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----_----MOUNTAIN ASH.

+..-Recreation Ground for…

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Mountain Ash Easter Eisteddfod.

I Mountain Ash Education Committee.

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- Ynysybwl Miners' Meeting.I




Pontypool Whitsuntide Fetes.


Pontypool Whitsuntide Fetes. This year's programme is stronger than ever. Liberal as was last year's great scheme, the Pontypool Chamber of Trade are organis- ing horse competitions for Whit-Monday, and are giving splendid prizœ-£10, JE4 and JE1 for the Galloway; J68, JB4, and £1 in the jumping class; # J65, £2 and JB1 in the trotting class; and similar prizes for local tradesmen's turn- outs, competitors to reside within four miles of the Town Hall, Pontypool. The leading per- formances in the variety department will be those of Herr Ponchery and La Belle Rosa— monarches of the high wire—whose funny and interesting feats won so much appreciation last year at these fetes. The George French Troupe, five in number, will no doubt arouse a great deal of excitement and amusement in their great comedy and trick cycling. The Hogbns, with their unique speciality act and breakaway ladders, are quite new to this oountrv. Only very recently they came to the Agricultural Hall frqom the Continent; and their acts should prove to be among the best ever seen at any fete. The balloon ascent and parachute descent, always such an attrac- tion, are again in charge of the world-famed aeronauts, the Spencer Brothers. A lively turn will be that of the Ettenas, in their amus- ing. rolling globs entertainment. These are two ladies and gentlemen, their apparatus con- sisting of a large sphere, which the ladies in turn stand upon, and thus trundle up aqd down a staircase and over a stage see-saw. The rolling globe is manipulated with marvellous skill 111 a variety of ways, while the knock- about antics and gags of the male members of the troupe are a source of continual merriment. A graceful performance on a triple trapeze will bo carried out by the three Milfords. Another highly interesting turn will be that of the three Azaleks, whose absurd comedy kcts on the three bars will cause roars of laughter. Likewise I the Snow Family, skaterial experts, will be I mirth-provoking. Professor Bailey's wonder- I ful Punch and July show and Dog Toby pre the finest show of tie kind in the country. A3 regards amateur sports, as in previous year.?, prizes amounting to about j690 will be given 1 on the Monday On Whit-Tuesday, the day J of the great horse competitions, prizes to the } value of JE150 will he given. Three bands wi1 be in attendance. "Ye Olde English Fai: consisting of roundabouts, up-to-date cinems. graph shows, etc., will be under the control 0i Mr. Ed. Dan tor, of Newport. To conclude &•? mo as t re programme each evening a display o: fireworks has been secured. Admission to .w, iLc "N'if1 ,,d í" To'

The Teaching Profession.I

I' I ,Vaynor Parish Council.