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THE MEW PARK, PONTYPOOL. mo. 1VJ[ <» 1nl!S 1t)L11t T. The Marvellous 0 A YTON TROUPE (12 in number), Risley Acrobats and Double Somersault Throwers, etc. HERR PONCHERY AND LA BELLE ROSE, Monarchs of the High Wire. THE GEORGE FRENCH TROUPE (5 in number), in their Great Comedy and Trick Cycle Act). THE HODGINIS, In their Unique Speciality Act on the Break-away Ladder. CRAND BALLOON ASCENT & PARACHUTE DESCENT BY CAPTAIN SPENCER. THE ETTENAS, Globe Speciality Artistes. THE LADDERITES, Sensational Performers. THE THREE MILFORDS In their Graceful Performance on the Triple Trapeze. *HE SNOW FAMILY, Skatorial Experts. THE THREE ZARACS, In their Three-Bar Comedy Acts. HODGINI AND DENTON, Up-to-date Act on the Silver Thread. LATONA AND THE MAID, Acrobatic Chair Performers & Laughter Makers. PROFESSOR BAILEY, with his wonderful Punch and Judy Show and Dog Toby. COLDE ENGLISH FAIR, comprising Round-abouts, CokeriHit Shies, Up-to-date Cinematograph Show, etc., by arrangement: loifyi, Mr. Edward Danter, Nwprt, AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS." Over MO in HORSE COMPETITIONS, Sack Race. Prizes. Donkey Race. Whit-Tuesday. HORSE COMPETITIONS HEMmS* £ 150 JLKJWK; THE DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. Exhibit in Show. Whit-Monday: SPORTS & HORSE COMPETITIONS. SCHEDULE OF SPOKTS. Registered under A.A.A. Laws. Handicapper, F. L. JOHNS, Esq., A.A.A. Newport. J. 120 Yards Flat Handicap (Open) 1st £5 5 0 2nd £3 0 0 3rd fl 0 0 2. 220 „ „ „ 5 5 0 3 0 0 „ 1 0 0 3. 440 „ „ „ 5 5 0 „ 3 0 0 ,,100 4. 220 Yards Flat Handicap (open to Boys within a radius of 3 miles) 1 0 0 0 10 6 n 0 5 0 6. Half-mile Flat Handicap (Open) 5 5 0 „ 300 100 t. Sack Race (open to Boys under 14 years). Must be 4 starters. Runners to find their own Sacks 0 15 0 „ 0 10 0 ,,0 5 0 1 Donkey Race (Open). No Entrance Fee „ 1. 0 or.. 0 10 0 0 5 0 entrance Fee Is. each Event, except Boys' Races, fid. Sports commence at 2 o'clock punctually. -;=. Entries positively close May 7th, 1910. MERTHYR AND DISTRICT MAY HORSE SHOW AND, PARADE. PENYDARREN PARK, THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1910. S150 in Prizes for Riding, Driving, Jumping — Trotting and Galloway Classes. A SPLENDID AFTERNOON'S ENJOYMENT. The MUNICIPAL BAND SELECTIONS OF MUSIC during the day. JUDGING TO COMMENCE ABOUT 12.30 ADMISSION TO PARK, Is. CHILDREN HALF-PRICE. ENCLOSURE, 6d. EXTRA. HALF-PRICE TO FIELD AFTER 4 O'CLOCK. Schedules and all Particulars from the Secretary— W. T. JONES, 50, High-street, Merthyr. MERTHYR SELECT SKATING-RINK ANGEL BXJXIiDINGS. Entrance Gillar Street. ;I> ■■ ■— ■■ ■■ ELECTRIC LIGHT MUSIC REFRESHMENT < £ CLOAK ROOMS. SMOOTHEST RUNNING MAPLE FLOOR IN WALES. RICHARDSONS & WINSLOW'S BALL-BEARING SKATESC FOUR, SESSIONS DAILY. ————-———————— ( 10 a.m. till 1 — Admission and Skates, 6d. 2.30 till 5 p.m. • II w SUMMER PRtCES 7 till 10.15 p.m.- » II M- Special Session for Ladies and Children t6 till 7.30 Ladies, 6d., Children, 3d. GWENT CHAIR EISTEDDFOD (12th Annual) BBNNVINBV, MOW. WHIT-TUESDAY, MAY 17th, 1910. > —.« J-" ;rd Ii CHIEF CHOi,AL-(ar < £ Britons, *■« — £ |Q0 (b) "Sylvia" (J. fl. Roberts) SECOND CHORAL-" The Xiord is my Shepherd" (H. Evans) B20 MALE VOICES—"Peace, be Still" (D. Jenkins) £25 LADIES' CHOIRS—"Gentle Sprfng" (Holbroke) £ lS JUVENILE CHOIRS-co Who is Sylvia?" (D. T. Evans) ••• £10 BOYS' CHOIRS—" Whispering Wind" (Labbebt) A.WDL Y GADAIR—"Y Duffryn" — ••• »• PRIF DRAETHA WD-" Diarhebion Cymru: Eu Swya a'u Dylanwad" £3 3s. BRASS BANDS (Class B)-" Robin Heod" (Macfarren) M £18 I Solos, Two Guineas each. Recitations, Ambulance, c. Programmes—Twopence each. I. W. EDWARDS, Secretary, The Terrace, Rhymney. rT^Ti ";4f J FLOOKS' LUCKY WEDDING RINGS Should be worn;by ALL BRIDES who wish for Everlasting Happiness (> # Joys are hidden—joys untold 11 i JEBHf |P8p\ In these little hoops of gold, f So remember, charming fair one, ImSSggSaEftSB f nfim When the right time comes to wear one, ^%B88BSBE&' I' ■ Hovers love with fairy wings ,) I O'er FLOOKS'S lucky wedding ringe. (| k If a suitor you have found, iWMliMb |p|& | i To FLOOKS'S quickly take him round, WiBfewwiarl' In the window you'll behold V Plain but beauteous hoops of gold, 11 Then you've only got to say, 11 "Take me in, I'll name the day I And when you become his wife, (| jagtYou'll remember all through life, How upon your hand you wear Lucky gold to ward off care, |> Love as well for ever clings I> And when you become his wife, (| jagtYou'll remember all through life, How upon your hand you wear Lucky gold to ward off care, |> Love as well for ever clings I> To FLOOKS'S Lucky Wedding Rings, (, ? PRIVATE ROOM AND ENTRANCE FOR FITTING. i| | 4 t|jSEFTJL PRESENT GIVEN WITH EACH WEDDING RING. 1 1; J 49 & 50, Pontmorlais Circus, Merthyr I Tel P.O. 4a. 11 I Tel P.O. 4a. 11 r<-PIMWl. l.' ..IQI FOR SHOP-FRONTS & FITTINGS. I Geo. Couzens & Sons, ( ROMPLETE SHOP-FITTERS, 1 City Road Works, 1 Interceptor. €D tiEm f Unw i ra n wwt wtr~rrr-ii mi lin n i>—Wi'mimmi wi t' <i m HI > 11 'ifm irr ntt f'^iirt^fmifriW>iTrnrt*w' LATESTNOVETfTES IN PRESENTS See "Express" Office Windows, THE BOAT INN, BOUGH ROOD, LLYSWEN, S.O. On the banks of the Wye. I IntEE FISHING. GOOD ACCOMMODATION. Proprietor E. LEWIS. i Venetian Blind Works THOMAS BROS., II & 12, Tudor Lane, CARDIFF. Mat. Xel. 2058. Fjucz LxfjT Fu& UYAIR C P, E 44)C- Facsimile ej One-Ounce Facktf. Archer's Golden Returns The Perhotien of Pipe TobaMO. COOL, 6W»KT. I*T> YIUAMWR. Now THEATRE ROYAL AND OPERA HOUSE, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Lesee,t-THE SOUTH WALES ENTERTAINMENTS Co. MONDAY APRIL 25th, 1910 J FOR FIVE NIGHTS ONLY I THURSDAY EXCEPTED. Miss IDA MOLESWORTH and Mr. MARK BLOW'S Company in the Great • c American Success— í "D. rr Cripple Creek By Hal Reid. Cripple Creek is the most famous Gold Mining Camp in America. DOORS OPEN, 7.15. COMMKNCK 7.45. I Circle, 2a, Stalls, Is. 6d. Pit, Is. Gallery, 6d. ABERAMAN HORSE SHOW & I AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. President: Edward Curre, Esq., Ditton Court, Chepetow. E250 IN PRIZES. C250 IN PRIZES. FIVE SILVER CUPS. THE NINTH Annual Exhibition Under the auspices of the above Society will be held at the ABERAMAN PARK, ON MONDAY, JUNE 20th, 1910. o Classes for Hackneys, Heavy Horses, Yeomanry, I Jumping, Trotting and Galloping. Schedules, which are now ready, may be obtained from Mr. Tom Rees, Broad Oak Inn, Aberaman. TREDEGAR Horse Show and Parade. MONDAY, JUNE 27th 1910. iTotting and Galloway PAc-t Jumping Compekitior RSO In Prizes. Schedules and particulars from Hon. Secretaries, J. DAVIRS, Coronation Villa, and J. A. YABSLBT, Commercial- street, Tredegar. WAY 9th, 1.910. BARGOED & DISTRICT 5th ANNUAL MAY-DAY SHOW AND PARADE TASKS PLACE AT BARGOED. Splendid Classes, Local and Open, Cash Prizes. Fire Brigades Tournament. Ambulance Competitions. Umbering Competitions. Fancy, Novel and Comic Classes SPECIAL CLASS FOR BOY SCOUTS. Schedules and Entry Forms may be obtained from: D. G. STAPLETON, Sec., or ALF. THOMAS. Assist. Sec., BARGOED. MERTHYR COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL. The SUMMJm TERM will begin on MAY 3rd. The Headmaster will be at the School on Monday, May 2nd, Morning and Afternoon, to see Parents and to attend to School Business. "ABERDARE INTERMEDIAL SCHOOL. The Summer Term WILL BEGIN ON MONDAY, 2ND MAY. There are a few vacancies for new Pupils. Forms of application for admission and full particulars may be had from the HEAD MASTD at the School. HIGHFIELD SCHOOL, 9, NINIAN ROAD, ROATH PARK, CARDIFF. THE PRINCIPAL, MISS CARYL, HAS VACANCIES FOR A FEW BOARDERS IN HER OWN HOME. NEXT TERM COMMENCES APRIL 25TH. HIGHEST REFERENCES. MODERATE FEES. PROSPECTUS SENT ON APPLICATION The South Wales High School for Girls. Summerfield Hall Maesycwmmer A Thorough High-Class Education at Moderate Fees. Preparation for Cambridge, Local and Royal Academy Examinations. Tennis and Hockey. SUMMER TEBM will Commence TCKSDAY, MAY 3rd., 1910. Boarders retam May 2nd. Prospectus on application. At home to parents on and after April 26th. IF YOU WANT YOUR DRAWING OR DINING ROOM SUITE RECOVERED, Or any UPHOLSTERING DONE, send for W. J. BOWDEN, (practical Upholsterer), a. CASTLEM3TREgTk

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