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IAberdare and ,Electric Lighting.

Orchestral Concert at Aberdare.


. Aberdare League of Young…

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. Aberdare Bankruptcy Court.








ABERAMAN. AMUSEMENT.—A remarkably fine show is presented at Poole's Picture Palace, this week, the bioscope pictures covering a wide range of subjects. OBITUARY.—On Thursday afternoon last Mrs. Gwen Jones, GO, Regent-street, passed away, after a comparatively long illness, at the advanced age of 74 years. j BATHS.—The baths at the Public Institute J were opened on Monday, and during the day 218 persons paid for admission. The attend- ance on the subsequent days was also very good. GWAWR.—A preaching cymanfa was held at this church, on Sunday, the preachers being students of Gwynfryn School, Ammanford. They were Messrs. Edwards and Roberts, both of Carmarthenshire. PRIZE PRESENTATION.—At the conclusion of the preaching services at Ynyslwyd, on Monday night, the following were presented with prizes for collecting towards the anniversary funds :— 1st, Master David Herbert Morgan 2nd, Master Daniel J. Jones; 3rd, Master Aneurin Evans 4th, Master Brinley Williams. ACCIDENT.—The opening of the season at the Public Institute Baths, on Monday, was attended by an unfortunate accident. Mr. J. Llewellyn, Brook-street, was turning a somer- sault off the spring-board when his fe«t came into awkward contact with the bath floor, and he sustained two broken toes. Dr. Glyn Jones was on the spot to render assistance in a very few minutes. ACCIDENT.—While travelling on the road to Pontypridd, on Thursday evening, one of the men employed on the motor wagon of the Rhondda Valley Brewery Co. fell beneath the hind wheels of the waggon. His body was considerably bruised, having been dragged several yards—from the outer gates of the parish church as far as Oakland Cottage. He was picked up and taken to the latter place, where he was attended to by Dr. D. T. Glyn Jones. PREACHING EXTRAORDINARY.—The Rev- J. Jenkins (Gwili) preached another remarkable sermon at Ynyslwyd Chapel, on Monday night. He took as his subject the temptation of Christ < in the wilderness. His congregation were somewhat shocked at the commencement, when he remarked that the conquests of Christ over Satan were subjective rather than objective. Christ had triumphed over his tendency to satisfy the material needs of the people, had triumphed over the Jews' predilection for making him a temporal king, and had cast aside a yearning to relieve the immediate wants of the nation. Instead of subjugating himself to the temptation of becoming a temporal social reformer he kept the larger issues of his life in view, and thus made himself the supreme social reformer of all ages. AN ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD.—A meeting of repre- sentatives of the musical and literary fraternity in Aberaman was held on Friday evening last, to consider the question of establishing an annual eisteddfod. The conveners, on behalf of the Public Hall Committee, were Messrs. Thomas Job Davies and Benjamin Stephens, and there WAS a good attendance. Councillor Tom Bawen occu- pied the chair, and advocated the claims of an eisteddfod as a means of general culture. He was followed by Mr. W. W. Price, the secretary of the Institute, who remarked that a day had been set apart in the lease for the purpose of providing an eisteddfod A proposition was made to bold the eisteddfod on a large scale in a marquee, but this was defeated, and is was decided to start on a moderate scale in October. Mr. Daniel Thorax was elected chairman, Messrs. Handel Harris and Jonah Rees were appointed secretaries, and Mr. Harry Powell was elected treasurer. The vice- chairman will be Mr. T. Job Davies. The follow- ing were then selected to serve on the various com. mittees, with power to add:—Musical Committee, Messrs. W. A. Beynon, Roger Williams, Gwilym Phillips, Charles Thomas, Tom Williams. George Moees, Wm. Richards, Sydney Stephens, H. A. Howells, Howell Thomas, Tom Parry, W. J. Williams. Literary Committee: Messrs. D. Davies (Gwynwawr), D. Davies (Margaret-street), Matt. Lewis, David Griffiths (Dewi Aeron), Wm. Collier, W. J. Phillips, J. J. Davies, Abel Jones, ) W. J. Nicholas. Finance Committee: Messrs. W. W. Price, D. J. Phillips, H. A. Howells, Illtyd Hopkins, T. George, Tom Bowen, D. E. Davies, Abraham Jones, J. Rees Davies, Tom Margan, Kedward, Dough ton. YNY8LWYD.—Special preaching services were held at Ynyslwyd Welsh Baptist Church, Aber- aman, on Sunday and Monday last, and fair congregations attended the meetings. The officiating ministers were the Rev. Hugh Jones, Llajielly, who is one of the stalwarts of the temperance cause in the Baptist denomination, and the Rev. J. Jenkins ("Gwili"), who has the reputation of being in full sympathy with the objects of the Labour Party. On Sunday morning the Rev. Hugh Jones took his text from I. Timothy, iiii., 4th verse. At the after- noon service, a sermon of an unusual and re- markable nature was delivered by "Gwili." The introductory portion of the service was conducted by the Rev M. Allen (son of the Rev. — Allen, Bryntroedgam). The preacher took as his text, "But seek ye first the king- dom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you" (Matthew vi., verse 53). He remarked that there was clearly arising in our midst to-day two evan- gels: (1) The gospel of "these things," i.e., materialistic; and (2) the Gospel of the King- dom of God. The former gospel was arising as a result of the democratic awakening in Europe, Japan, Persia, and other countries of the world. In this country, the claims of the baron and the squire were being superseded by the claims of the people. The leaders of the democratic movement were turning their at- tention to "the root of the evil," viz., the problom of the land. What was to their atti- tude towards this evangel? That was the great g topic for Wales at the present day. The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man was the spirit of the Gospel of Christ's Kingdom, as well as of the democratic move- ment of to-day. But what was Christ's kingdom, which they should seek first? It was not a material kingdom. It was not Rome, but the impurities of Israel iteelf which formed the greatest enemy of the Israelites. This spiritual kingdom was not to rule over the material needs of man, but over his spiritual conditions. This new righteousness did away with Pharisa- ism and sham prayers, and taught them that conduct and prayer were to go hand in hand. They were to believe that good would super- sede evil, and the prayer, "Thj kingdom oome," was to refer to a kingdom not visible but unseen. To change the world without the individual was the great defect of the material- istic gospeL Jesus changed man, and in that fact lay the great secret of His success. —Both preachers delivered excellent sermons on Sunday night and on Monday, the services being conducted by the Rev. R. E. Williams (Twrfab), pastor). Mr. William Richards was precentor. »

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Wedding at Pontypridd.

Aberaman Horse and Agricultural…

The New Cornish Curative Spa.



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