and Lard to be Sold and Let. Valuations prepared for Probate, &c. Fire, Life, and Plate Glass Insurances affected. When desired Advances can be made on Effects for absolute sale. JRr. 3). iJrittInnd. COUNTY OF DENBIGH. COLWYN BAY. Sale of a Freehold FARM eligible for Building Sites, also a small Allotment. \/f R- J. PRITCHARD will Sell by Auc- ill tion, a, the Colwyn Bay Hotel, Colwyn Bay, on Monday, February 15tn, 1897, at 2 p,m, LOT 1. The Compact Freehold Farm, Hafotty.' In the Parish cf Llandrillo-yn-rhos, distant about one-and-a-half miles from Coiwyn Bay, and about one mile from Mochdref: now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Roberts, at the extremely moderate rental of £ 23 per annum, and containing 37a. 3r. 27p. The above Freehold Farm is pleasantly situate on the hill at the back of the Pwll-y-crochan Hotel, just above the Colwyn Bay Woods, and commands charming views "of the surrounding scenery. The whole of the land is well cultivated and in good or- der. and well supplied with water. There is a very comfortable Residence and spacious Outbuildings. Being within easy distance of Colwyn Bay, it will doubtless soon be ripe for development into Building Sites. Roads are already being con- structed on property adjacent. LOT 2. A Freehold Allotment of 2a. 2r. 16p., in the occupation of Mr. Ezekiel Tho-' mas, at a rental of £ 2 10s. per annum, and situate near Moriah Chapel, Rhosgoeh Mountain, in the Parish of Llansanttfraid Glan Conway, and distant about 3 mile3 from Colwyn Bay and Glan Conway. For further particulars, apply to J. P. LEWIS, Esq., Solicitor, Denbigh, or the AUCTIONEER, Bangor. JOSEPH DAVIES, ACCOUNTANT and AUDITOR, AUCTIONEER, VALUER and ESTATE AGENT, PRIOR CHAM BESS (off St. Peter's Squar R u li, ii I W. 9673 r DRAINED Nurses Home, 26 & 28, Wind- 8- sor Street, Liverpool. Mrs. OWEN, Matron. Comfortable home for patients at moderate charges. Nurses supplied to all parts. Telephone,, 9947. RAPHAEL'S ALMANAC for 1897, con- fc' tains hi;dts to Farmers and Gardeners, Birth- day Information for every day. When to buy, sell, speculate, &e. 128 pages Price 6d. FOULSHAM. 4, Pilgrim Street, London. E. C. RAPEPt,Y-W,-tnte,i an intelligent Youth -IS as Apprentice. Also an Improver.—J. JONES, The Reform, Wrexham. 'OLWYN GYRU' MELIN YD Ar Werth. JVJLAE hi yn 7 troedfedd a P modfedd a ei thraws, n i mewn cyflwr rhagoi ol Gwerthir hi yn had. Ymofyner b. Rhif 9538 yn y swyde fa hon A CARD.} MR. E. W. KEArrINGE., L.D.S. DENTA.L SURGEON, Late of 65. HIGH STREET, has removed to VAENOL (opposite the Church), RUSSELL ROAD, RRYL, ATTENDANCES AS USUAL AT DENBIGH.—Mrs. Sisin&bb, 13. High Street, every Wednesday. RUTHIN.—Mrs. Rt&B?. Jeweller, St, Peter's Sq. every First Tuesday in the month Fair Day), and Third Monday. 9026 ,r-. 11 I 1, 11; ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS TO United States & Canada. Under contract w h the Canadian Government for conveyance of the Canadian Mails)'' FROM LIVERPOOL. ASSYRIAN, Foz-'St. John's N.F.& Halifax Dec.22. MONGOLIAN.. For Halifax & Portland Dec.24. CARTHAGINIAN..For 8t. ,Jolin's & Halifax, Jan. 2. NUMIDIAN For Halifax & Portland Jan.7. LAURKNTIAN For Halifax & Portland ..Jan.21. MONG 0 t-IAN., For Halifax and Portland I.. Feb. 4. FARES FOR OCEAN PASSAGE. Saloon, from £ 10 10s. Second Ca,bin. and Steerage, at Moderate Rates. Through Tickets to all Stations at Special Rates. Passengers are landed on the Railroad Wharf and transferred from ship to tram without any inconven iencs and expense. The Company's special conductor accompanies West-bound passengers. NOTE—Thie Line provides the cheapest and most convenient route to all parts of Canada, Manitoba, the nort^ west Provinces, British Columbia, and the Weste),b States of America. Young Men desiring Agricultural Experience in Canada sLjuld in the first place communicate with the Allan Stenmship Co. TO TOURISTS, SPORTSMEN, & Others.—Round Trip Tickets, combining excursions to Niagara Falls, the wonderful scenery and Sporting Districts of the Rocky Mountains and British Columbia, Mid other places of interest in United States and Canada. Pro- gramme of Tour on application. British delegates new reports, and all the latest maps and pamphlets free. Direct setjEices from Glasgow to New York and Boston and Philadelphia. all the year round. Full particulars from ALLAN BROTHERS & CO., James Street, Liverpool, or to Thomas Evanp & Co., Station Chambers, Rhyl. J. T. Williams, 3, Market Street, Rhyl R. Roberts, 23, Town Hill, Wrexham. R. G. Humphreys, Bookseller, High st., Portmado J. T. Morgan & Co.. 24, Chester St., Wrexham. D. S. THOMAS, British Schools, Llandovery. JOHN EDWARDS, 68, High street, Rhymney ROBERT L. JONES, Mount Place, Bala. JOHN CAPEL. Stationer. High st., Rhymney. W.H.DAVIES, Stationer, B .nk Place, Denbigh. 8426 VICTORIA,' with HOOD complete, on Sale, 1) Y one of the best Makers and is in exce A J lent condition-having been but little used. has a Pole and Shaft; also a Driving Seat, which lightly but strongly made, and can be used, or ni when required. It W;l! be sold a Bargain. Apply to No. SMO at this offloe I ARTISTIC AND SCIENTIFIC I PHOTOGRAPHY. I X RAYS. mR. JOHN WILLIAMS begs to inform the public of the Vale of Clwyd and North Wales gener- ally that he has obtained the LATEST and most im- proved Electrical apparatus, and is prepared to Cryptoscope or Radiograph any part of the human body through the clothing. Terms on Application. ESTABLISHED 1885. JOHN WILLIAMS, PORTLAND STUDIO, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Each sitter personally attended to by J. W. Please note the Address:—PORTLAND STUDIO, 8, High Street, RHYL. T. ANDREWS WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Wine &, Spirit /i/ Allsopp's /<? ALES. ——————————— DENBIGH. I NOTED I OLD SCOTCH & IRISH WHISKIES. SOLE AGENT FOR ¡ TEACHER'S HIGHLAND CREAM AND VIGOROSO WINE. GUINNESS1 STOUT, IN CASKS AND BOTTLES. R OWEN, 45, High Street and Star Shop, DENBIGH, Begs to announce that he has made arrangements to take over, On the 1st day of JANUARY, 1897, THE Flour, Meal, Corn, &0., Business, Transacted by MRS. HUGHES, KING'S MILLS, And hopes, by guaranteeing Good Value and Low Prices, to secure the patronage previously accorded to Wine &, Spirit /i/ Allsopp's /<? ALES. DENBIGH. I NOTED OLD SCOTCH & IRISH WHISKIES. SOLE AGENT FOR TEACHER'S HIGHLAND CREAM AND VIGOROSO WINE. GUINNESS1 STOUT, IN CASKS AND BOTTLES. R OWEN, 45, High Street and Star Shop, DENBIGH, Begs to announce that he has made arrangements to take over, On the 1st day of JAIUABT, 1897, THE Flour, leal, Corn, &c., Business, Transacted by MRS. HUGHES, KING'S MILLS, And hopes, by guaranteeing Good Value and Low Prices, to secure the patronage previously accorded to his predecessors. HIGH CLASS SHORT STORIES. THE Proprietors of THE NORTH WALES TIMES have much pleasure in announcing that they have made arrangements to publish a series of HIGH CLASS SHORT STORIES by some of the best English Authors of the present day, amongst them being AMELIA E. BARE. M. E. FBANCIS. KATHARINE S. MACQUOID. HOME NISBET. S. BARING-GOULD. KVELW SHARP. HELEN MATHERS. B. EVERETT GEEE&. ANDREW HAGGARD. RICHARD MARSH. MRS. BRABA7.0N. G. B. STUART. NORA VYNNE. MABEL QUILTER-OOUCH. AND OTHERS. Each story will be complete in either one or two numbers. The Proprietors are confident that the public will appreciate this opportunity of perusing the works of these eminent writers. Next Weeks STORY will be 'THE OLD WRECK.' J. P. ADAMS, (Organist of the Parish Church, Mold Conductor of the Mold Male Voice Union); Beg to announce that he WILL VISITs ST. ASAPH, On THURSDAY in each Week, To GIVE LESSONS In Singing, Pianoforte, &c. For Terms, apply to Mr. T. E. ADAMS, Lay Clerk, St. Asaph. A SPUR WHEEL' FOR A COR'Sf MILL on S<tlo. IT measures 7 ft. 6 in. in jdiiiiuetsr, and in £ excellent condition. It will-be sold cheap. Apply to No. 9538 at thia office, [A CARD.] W. J. SIMCOCK, Architect, Surveyor, and Valuer, HAVELOCK HOUSE, 7, RIVER STREET, RHYL. Plans, Specifications, and Bills of Quantities, pre pared for all classes of work. Buildings superintended, and Valuations made. MR. F. SARSON, 10 YEARS WITH MR. SARSON, L.D.S. (LLANDUDNO), CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. Artificial Teeth on Improved Principle. PAINLESS EXTRACTIONS WITHOUT USE OF GAS. FILLINGS, SCALING, &c. Consultations Free. Testimonials may be seen at above address. Country Patients attended by appointment. EVAN THO.IIAS, RADCLIFFE & CO CARDIFF. MOVEMENTS OF STEAMERS. January 27th, 1897. Gwenllian Thomas,' arr. Birkenhead Jan. 23. lolo Morganwg, left Newport 23. 'Anne Thomas/I eft Cardiff 18. 'Wynnstay', arrived Jarrow 26. Walter Thomas,' left Novorossisk 23. Bala/passed Pera 26. W. J. Radcliffe, left Cardilf 26. Clarrisa Radcliffe,5 left Harwich 26. Sarah Radcliife.' arrived Novorossisk 18. 'Mary Thomas,'left Newport iff. Jane Radcliffe,'arrived Naples 21. Douglas Hill,' passed Pera 24. 'Llaiiberis,'Ieft Ca,-rdiff 15. 'Manchester,' arrived Rotterdam 19. 'Peterston,' left Rotterdam 27. Anthony Radcliffe, arrived Barry 18. Ethel Radcliffe,' left Cardiff 14. Dunra,veu,'left Galveston n. HIGH CLASS TAILORING At POPULAR PRICES. Norfolk, Shooting, Fishing, Cycling and Golf Suits, In Harris Tweeds, Homespuns, Lovatt, Irish and Inverness Tweeds. Covert Coats, Knicker Breeches, Riding Breeches. Ladies' Tailoring a Specialite. Golf Capes and Fancy Vests In Newest Shades, Latest Styles. AT OSBORNE'S, TAILOR, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. THE STEEL AERMOTOR, OR WIND TURBIN Is the Cheapest, Strongest, and most effective motive power in the world, taking the three first awards in three separate classes at the World's Fair, Chicago, 1893. Has recently been in- troduced to this country by Mr. W. H. DEMPSTER, Laugliarne, South Wales, ?~ £ who is the Company's Sole Re- presentative in Wales. This plant of modern Machin- ery may be had at a very small cost for Chaffing and Grinding Corn, Pulping Turnips, Driving Electric Dynamo In connection with a Storage Battery, Pumping Water to any distance. With the latest improved Pumps. L k.4 !¡+' „iS? Particulars of the Agent, on application. THE NORTH WALES ASPHAITE PAVING COMPANY UNDERTAKE ALL CLASSES OF Granolithic Paving Work. SPECIALITIES. Parapets, Garden Paths, Carriage Drives, and Stable Yards. TERMS—MODERATE. WORK GUARANTEED Estimates,and .Specifications may be ad on application to HUGH ROBERTS, Fern Bank, Rhyl. LITHO&RAFHYm all its Branches OLANO of Property, Maps. Music, all I classes of Commercial Work, such as Letter- heads, Billheads, Business Cards, Facsimile and other Circulars well executed at reasonable cbargee, at- fc* Banner I Oflloe, Denbigh. Christmas Presents. The most useful and delightful Christmas Present you can give to anyone is a BICYCLE. We have in Stock over 200 New Ones, AND 180 Second-hand Ones, For you to choose from, ranging in price from 25s. for Children, and from £ 5 10s. for Adults (Pneuma- tic). Call and inspect. You will not be pressed to purchase. Also, over 100 Dolls, Baby Carriages in all the latest styles, Bricks, Air Guns, Pistols, & Sporting Goods. CHARLES CON 1ST AH A CO., RHYL. RICE JONES, Watch and Clock Maker, &c., J, BRIDGE STREET, DENBIGH. WATCHES of all kinds in Gold Silver, and Pure white Metal Cases, At the very lowest prices. EVERY WATCH WARRANTED. Should a Watch not give satisfaction after a fair trial the same will be willingly exchanged. 'CLOCKS—1, 8, cud 14 days—at lowest I Prices. Warranted. 22 Carat WEDDING- xlIJSTG-3, by weight Nice and useful Presents given with each Ring. "t.A.TCB.I-ij3 and CLOOKS Cleaned and thoroughly Repaired, At the lowest prices possible. Troublesome Watches, &c., put to rights.. Pare Blood is Health and Strength. Impure Blood is Disease and Death. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS Overcome the worst forms of diseases and the foulest state of the Blood, Stomach, Liver, and Sidneys: the go to the core of every disease, where no other medi- cine has power to reach. The Great Blood Purifier cures the following com- plaints— Giddiness in the head, dimness of sight, weak eyes. indigestion, or wind in the stomach or bowels, loss of memory, palpitation of the heart, liver and bilious obstructions, asthma, rheumatic, lumbago, piles, gravel, pains in the back. scurvy, bad legs, wonnds. or white swellings, scrofula, eczema, gatherings, tu- mours, pimples, and blotches on the face anc body swelled feet and legs, erysipelas, jaundice, dropsy. and fevers of all kinds. These pills clear the blood from all impure matter, from whatever cau&e arising. In boxes at Is. lid. and 2s. 9d. each. Sold by all Chemists, or from the Burdock Pill Manufactory 44 Oxford street, Swansea, for 15 or 340 stamps. At the Spring and during the hot weather, th Blood should be thoroughly Cleansed and Purified, to nsure a good state of health, which may be effected t small cost by using these never-failing Pills. BASIC SLAG. The Discovery of the Age is that the use of BASIC SLAG the best possible means of Improving Pastures, and of pro- ducing a Goo", Crop of E BEWARE OF WORTHLESS IMITATIONS. All Slag is not BASIC SLAG. Why do other Merchants maintain that they Sell the same Manure as E. R.? Because, what he sells can always be depended upon. ANALYSES GUARANTEED. For further particulars, apply to EVAN ROBERTS, Plas Isaf, Llansannan. BREAKFAST—SUPPER. E P P S S GRATEFUL-COMFORTING. COCOA BOILING WATER OR MiLK- THE Collegiate SCHOOL, ASHLANDS, OS WESTRY Principal—Miss O. A. JONES. Asasisted by Miss F. WIG-LEY Higher Cambridge Honours). Miss E. M. CUZNER. B.A. (Leaden). Miss P. BUNTING (advanced Professional Musicians and Senior R.A.M & R.C.M. Madamoiselle H. GROB. Mias CROSS, Teacher of Cookery (Firit Cbiss Diploma, C.T.S. Thorough Preparation for the Public Sxa siinations Special Class for Preparation for the Matriculation Examination of the University of Wales, aad the University of London. Kxceilent accommodation for Boarders in the sub. urbs of Oswestry. Tenuis, large Gardes, Field. For particulars, apyiy to Miiss C. A. JONES. Iv2 HOLT ACADEM1. near WREXHAM. PRINCIPAL: MR. J. OLIVXU, JONES (Undergraduate of University of London). PUPILS cart fully prepared for the Welsh and .inglish Universities, Oxford a&d Cambridge. Locals and Business Pursuits. Modern Languayes. -MObB. EDGAR CHLICFAINF, B.A, Tlitre are a few vacancies for Boarders. Ter.U8 strictly moderate. tlie iBcipal- Re opening day—January j «9(ut