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Mountain Ash Easter Eisteddfod.


Mountain Ash Easter Eisteddfod. MUSICAL ADJUDICATIONS. The following are the notes of Dr. Walford Davies, the chief adjudicator at the recent Mountain Ash Eisteddfod :— Chief Choral Competition, "Thanks be to God."—Newport: Bass lead wanted freedom and tone; subsequent bass leads needed strength, soprano weight; contralto, rich and full, but not strong; tenors good; slight sharp- ening at the end. Words clear; "nughty" and "rush, etc., well brought out. Attack in "Thanks" at the end over eager, and not clear. An effective quickening at the last. "Waters gather, they rush &long," excellent, and a full Bing at the end, but otherwise dis- tinguished as a straightforward, vigorous ren- dering, without much cumulation of effect.- Llanidloes: A very large choir. Basses, free style ,of lead; soprano not so good; weak bal- ance altos a little harsh—they shout, sharpened a little. Great energy in attack, somewhat in- disorimmafce, and used not niuch "sosterruto." Too much shouting; rely upon mere force; not much expression of any other kind attempted. True, few opportunities, but they are there, and should be sought out. Pontycymmer: Basses good; brilliant tone generally, especial- ly soprani. Alto, good tone, but lees heard because of wrong position on platform. Tenors over eager, but good. Sharpening badly on page 102, and remained so, especially tenors. Fine attack, clear words, a more deliberate pace, and more expression attempted, some- times tending to weaken the effect, notably page 100, line 3. A fait Sustaining power, great energy then but curiously weakened at the last phrase.—Cwmavon: Bass lead late, and they went apart altogether for a few bars, but recovered. Basses led off best; trebles free and powerful; a little shrill Tenors fairly good; altos £air; one of the best for tone; sheer weight, fairly in tune; pronunciation fairly ollear. Pace deliberate; more precision thdn fire, the words "fury," "mighty," "rush," sfce., suffering in consequence. Gravity gained, but lost feeling of joy in rendering. Slip caused serious confusion.—Rhymney: Basses, fine lead off; trebles bright, tenons effective; slight sharpening near the end, but otherwise excellent intonation; a good deal of "Tush" here. The porformajice more alive than any so fai. They attempted a kind of expression, "legato," at page 100, without much damaging the effective force of emphatic delivery. "But tihie Lord" -;mght have been heavier. Second Choral, 'Ob, Father, Whose Almighty Power. "Trecynon: Tone of upper treble notes weak, not pleasant, otherwise compact and good escEiientir in tune. Attack excellent. Tone good; treble phrasing good,; plenty of energy; accents a little tearing and overdone; j "legato eostenisto" neglected.—Abercwmboi: j 1'one fairly good, well blended, trebles shrill, well in TIUK*; excellent precision. Beantrfui beginning and gathered force for page 27. Ex- pression good to listen M; good ending. Why not equal precision by a splendid "legato?" MHMNMMMNMWMISNMAAAJMIMMMAMINMMMHUM? cynon: Tone outset beautiful; little thinner later. Well in tune; attack and words good. Beautiful beginning achieved here in pace,and expression; perhaps the best so far; but second page a little disappointing; lacked force. The whole output of energy might have been better. —Pontycymmer: Rich tone, well blended, good intonation; attack and words good. Ex- pression and pace more sustained, adding to fulness and solidity of effect. On the whole, the best effort so far. Aber Valley: Good tone, well blended in tune, sharpened once. Attack and words clean. Good "sostenuto" and expression, especially in trebles; a fine be- ginning; perhaps too deliberate. "Allegro" handicapping the ending, which certainly seemed to flag, and a ta-me effect. -U&nidloes: Trebles weak at the outset. Tone of whole choir in "pianissimo" passages was not tell- ing; needed rcrunding. Well in tune; attack and words good. Expression good at the be- ginning; "fugue" at a good pace; "Staccato" crochtet used. too much,, cutting solidity out of movement./Tr P^r^iwcc^eT Qood tone, well blended, and in tune- Not qUl'té, clean at attack. Fine "crescendo" being "al- legro," and fairly good "sostenuto." Deliber- ate pace in "fugue"; good cadences, excellent ending; good Handelian style. Chief Male Voice Contest, "The Rising Storm."—Mountain Ash: Time incorrect at "bow down," page 6. Basses better than the tenors; basses splendid, tenors sadly weak. Intonation sadly uncertain owing to tenors. Tenors began to sink in pitch at the very second bar. Attack and words excellent. A wonderfully beautiful "p.p." tone achieved, full of life and conviction. Some forced ac- cents, but details immensely careful, and a good conception in many cases. "But now arises a far-off sound" not far enough; a sud- den change.—Pontardawe: Tone not perfectly free better balance than Choir No. 1. Tenors sharp, but generally good intonation. Attack and words clear. A much more restrained be- ginning, and "but now arises," etc., well done, beautifully gradual. Many of the excellent points, the bell and true religious section at the end, well sustained finely cono--ived.-Konfig Hill: Time incorrect at the outset; guaver given the same value as a semi-quaver, and practically sung at 12-8 time. Tenors stronger in purpose and voice; shrill in places; good tone throughout, and intonation good. Attack and words excellent. Expression graphic and carefully prepared, and well throughout; ex- cellent "pianissimo." Good beginning.—Bir- mingham: Inaccurate time value, at the outset, rendered in 12-8 time. Tenors' tone, thin effect; underparts some good tone, needs care- ful blending. Sharpening, and not internally in tune in the chords themselves, sharpening badly. Attack and words fairly good, but sadly marred by false intonation..

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