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Mountain Ash Easter Eisteddfod.

I Mountain Ash Education Committee.


I Mountain Ash Education Committee. THE RECENT SURCHARGES. REQUISITES FOR THE ROMAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL. The ordinary meeting was held on Tuesday, under the presidency of the Rev. E. V. Tid- man. The report of the Inspector on his visit to the Caegajw School was produced by the Dir- ector.—It was agreed that the same be printed and circulated among the members. A letter was read from the Board of Educa- tion, pointing out -that the Ynysybwl School would,in future be recognised for 150 pupils. The Director applied for a cheque to be drawn for L2 8s. in favour of Councillor Dd. Rogers, for expenses incurred in attending a conference at Sh-rowsbary.-Ca-pt. G. A. Evans: Is it a legal payment?—The Director: It was a committee of the Association of Education Committees.—Dr. Morgan: The question is, is it a legal payment ?-Mr. Evans: If it is not legal, I for one will not allow it to pass.—The Director: The Auditor has never objected to this conference, and the clerk has never re- ported it to be illegal.—Mr. T. W. Jones moved tha.t the cheque be drawn.—Mr. Silas Williams: We had the matter before us at the last meeting. Where were those men at the last meeting? It is childish for them to come here now and raise an objection after others have attended and done the work.—Mr. Wm. Davies: And where were they when Mr. Rogers was chosen to go to this conference?—Capt. Gray: Well, we can still enter our protest against payment. I understood that the Clerk had reported it was legal, and now it is said that the Clerk has never reported on it, which is a. different thing.—It was decided to draw a cheque for the necessary amount. There was a further letter in reference to the amounts recently surcharged by the Audit- ot, being expenses incurred by some of the members in attending certain conferences.—Mr. Linton (jun.) said thfcre was no reason why the correspondence with the Local Government Boa.rd on this matter should go on further. It would be well if the members in question were asked to refund the money.—Capt. Gray: I propose that the members surcharged pay up (laughter) .-Capt G. A. Evans seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously. Mr. John Morris, the Director of the Aber- dare Education Committee, wrote stating that his Committee wer6 no prepared to go into the question of employing a whole-time den- tist. The Director suggested that he should invite the Pontypridd Committee to join them in this venture, and it was decided to communi- cate with Pontypridd. It was reported that the School Medical Officer had ordered1 the closing of the Caegarw Schools on account of an outbreak of measles in the district. Letters were read from Mrs. Husband, a widow residing at Penrhiwoeiber, and Miss Bennett, Mountain Ash, applying for posts as uncertificated teachers under the Committee.— Mr. Thomas Jones moved that Mrs. Husband be appointed to fill the vacancy at the Pen- rhiwceiber School, and Miss Bennett r the vacancy at the Ynysyboeth Schools.—This was seoonded by Mr. T. W. Jones.—Mr. D. Rogers, in moving an amendment, questioned the ad- visability of employing teachers who had been out of the profession for such a long time. Mr. Rogers further added that they would shortly have a number of teachers leaving college, who would require situations. Dr. Morgan seconded the amendment.-On a divi. sion, the proposition was carried by eight votes to six. The Committee next considered the attend- ance returns, the percentage on the books being 86.2. The Director also produced the returns from other education authorities for the last twelve months.—Mr. William Davies said that although they were dissatisfied with their per- centage, they were nevertheless, better off than a number of other authorities.—Mr. D. Rogers said that some of the schools in their area were always low. In the Institute School there was only a percentage of 85. There was no reason for these children to be absent. They could expect 100 per cent. from them These chil- dren were within a few montha of leaving. They ought to make the best of it, and the Committee should press them to do oo.-Tho Director: You cannot compel them to attend when they are over 14 years of age—Mr. Rogers: The vast majority of them are under fourteen. Mr. Rogers proceeded to urge that an occasional half-holiday should be given. This would be an enoouragement for the chil- dren to attend more regularly.—The returns were adoptedv The Roman Catholic School Committee sub- mitted the following reports:—The Committee considered H.M.I.'s report upon the Roman Catholic School, dated 14th February, 1910.— It was resolved that we recommend the Edu- cation Committee to instruct the Architect to report upon the work necessary to be done to the Roman Catholic School playgrounds, and furnish an estimate of the cost of the same.- With regard to the supply of literature referred to in paragraph 2 of HLM.L's report, we re- commend that the Director of Education be instructed to reply fo the Board of Education stating that the Committee have a scale of allowances for the supply of books, apparatus, and stationery to their schools^ and that the Roman Catholic School is supplied with books, etc., requisitioned up to the value of the amounts allowed. That we recommend that the Director of Education make inquiries re- specting the character of the geography and history books in use at the Roman Catholic School, and also ascertain whether copies of the new syllabus of needlework have been sup- plied to the school. That with respect to the soap and towels which ELM.I.'s report states should be provided, we recommend that the Director of Education reply to the Board of Education to the effect that soap and towels are supplied schools when requisitioned in the proper way. That we recommended that the Architect be instructed to effect the necessary repairs to diesks at the Roman Catholic SchooL -Theno was a further recommendation from the Committee that chairs be provided for each nlmaa teacher, as well as a desk for the head heachier.-MT. W. Davies proposed, and I; Mr. Griffith Evans seconded, the adoption of I the report, and the motion was carried. Members entered complaints against the i manner in which the Technical Classes held in their schools by the County Council had finish- j ed up. In some classes where examinations 1 had been arranged, the examiners did not turn j up; and in others, there were no examination J papers there.—It was decided that the Dirco- I tor ahowd, write to the County Council on the < matter. f

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- Ynysybwl Miners' Meeting.I




Pontypool Whitsuntide Fetes.

The Teaching Profession.I

I' I ,Vaynor Parish Council.