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IAberdare and ,Electric Lighting.

Orchestral Concert at Aberdare.



ABERDARE DISTRICT-COUNCIL ANNUAL MEETING. MR. T, LEWIS ELECTED CHFAIRMAN. On Monday, the annual meeting of the Aber- dare District Council was held at the Town Hall, Coun. E. Stonelake was voted to the chair pro tern, There were also present. Couns. W. Thomas, T. Lewis, Lewis Noah Williams, D. P. Dav ies, David Davies, William Harper, Morgan John Harries, T. Walter Williams, Rees Llewellyn, J. Owen George, H. H. Evans, W. M. Hann, D Jackson Thomas, T. Bowcn, A. P. Jones, Illtyd Hopkins, W. Reey, Col. T. Phillips (clerk), Mr. IIv. Beddoe (deputy clerk), Mr. Owen Williams (surveyor), and Dr. M. J. Rees (Medical Officer of Health). On the motion of Mr. T. W. Williams, se- conded by Mr. R. Llewellyn, Mr. T. Lewis, the retirill vice-chairman, was unanimously elected chairman for the forthcoming year. --Mr. Lewis, on taking the chair, returned thanks for the unanimous way. in which he had been selected. They were ail, with the excep- tion of Mr. Eyam, old members, so he felt that ho would not have a difficult task in ruling over them during the forthcoming year, and he re- lied upon their support. Mr. L. N. Williams proposed the election of Mr. M. J. Harries to the vice-chair, remarking that by process of seniority he was entitled to it.—Mr. D. p. Davies seconded the motion.— Mr. M. J. Harries pointed out that he was not the senior. Both Messrs. T. W. Williams and D, Davies had prior claim, to his on the ground of seniority. It was pointed out, how- ever, that the rule for some time past had been for the chairman of the Finance Com- mittee to be promoted to the vice-chair, and a6 Mr. Harries was the chairman of the Finance Committee last year it was his turn to become vice-chairman of the council. — Mr. T W. Williams said that as far as he was concerned he waived any right which by seniority he might possess.—Mr. D. Davies also supported the appointment of Mr. Harries, which was carried unanimously, and Mr. Harries, in tak- ing the vice-chair, thanked them for the honour they had conferred upon him. It was no am- bition of his to go into the chair, but as it was their unanimous wish he had greaf pleasure in complying, and he would endeavour tu dis- charge the duties to the best of his ability. The Chairman then moved a vote of thanks to the retiring chairman, Coun. E. Stonelake. He said they had all been proud of the way he had presided over their meetings. He had been most, painstaking and attentive to the business of the Council. — The Vice-chairman seconded the motion, and said that Mr. Stone- lake had been most impartial in his ruling in the chair, and he could look back to his year of office with great pleasure. The resolution was unanimously carried with acclamation. Councillor Stonelake, in "esponding, said he was very pleased to have the privilege of pre- siding over that Council for the past year. Like every other chairman he had been natu- rally during the year brought into close touch with the work of the Council, and one fact that had imoressed itself on him was that although the Council had done much, much more still remained to be done which would be to the advantage of the residents. When he was ap- pointed to the chair a year ago, cne of the Cardiff papers honoured him with a leader, in the oourse of which they pointed out that a Socialist ha*1 been elected the chairman of that Council Apparently they thought that in elect- ing a Socialist the Council had elected a man with "a tile off" (laughter), and that they might, look out for squalls. During his year of office, however, they had not had a single squall (hear, hear). He did no* attribute that to his tact and ability, but he might point out that he liadj not been once called upon to strictly en- froce the standing orders. He had to thank every member of the Council for the assistance rhey had given him in carrying out his duties during the year. Passing on to deal with the work of the year, he pointed out that in the past they had been spending some JB500 every half year on private streets improvement, now they had doubled that, and the work would be accelerated accordingly. At the last Council meeting they signed the contract for the refuse destructor, ar.d he hoped that in twenty-four hours the contract for the electric lighting scheme would be also accepted. The new road to Cwmaman had also been completed, so that the year had been one of great importance. Future years would, however, be still more im- portant, and great works would have to be entered upon. He knew some of them differed from the rest as to the desirability of some of the schemes taken up, but once the Council had entered upon the work he knew that they all would do their best to carry out the works successfully (hear, hear). He again thanked every one of them for the assistance they had rendered him during the year (loud applause). With the exception of electing Mr. Stonelake, the retiring chairman, a member of all the committees of which Mr. John Harries, the new vioe chairman, was a member, and substituting the name of Mr. H. H, Evans for that of Mr. D. T. Davies, on all the committees of which the latter sat, and adding Messrs. R. Llewellyn and H. H. Evans to the Roads, Streets and Scavenging Committee, all the committees of the Council were re-elected for the year. On the question of the appointment of the Education Committee coming up, Mr. T. W. Williams asked the Clerk to explain the scheme. — The Clerk said he had not the scheme by him, but the Education Committee included the whole of the Council, and one lady. — A member said that. Mr. Hann resign- ed last year.—Mr. D. J. Thomas moved that the whole Council and Mrs. Davies be re-elect- ed.—The Clerk: You must move the whole Council first.—Mr. W Rees: Are we to un- derstand that Mr. Hann resigned last year?— Mr. Hann: I tried, but could not.—Mr. M. J. Harries: I understood that we might elect 19 'members of the Council.—Mr. R. Llewellyn moved that the whole Council be elected, and this was unanimously agreed upon.—Mr. D. J. Thomas then moved that Mrs. Rose Davies be elected as the lady member. That was in accordance with the wishes of the Trade and Labour Council, and she had proved a most attentive, and a very useful member of the Committee.—Mr. W. Rees seconded.—Mr. R. Llewellyn moved the election of Mrs. Richards, who had for several years proved a most useful member of the Committee.—This was second- ed by Mr. E. M Hann, but on being put to the meeting only six voted for Mrs. Richards, several remained neutral, and a unanimous vote was then recorded in favour of Mrs. Davies.

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